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the 4wd electric switch shows no indication of which it is in (im guessing 2wd). i have replaced the switch and actuator, neither was the problem. im running out of ideas, is there something i am not thinking of.
I warm engine to operating temp(210*) but heater blows cold air until I begin driving then works as it should. One heater hose is hot while other is cold at idle. I'm thinking plugged heater core but it just turned 40...
my transmission was taken out to be rebuild and the neutral safety switch was damage now im trying to color code my wires from the horness as well as to the transmission control getting the reading of a po700 ...
When I try to put in four wheel the light won't come on but sounds like it goes in ? I'm not sure what is wrong?
Does not matter load, road, temp condition. If you keep a heavy foot into it past 50 its ok. If you let off to cruise between 40-50 it does it. If you set cruise in that range it seems to keep enough idel to not be as...
oil leak i am not certain but know it is not rear main seal so i am tkinking it is oil p sw
The auto daylight switch appears to have quit working at same time the chimes kept sounding. When truck stops, like at a stop sign, chimes stop. When moving forward, chimes sounds non stop.Any ideas ?
Look on several auto parts sites and unable to find this part.My 4-wheel trouble light comes on randomly and at times hard to get out of 4-wheel drive
Engine light came on service traction control and service stabilitrack alarms appeared engine sluggish reduced power,Cleaned throttle body and still having same problem, what do i need to do to fix this problem?
We are just driving on the frway in heavy holiday traffic and it went out not working
The shimmy is more apparent in the body, than in the steering wheel. The shimmy is most noticeable when traveling between 70 - 75 mph. The dealer has taken all 4 wheels off and re-balanced, no help. The dealer has r...
The truck is a crew cab and I noticed i can hear a air noise like there is a fan going in the back seat area and gets louder on highway and when you step on gas pedal .When i let off gas pedal it gets slightly quiet.
I had replaced the gas cap with a new o e m one and it didnt work the display comes on every tine i drive the truck.
Not sure if this is a 2WD, 4WD issue, or an all out transmission problem. Thank God for ebrakes. PS. Hunting season is not over, no time to fix :)
when i first turn the key the light works. when i start the engine, then switch off, then key on, the light may or may not come on. checked connector. is the problem in the instrument cluster or the computer module...
It doesn't happen at any specific time,has happened in the summer as well as in the winter.
I initially thought that it was my fuel pump because it exhibited the same symptoms as the last time when I replaced it. However, when I replaced it this time, it will not start. I replaced the fuel pump, fuel press...
I have to either turn the truck off or disconnect the battery to get it to go out of 4wd.
I replaced the accuator, put the Truck up on blocks in 4H and in 1st, gear and let out the clutch,the front shaft turns and I can here the actuator engage but the front wheels do not turn. What's my problem?