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happened after my friend pumped gas and didn't tighten cap. or could it be fuel filter
the ac is blowing hot air it seem like the compressor is not turning on
when brake lite on dash comes on transmission will not shift if and when lite on dash goes off transmission shifts fine.brake booster seems to be leaking.
Check engine light allways on, seems to run just fine, anybody else having this problem, or had ?
Every time I replace the fuse, when I start my car you hear a loud snap.
It has done this for a while, but up to this year all I had to do was shut the engin off . I would hear a hiss of air then it would change.
When putting brake on it vears right.its getting fluid..
About 10 minutes after I turn off the car my AC control lights come on abd the AC fan turns on in the dash. This eventually drain my battery down. Also my rear AC fan has quit working about the same time this has star...
It happened all of the sudden. All gears are unresponsive in 2wd, 4wd and allwd. Thanks
when you are sitting still it blows out cold as soon as you get to going down the road it starts blowing warm air what would cause this the air up front blows out really cold i checked and made sure the switch was mov...
I've got a 95 GMC with 5.7 TBI with a bad motor, I'm looking at a 90 missing the starter as a donor, and want to know if the stater I have will work or if I'll need to get one...
And it reduces my engine power and I turn off truck for a little while and start it its all goes off but a little while after driving it comes back on and does the same. What could be causing it?
leaks water on drivers side when it rains from under the dash
It happens every time driven, it may go a few miles or 20 miles. Has happened 4 to5 times in 10 miles. All engine lights for codes come on and one large light shaped like an engine. Had a diagnostic computer hooked to...
the clicking sounds are like plastic tabs running around a bicycle wheel, put trans in gear and it wont move, it cant be driveshaft or axles or rear end because its not turning,, Im thinking its a problem with the fle...
i think there is a faulty switch in the dash that switches from heater to vent to ac. i dont know where that is .
to the right. Disconnected the battery, checked fuses and still stuck. Any answers as to why, please help.