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Brought a keyless remote but truck wont allow me to enter program mode!
to be replaced. I checked the wires under the seat and doesn't look like any are broken. The heat will turn on but kicks off after about 20 seconds and if the passenger turns theirs on it kicks off immediatley. I lik...
I would light to know if there is a LED package that can be purchased to replace the burnt sockets of the daytime running lights. I know about the the replacement bulbs 4114. Does it really work?
Was driving and truck coasted to a stop, check the codes and only get "lost communication with abs control module"
i changed the rear pinion seal , i marked everything and put everything back the way it was marked counting the threads to put the nut back on , but now i have a howing noise when going down the road seems like when i...
I went off roading today and suddenly my transmission is not shifting.
GMC dealer ran dye test and is changing variable cam timing assembly. They had to take off intake manifold, valley cover and special order a new assembly. Has this been a problem part? The unit has 56,000 miles and is...
Been told I have a 4 wheel drive axle seal leak driver side. Where is this seal? Looked myself and cannot see anything oily and carport shows no drips. Been told $210.00 to fix. Sounds high.
When coming out off highway speed to city speed transmission isn't shifting down, and what happens is that when i accelerate again from a complete stop i here my rear end differential knock hard (like its still it top...
just happened while on dirt road - no diagnostic codes show. Good fuel pressure
Were did the experts go
When i start my truck i can lock it into 4wd but if i drive for a minute it will read service 4wd and if i try to lock it in the lights just keep blinking? Changed already actuator fluids whats next help people??
Motor Boggs during takeoff and motors at 2500rpms until after 2nd gear then It has take off power
getting fuel but no spark. read question and response for 12/31/2012.....Could it still be pump module??
I have a 2005 gmc sierra truck and sometimes when I go to start it the truck will not start. It is not the battery because everything comes on and the windows will roll up and down. If it doesn't start and I let it...
we have bought a brake light control switch, cannot find where is located on the truck
no matter where you select the air or heat to come out of it only comes out at windshield outlets.
I hear it directly under my driver's seat
does not come on or stay on all the time just about everyday.
Lie the question said, the ABS is engaging while driving slow and turning. It only happens occasionally and isn't a constant problem. I can feel it in the pedal as well as the responsiveness. I can hear a rapid ticki...
will i have to replace ball joint, tie rod. frame is bent and hood wont close. cheaper to have shop do it or do it myself.? gonna need alingment also with rim and tire
It doesn't happen every time. I can drive it to the feed store about ten miles round trip.Every no aad then it might grab or pull to the right