I changed the radio. Starts n shuts off

have replaced purge valve and sensor, service engine light still comes on.

I have a problem with a 1996 Sonoma, wont start unless I pour a little gas in the breather, and when I do it starts. What is the problem?

What is going on with rear differentials in gmc products. Is any covered by drivetrain warranty

move. and when i turn the wheel, it makes a noise. Oh yea, and my speedometer is stuck at 100mph. What should I do?

I am replacing the leaky gasket between the bottom of my carb and the top of the intake manifold. Do I need to use any type of gasket sealant? What torque for the three hold down bolts?

i want to make it the "big truck" sound with my little truck for very little to no cost. any ideas? i very much appriciate it guys, THANKS!

You select even on ac/max ac

My sonoma starts fine when the weather is good but when it rains it wount start tell the sun heats it up and drys off the moister any one know what's going on

Truck starts and runs fine during evening hours. But as soon as it starts heating up outside it will die sporadically then you wait ten minutes then it fires back up to only die again in less than 1/2 mile sometimes. Could this be caused by a failing fuel pump, and just a note. I just bought this truck used and was made aware of this problem but I have yet to put a full tank of gas in it yet, and currently there's only about an 1/8 of a tank cuz I thought I may have to pull this fuel pump n I don't want to waste a lot of money on gas. so during the hot days there is a large space in the tank for hot air to accumulate causing the pump to malfunction, then while sitting for ten minutes it gives the air time to cool a lil bit then when I drive again the air heats up and I'm back to stalling. Well at least that's my theory. What y'all think

Its a v6 push button 4x4 1999 gmc sonoma 2 door. It only changes while driving especially after going up steep heels.when i let off gas then i hear the winding sound and have to push 4 high than 2wd button

Between 20 - 35 mph it always hops no matter which gear it is in. Full acceleration and freeway speeds it runs smoothly.

new plugs,wires,coils,crank sensor,fuel filter.no lights in dash no battery voltage at coil pack no spark at plugs.when it quit it was just like shuting the key off

My truck is a 98 GMC Sonoma and last night I was turning into a parking lot when the knock started, its been getting progressively worse and now just 15 miles later its horrible. I was curious if i could get someone who had the same problem describe their symptoms? Maybe then I can narrow it down to the timing gears with out digging into it. Thanks so much.

Growels real loud going down road Grease is fine Mech says some wear but not terrible

Engine light also comes on. Replaced plugs.

What good is a car alarm if the thieves can turn it off? I had a window broken recently and the theives made off with a few minor things but I couldn't understand why I heard no alarm? Then I realized al they would have to do is unlock the door, open the door lock it again and then shut the door. Voila! alarm stops. They rumaged through the glove box that I can't lock because there is no lock on it. So many features that are suppose to bring "peace of mind" but fail bady.

The fuel filter has been checked , and it is getting fuel

Hi my 1997 GMC sonoma has been giving me problems. I was driving one day and then the engine shut off completley. The battery however was working fine and all lights were turning on. I got it towed home and used some Carb spray and it started so I assumed it was the fuel pump however the next day I decided to test it to see if it turned on and it did. I was able to drive it a few miles and it worked fine. Later that day the same thing happened it wouldn't start. I wanted to know what might be wrong with my truck and how I can get it fixed. Thank you for taking the time to read this about my problem I am having.

start missing at operating temp at idol. clean egr rebuilt engine new torque converter,new tran,new distributor,new coil,ignition module,this was befor the misfire hhhhhhelp pSI do not like to process of elimination I would like to pin point it.i think it might be the catalytic converter.give me something to look for. sometime the light flashs then reaching the misfire temp,what do you think. problem every day or every time I drive

Dash lights won't come on it's not the starter or the computer everything is new under the hood. What could it be. Could it be a fuse?

my battery shorted out touching the hood now the truck will not start.

It's been awhile since I changed the spark plugs and the fuel injectors have recently been replaced

i added coolant in the radiator and the reservoir. My oil is low. it starts ok but when i start it starts smoking. i am wondering what do i have to do.

Got minimal information from the guy. He didn't really seem to know about the truck itself. He does know what's wrong with it. There's some rust in the rear left wheel well, not sure how bad it is, haven't seen it yet. The front wheels in the 4 wheel drive are not engaging. He had the engine replaced last winter, and the 4 wheel drive stopped working after that. He thinks it's the same engine. (Doesn't know much about the vehicle at all.)
Also the AC compressor needs to be put back in, why would it be taken out in the first place.
How much would the two major problems (AC and 4wd) approx cost to fix?

The truck is a 4WD and every now and then makes a growling noise when you start from a stop, but the noise halts if you take the time to flip the drivetrain into 4WD and back to 2WD. The sound appears to be coming from the front of the vehicle.

OnBrakeWill Not GoDown AndThe BrakePedal HasTo Go AllThe Way Down To Stop Now The Park BrakeLight Stays In