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it drives fine until i can hear the engine get to about thrd gear when the truck wants to get to about thirty miles an hour and then it idels super high and i have to throw it into tow and haul to get enough power out of it to get up to speed, but it doesnt stay there? Ive seen a couple Q and A"s that have said some thing about vacuum seal leaks and i do have a leak as well...please help

When both lights on the auto 4wd selector switch are lit up the switch gets hot and there is a grinding noise in the transfer case. When only the orange light is on everything is fine. Which light on the 4wd selector switch should be on when the truck is running?

When the vehicle is jacked up and I rock the rear wheels back and forth forcefully, I hear a clunk. It sounds like there is play between the axle and the crown gear.... or something!

will code po446 cause REAL problems to vehicle if not repaired?

Stalls out immediatley dies.Wont stay running!No trouble codes!

After driving at highway speeds for 50 miles and coming to a complete stop the transmission hits real going from 1st gear to 2nd gear. I just had the torque converter replaced so I know that's not it.

Head lights work turn signals work brake lights work no running lights or dash lights.

The starter stays engaged n the only way to get it to stop is take the battery cable off.put 2 new starters on works good for about a month then happens again.

I need to smog my truck in California and I have to incomplete monitors. 1 is Evap and the other is secondary air. I can't figure out what my issue's are.

It still has a slight leak. What else could be the problem?

The other day on my way home it just feel off/lost power. Today it was hard starting, sound like it was flooding of starving for fuel. Made a quick trip, then went to make another and it started ran for about 30 feet (poorly) and died. Wouldn't start for a while, then 30 minutes later started it and put back in the garage. About an hour of watching utube videos I went out and it started up, still sounded like it was loading up, but if I accelerated very slowly I could get it to 3000 rpms but if I tried to accelerate faster it would sound like it was loading up again.

The parts store sold me 75 90 weight oil but no additives. Im told I need 80 90 and the additives. Is this so

coming off the freeway, into town a mile or two, make a turn and it dies. while turning i press the gas, instrument panel lights up with loss of power. After coasting to a stop. No crank. Pulled off both belts, no crank. buy new starter no crank. disconnect battery to try any reset no crank. park break off, trans in neutral tried to turn crank shaft clockwise, no turn, even with breaker bar. any more good ideas? next up is pull spark plugs and try and turn crank shaft again.

Are They hard to change out? How much is the cost for one?

Ruled out engine, no oil pressure change. My dad raised the tail of tranny near u-joint to remove pan. Could this be cause of knocking I have noticed recently? Knocks all gears, louder in park or neutral.

I see some fluids by my radiator and windshield washer tank

With the A/C on driving along, occasionally, the heat starts blowing out the driver side vents. Turning engine off and back on again resets the door. Maybe related: just replaced the fan relay connector so the fan would work again. Black wire (out of the seven in the connector) was overheated. This heat/A/C thing was happening before the fan quit though so its probably not related to the connector.

door window passenger side will not go down