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how do i fix a cylinder 4 misfire on a 04 gmc sierra 1500 or what would be the cost to get it repaired?
When the engine is turned off and on again the 4WD switch goes into different modes. What causes this? The 4WD switch is new and the old one still works and is not the problem. The 4WD motor still works. Help plea...
My truck will not go over 90 miles per hour...Not that i should be going over 90 miles per hour anyway...but it doesn't feel right.
How do you replace the manifold gasket?
ac compressor will not come on...tried to manually jump compressor with hot wire for test and it still did not come on....what could be the problem??
heater fan only workes on the 4 or 5 setting not on 1,2,or 3
How long should tie rod ends last? I have arounf 66000 miles and it is street driven.
The drive shaft fell out when my son was driving to work. What is involved in replacing this and how much?
a place where i can view pictures
how to replace ac hose
Wheren is the pcv valve location
during my oil change technician noticed oil and transmission leak
the abs light is staying on. just started doing that today.
I have replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter. Still the engine does not seem to be getting fuel to it. When I try to start the truck it will not continue to stay running.
my dome light stays on all the time and the dome override when pushed will not turn it off. Could the dome override switch be bad and make the light stay on?
I think it is the damper but I do not know how to get to it.
I recently purhaced a GMC Serria 1500, 6.2L 403hp pickup new from a dealer. The first week using the gasoline the dealer had in it I got almost 15mpg. The subsequent 4 or 5 tanks of gasoline it gave me 14mpg acordin...
I remove my antenna (unscrewed) to run through remote wash, replaced antenna and it no longer works, what can I do? will not tighten down and looks like lead is broken off?
is it my lower intake gasket,or my head gasket
What is the procedure to replace the ABS Pump Module?
I just bought this truck a few months ago and got it stuck in a field the other day in 2 wheel, I pushed the 4 wheel button and just heard a grinding noise and the 4 wheel didnt engage. after a few more tries it fina...
i have a 1998 gmc sierra 1500 with a v6 engine and we took out the transmission and found out the truck was made in canida the bolts are metro. we cant find a new transmission that is the same. what should i do?
Just wondering if the tranny lines need to be romved eith a special tool?
I just bought a 2005 GMC Sierra and the head light (low beam) and dash board lights flicker. They don't seem to do it when i'm sitting still only when driving.
I have a PO449 code, what part needs replaced and is it only a dealer item or can I order from a web sit?
Steering wheel has about 1 inch play in it and vehicle will wobble when a bump is hit in the road also has a rattle noise in steering column not necessarily a clunk. New tires and new inner tie rod ends and alignment.
I change the fuel pump on my truck but theres no power going to the fuel pump I tested the fuel pump in a different way and its good I check the relays and fuses and there good I dont know where to look for if there i...
every 6 months get reduced engine power take it in its the same thing. theu kept telling me it was throttle body but now they say it is engine wiring harness.part #15836409 wnat 1100.00 to fix. is this really how much...