Problem started after the trucks battery and fuel pump messed uP 4 days ago. Fuel pump replaced and we got a new battery The same day. Basically we have to continuously flick the turn signal/hazard button off and on in order to make the light appear to be flashing. We didn't have any lights at first and before the lights died the blinker was making a weird noise while just barley flashing. I got a new relay And that got the lights on and got rid of the noise but they don't blink. Not sure where to go from here.

drivers side leak under dash

And it reduces my engine power and I turn off truck for a little while and start it its all goes off but a little while after driving it comes back on and does the same. What could be causing it?

leaks water on drivers side when it rains from under the dash

i think there is a faulty switch in the dash that switches from heater to vent to ac. i dont know where that is .

Then it'll go in reverse but now it's not going into drive unloi do the same thing, any ideas on what is happening with it?

The rear end is making a loud bang that garage now says it's the difference is this possible and why would they have not recognized this while installing the new transmission not happy at all could someone please help me thankyou so much regards cat

Sometimes when I start my truck and put it into gear it won't move like it is in neutral. When it does this i noticed that the service 4x4 warning is on and the push button 4 wheel drive selector on the left side of the dash displays the red neutral light. After I shut it off and try again it will start working. I have been having problems with this push button switch in the past but I don't know if it is the switch or something else. Thanks
195000 miles on it.

the fuel pump continue to release gas into the motor, over flooding the spark plug with gas and the piston chambers with gas when the truck is turn of within a certain amount of time. ( for instance when sitting over night or a day without restarting the truck. email me at

Got the truck started for about 15 secs after banging on the fuel tank and filter, idled at 1500 then stalled again, would not restart after that

Air only blows out of defrost vents (not dash vents). Air currently only blows hot regardless of temp setting or if a/c is on.

Passenger window will not roll down.

Code reader also does not work. Is there a possible fuse problem as well?


Will run on either.gas gauge reads empty with full tank.fuel pump won't run. No signal to fuel injectors. Ran fine turned off 5 min later no run. Gas gauge was working, now not. New fuel pump done, no luck. Fuel pump will run if jumped, but still no run. Repeat will run on either, but quits when either runs out. Very confused.

Replaced throttle body gasket wasn't it then replaced throttle body it self because only water goes through intake is two lines on bottom of throttle body that wasn't leak either and there's no water in oil at all and its 5.3 engine help please

The truck went into neutral going down the road. I coasted to the side ofr the road and tried to put it in park, I heard this God awful grinding noise, like you are shifting a standard without pushing the clutch in. I truned it off in neutral,put it in park and restarted and it went good. it has happened twice now.. help me please..

I've had this truck for about 6 months. When I first got the truck I left it idling for about 45min shut if off then it wouldn't start. Battery was good. took to dealer they found a short in the wiring harness. A few days ago had a similar experience with it not starting after letting it idle for an hour. It smelt as if something had gotten hot.

Motor has no oil pressure

with a full tank what could be the problem ?please help

makes that grinding sound like they do when they first go out, It's done it twise a couple of week's ago and did 3 time's yesterday is it the ignition switch or the starter