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I can't get the rear tire pressure light to go off. It's been serviced and they don't know why it stays on.
Sometimes when Im driving the T/C light comes and the reduced engine power flashes and my truck will cut all the way but and it flashes stability traction. what do I do to fix the problem
46000 rear end went bad had to replace, never towed anything , what went wrong
while pulling travel trailer sometimes hear loud popping under denali can't tell where its coming from reciever hitch is bolted tight and appears sound
My reverse lights on my 1999 GMC Denali stay on while driving. How do you fix the problem, I know you can be pulled over by the police for this. So please help me if you can
If I take off hard, stop suddenly (even from idle speeds) and if hit speed bumps faster than I should, I can usually hear some kind of noise from the rear of my vehicle. It sounds like metal on metal. Not a grinding...
where is the fuel filter and pvc valve located on my 2002 yukon denali?
my power steering went out and my fluid is full what could be the problem
Last night the instrument cluster in my 2005 GMC Yukon Denali very quickly flashed "Service Stability" and then the message went away. Kinda freaked me out a bit as I was driving 70mph down the highway. What does th...
when starting truck engine light came on steady. dissconnected battery for 5 minutes. reconnected and light went out but now can not get any airflow out of center ducts. a/c works fine in rear. a/c does work in defros...
Had radiator replaced 5/25/2010. On 6/24/2010, heard ticking in engine. Took to shop. They said internal damage occured. Cost to replace V8-350 5.7L $6000. I put quart of Slick 50 in engine. Noise stopped. On 7/2/2010...
my headlights stay on 100% of the time. when the green daytime light indicator is on, i cannot use my bright lights. the green indicator has a malfunction and stays on 90% of the time, even at night. how do you discon...
The daytime headlights and the low beam headlights will not come on. I have checked all low beam and daylight running light fuses and relays in the under hood fuse box, and they are ok.
My 2001 Yukon Denali won't go into reverse, what can be wrong with it? Aproximately how much will repairs cost? Will you recommend a repair shop in my area? Thank you, Tam.
When I turn on the car, the information center turns on, the date is the default date. I can not reset it. After a second or two, it goes dark and then nothing.... What can I do?
After pulling battery to replace solvent reservoir, now driver side A/C blows cold as expected but now passenger side blows hot. Doesn't matter how controls are set either on pass side. I pulled hot lead off battery ...
Need some pointers. Yukon 5.7 has 118,000 miles and has had it's share of electrial problems mostly with windows and tail lights. But now it's getting the gear out of neutral into do I do that at home? We t...
after holding brake down the gear shift still won"t shift out of part without pumpping brake several times.
My right brake light and blinker went out first. then driver window went in and out, and eventually passenger window followed. now all windows dont work. if i try to roll up the windows the radio turns off and wipers ...
The temp gauge is reading between 150 and 200 while driving. It normally is between 100 and 150. Do I need to have this checked?
How do I test the air suspension rear leveling sensor?
How can I test the leveling sensor on my rear shocks?
My belt is starting to unravel. I have looked at it and cannot figure how to relax the belt for replacement. Is there an adjustable take up or some roller that can be freed to relax the belt.
My hatchback will not open. Is the problem a fuse or electrical
when i put it in drive a grinding noise comes from front gear box
My truck makes a cliking/knocking noise when i turn sharply at slow speeds, 10mph or less. the probles is that it comes from the back side, between rear differential and transmission. Dose that mean my trani is going ...
my a/c went out can someone help me with the problem a/c light dont com on it blow from dash only and not the vents ac in the back blows but dnt get cold
How do I get tire out from under truck? Where is repair equipment?
my denali just started making a flat tire rubbing concrete noise when i make sharp turns ,any help identifying the problem
The anti theft system went off and now I can not get my door locks to unlock from the door buttons but they will lock. Do I need to reset something? the fuse looks ok.