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it does not appear to have a pin like the clutch master cylinder
fine but then got home now will not shift at all like stuck in nuetral
I was also wondering how to test the PCM to see if that could be it.
The only way to start truck is to floor it and keep it floored but it only produces 500 rpm.afterfifteen minutes it will idle but when you push on gas it tries to diets
Replace fuel pump with new GT280 connector Wiring is correct.What else could make the sensor light stay on?
I left my lights on and the battery died I replaced battery and starter but I still won't start
I am wondering if all the recalls have been addressed.
I hear ticking in truck and I think its oil can I tell
i have done replaced the thermostat an flushed the lines does anyone know what the problem could be?
I have changed the switch on the transfer case and when I push the button to put it in 4x4 I hear a click but it does not engage what could this be?
when the engine is started when warm we get a little heat but that stops after a couple of minutes.
1to.5 gal a day not in tail pipe or oil no water on ground
1998 GMC Sonoma 2.2L engine. I dropped the bleeder valve inside the heat shield and think it would be easier to replace it than to pull starter and try to fish it out. It's aluminum so a magnet will not work. THANKS
Front Brake Pads are bad after 17,000 miles.
The balt looks OK, The power stirring oil level is fine, Could it be the transmission?
Anyone heard of a radiator in a GMC Sonoma going bad after 50,000 miles?
The abs light comes on at times but doesn't stay on. I encounter brakes not working and grinding noise not every time I drive it but more often now. Seems to be more at low speeds.
Received a card in the mail saying there is suppose to be FREE repairs on tail gate cables. Three times my dealer has replace cables and all three times I was charged for work that was suppose to be free. Where can ...
starter siunds fine, but not catching
The seat belt failed to retract back into door and I inadvertently shut the third door on it rendering the door stuck.
When the engine is fully warmed up the noise almost goes away! We have pulled the motor and dis-assembled, all wrist pins are a little loose but #3 isnt any worse than the other 3.Also all rod bearings look good, and ...
I was driving home from work and my truck started knocking. I puylled over and checked the oil, had oil to full, I was told it was the oil pump by about 6 people, I do not really know, I was also told I had to remove ...
will let it sit for about 1 minute then it starts back up it does not happen at regular times may run for weeks before it happens again. I see similar issue with another prev poster. HELP!
What needs to be replaced to make the vents get off the defrost and floor vents. The A/C works fine and also the blower motor. My only problem is I can not change the vent setting off of the defrost and floor vent set...
Tranny shifts good just dont have park and low gear
Sorry if this is a data overload, but I want to be thorough. As you can see in my previous questions, I've had a lot of problems with my pickup. Most of which I thought I've taken care of. I've had two mechanics ...
I had a check engine light come on a year and half ago and the dealer charged $99 to diagnose and tell me the gas cap was bad. So I replaced cap. Again, Check engine light comes on, Dealer charges $99 to diagnose an...