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How to take shifter panel apart and shift lever to repair a broken wire. Thanks
My husband was playing with the buttons on the car, and now my headlights go out when I turn off the ignition. Previously, they remained on for about a minute after the ignition was turned off. What setting should I...
I hit a snow patch recently and got my car stuck. Now, the faster I drove, the more my car shakes very intensely. I suspect a bent axle. Any other ideas that may cause this and the cost to fix something like this?
Heater set to high, blows hot for a short time the blows cold air.
Heater blows hot for a short time, then cold.
Was told by dealer it needed replacement at 42000 km.
Once the car starts it sound like the starter gear is getting stuck in the ring gear making a noise and then retracting. Is there an adjustment or does the starter need to be replaced. Does not happen all the time. ...