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Runs smooth when moving. Have to keep one foot on the brake and one on the gas to keep it from stalling at a stop.
happened after my friend pumped gas and didn't tighten cap. or could it be fuel filter
I can’t tell if its engine oil or transmission fluid. I checked both but there doesn’t seem to be any coolant in either of those. This is a 2002 gmc Sonoma 4.3L V6 crew cab. I dont want to go tearing it appart and rep...
Both my turn signal lights on my dash are on, outside the truck the rear blinks fine but in the front both signals are on. Checked all fuses and wiggled a few wires under the hood but cant fins decent wiring Dirgam he...
At 55 mph my truck normally runs at about 1600 rpms. Now, with temps in the teens or lower, it runs at about 2000-2100 rpms for a while and then settles down to normal. I have tried down shifting and it does from D ...
i need to get a new alternator for my sonoma, when i was ordering the part online, it asked me what amperage should i get, i have no clue what to get. any idea?
i have pressure once i refill resorvoir for maybe two hrs then i must pump the clutch pedal back hard an refill resorvoir can anyone assist
The leak is at the rear/facing towards the rear of the undercarriage of the cover plate probably for the waterpump Any thoughts what my problem may be ? Thank you Ken Boswell
It was fine one week then the next it started messing up and it been going through a lot of trani fluid
no evidence when it will come on. brakes work fine?
how does one reinstall dash , specifically get the dash to plug into electrical connection... i cant seem to get it to plug in completely.. any suggestions for the insatll would be helpful
Trying to drive, I fave the gas pedal almost to the floor. This just started yesterday. No prior issues
What is going on with rear differentials in gmc products. Is any covered by drivetrain warranty
Between 20 - 35 mph it always hops no matter which gear it is in. Full acceleration and freeway speeds it runs smoothly.
new plugs,wires,coils,crank sensor,fuel lights in dash no battery voltage at coil pack no spark at plugs.when it quit it was just like shuting the key off
It's been awhile since I changed the spark plugs and the fuel injectors have recently been replaced
Have checked for leak from fuel tank and checked lines and engine, found no leaks
New air conditioner installed. The idle miss's especially standing still in gear.