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Changed filter it started shut of won't start
I am taking a long trip. My mechanic says the next thing which will probably fail is my water pump. It is a 4.8L V8 in a quad cab pickup. I am not showing any leaking at 145,000 with original pump. Would it be pru...
Large engine model. looking for the fuse but not labeled unless aux
I had a leak in my transmission that was fixed. After about 2 weeks, one day after work I noticed that it was taking a while to accelerate a day the rpm went up to past 3k. I also noticed that it did that when I accel...
I was t bone and the driver side why didn't my airbag deployed??
It only stayed on for a second and when right off, and hasn't been on since. I was switching from HIGH to see if the light would come on, but it has not displayed again. Wondering if I have anything...
then it makes a jerking sound and the lights on the four wheel drive will jumps back and forth
Is it possible the climate control switch is bad? I pulled my dash and checked to make sure the control switch was plugged in properly. But still no front fan. AC works fine in the rear. No air at all for the front. W...
The emergency brake light came on a few days ago and was flashing the check engine light came on at the same time but went right back off. The emergency brake light keeps's showing a code by flashing 5 tim...
Driving the truck is fine, but when the truck is in first gear and wants to go into second gear I have to let off the gas to shift if I don't it shifts hard into second gear, what's going on with this thing?
Wen warming up the truck, every time, morning, afternoon and night, the idle goes up and down for about 5 minute or till warm up. It doesn't have trouble starting and runs great after warm up. No codes or check engine...
How to take shifter panel apart and shift lever to repair a broken wire. Thanks
Runs smooth when moving. Have to keep one foot on the brake and one on the gas to keep it from stalling at a stop.
is no check 4wd message and no can hear it trying to switch when you roll the window down.can you help me with this is it the actuator or transfer case switch motor that is bad
i replaced my water pump and thermostat on the truck and tried it out yesterday when i replaced them. and i still have the same problem. does anyone know what it might be. my catalac converter isnt plugged either
car wont start I think the bib battery is low iv charged the 12 volt one already