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Broken window glass has become lodged around the controls for the windows and locks. I need to get the glass out of there.
I got a code P1345 on my OBD II scanner. i went out side started car let warm up for 5 minutes. and all the sudden it just died. now fuel pump wont prime, gettin this code, replaced fuel pump relay and rear o2 sensor ...
I need to know a ruff est on how to adjust my steering box, I see it has a lock nut and a allen screw so I know it can be adjusted, it is a 1999 denali gmc.
Is putting in a new steering gear box a hard fix for me to do at home I have air tools etc.
Is there an adjustment for steering gear box on a 1999 denali
I got the truck jumped at work today and started right up. On my way home the lights started flickering when I was using the electric windows. It drove fine. When I shut truck off, I put charger to battery and battery...
There is a strong gear oil smell coming from engine, looks like oil is leaking from a release valve hose on the drivers side next to the rad. Is there a coolant line from the diferential? or Tranny? or gear box?
my brake lights went out and we have changed the bulbs, fuse and brake switch under the brake pedal. Is there another brake switch somewhere else
The rear heater and AC work fine but the front vents seem blocked as no air comes out at all, how and what do I check for?
Control buttons lights on steering wheel, how can I repair myself??
When at still and try to turn right steering is very hard. Left is fine. Is it a problem with my power steering or suspension??
after installing assembly we cannot get the tail lights to work. cannot find a tail light fuse in fuse boxes, 2 plugs in assembly plug into blinker and brake-tail light sockets to operate everthing else works but no t...
Estimate is my 200 GMC Yukon Denali needs to have the intake manifold replaced as well as therostat. What is this and how much would this cost (estimated)?
says "service ride control" ?? had a line come off on rear shock last year, mech reattached. never rode as good as chev tahoe i traded in.
i have a vibration in my wheel at 65 mph
what those it mean when the service stability light turns on
do you have a photo of the pcv valve location?
I recently had to replace the alternator and now the DVD player won't work. Everything else works (CD, Radio, Navigation) but the DVD player won't even turn on. It appears to not get any power. It was working befor...
At only 115-120 kmh there is a slight vibration I have felt recently. The rear ujoint was recently changed -- prior to dat there was no issue at that speed.
I want to replace a possible blown head gasket. Is there an engine diagram available someplace online?
All three of my brake lights went out simultaneously. My husband and I checked the fuse and it seems fine. What could be the problem and how do we fix it?
I have to replace the light bulbs
I have searched around and found out that the noise I am hearing from the front end of my Denali is possibly the Differential. It's a loud whinning noise when the vehicle is 20mph or faster in motion. I need some ins...
Is there a need to purchase any special tools or parts for installing new rotors and brakes on the 2000 Denali?
I have to replace my battery within 18 months from purchase date. Is this a common issue with the 2000 Denali?
My car is slowly losing coolant, I've checked the cap and hoses and see no signs of leakage.
I have a 2006 Yukon Denali without an owner's manual. Where do I find the jack?
I just purchased a 2003 Yukon Denali. Radio quit working. Display shows station being played and back entrainment ear plugs work but nothing coming out of speakers. Carried to Chevy dealer, they charged me 80 bucks an...
I have an engine ticking noise only at idle? My oil pressure is reading around 40psi. Do you think the oil pickup us sucking air? I tried using a 10w-40 oil but it still does it. Any ideas?