Replaced Transfer Case Encoder Motor on 2005 Sierra Pickup now it is in neutral and it will not shift from neutral,replaced switch inside cab also so what is next?

Transmission will be in high gear starting out and will not down shift when I accelerate. The red light at the 2wd selection is red was green before.

Air stuck blowing from floor and defrost only

Left side works ok.

I have turn off the motor and restarting the engine

I was recently installing my new after market stereo and shocked to wires now my gauges have stopped working any help on info would be much appreciated was told it might be a fuse not sure what one. Thanks

no trouble codes have come up did put a new stereo system in truck and had to remove battery positive for about an hour could this have caused it. not sure were to locate the fuses for the 4x4 system if there is any


Let me know how important the knock sensors are i know they are under the intake manifold. They would be very expensive to replace. Give me some advice.

My sercurity light stays on even after i turn my truck off,it stays on till my battery dies. Iv been told it could be the BCM or my ignition cylinder but im not sure. Its a chipless key and i have no power windows or locks installed. Any ideas?

We have had this problem for over a year. It has been to our trusted GMC dealer shop several times with no resolution of the problem. VERY FRUSRATING!! Help, please!

The A/C works perfectly fine. Yet when switching over to the heater nothing but room temp air blows out. This problem started at about 90,000 miles. Im planning on selling the truck soon and i would like to get it fixed. It has been freezing winters with the heater not working. I have had to replace the fan once before due to the wire harness connectors melting to the fan. Could that have started the problem? Or is it the A/C / Heater actuator not working? The truck now has 110,000 miles on her.

evaporat8ive emission system pressure sensor repair

My 2006 Sierra 150 truck was fine at midnight, but when I went to drive it in the morning the power steering would not work. The mechanic says the damage was done by a blown "cooler", but I did not have any overheating problems going to my appointment. Only had hard steering problems.

What r torque cylinder head torque specs and tightening sequence on a 2000 gmc sierra 1500 5.3 liter

when the truck is turned off the high beam light is on dim

before or after that point of 55mph, its fine runs great.

I changed ignition coil and ICM, but did not help. (I have gas in it). what is the most likely issue for my next step? Distributor?

when shifting into 4 wheel drive I can hear the actuator motor shift into 4 wheel then the actuator immediately shifts back out. Then after two attempts it stops all together.

When I start the engine it displays in park as it should. but when I shift into Drive is displays 3. If I shift into first or second it still stays on third. In neutral of reverse nothing is highlighted. As I said the tranny seems to be shifting ok. Any ideas?

I have replaced the surpantine belt and AC belt in Oct and both belt tensioners after the belt didnt work. After i replaced the tensioners the squeek was gone for a month but now this weekend in the morning there is a squeeky belt sound again?

I had a bad CV on the right side and there was a clicking noise. I changed both CVs this fixed the grinding but not the ticking. I found out hubs where making the clicking noise so I just replaced both hubs. After all this in turns there is a roughness still. Also not sure if its related but over rough pavement the whole truck feels loose.

every quarter tank of gas gets about 20 miles

the problem started about 9 months ago when I started the truck up and I noticed it was in 4wheel drive. it happens about every 2 to three months about 3 four times in a row.

Replaced plugs ,plug wires ,rotor and cap,and ignition coil about 7 months ago,actually saw ignition coil arcing to ground,ran fine. Having similar problem now,but don't see any arcing, after engine warms up ,runs well. Advance auto read code " multiple misfires" not much help.Thanks em

No oil stains anywhere and no smoke when i turn it on so, what can be wrong?

It is a 4wd 1500 I 1st had the ticking sound at slow speeds and then a few weeks later a binding and grinding when turning. I replaced both CV axle shafts and the right front was bad. After I installed the new CV's the next day I could hear the ticking again? Teh hub was replaced 2 years ago. Is this a bad CV again or maybe hub or brakes?

I have a 5.7 liter engine

I have put in a new water pump, flushed coolant and put in new antifreeze. There has not been any water in the oil. The cooling system was tested. There was no co2 in the coolant and it keeps pressure. I am lost as to where the antifreeze goes. The surge tanks stays fine for days then will start going down.

replaced water pump, flushed coolant system, new coolant. coolant level will stay up and then drop for no reason. mechanic tested coolant, head gasket. nothing found. now water or coolant in oil.