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driver side assembly came apart while using .Told company whom made the parts no longer in business and they changed the design with the new aftermarket replacement. dealer wants $675 to replace the hole works
what should the fuel pressure and flow be? The vehicle runs and idles but has no power. Does drive but hard to accelerate or maintain speed. Codes are p0101 (air flow) and p0300 (misfire) I have replaced the MAF hopin...
put in NEW starter. let idle, started shrieking again. didnt blow any fuses this time. (old starter stunk, wiped out.) pulled alt. no "bad" smell / feel / sound. no restart after driving 2 miles. sounds like starte...
When i am driving my diesel gmc savana, it does push the gas looks like i am pushing the gas but not me. When i am on neutral position it does shake also sometimes iy feel like engine will stop.
Gages come on when water temp goes to 260
when head lights on problem worse.also gear indicator flashes w signals.
We have a 15-passenger van that has started slipping into neutral randomly at speeds above 40MPH. Has happened three times so far. Without warning, the van will studder for a moment, the speedometer will drop to 0, ...
starves of fuel ,no power, after longer driving,might disappear after fuelup
I change the oil and filter on my box truck and was told by a auto parts sales associate to put 5 qt in, I did all that then the ck engine light comes on is that enough oil or something else is wrong?
I have a 2005 GMC savana 3500 work van. sometime while i am driving all my gauge and speedometer and radion stop working randomly and will stop for a minute maybe 2 and then come back on. i cant seem to get an answer ...
all new calipers.
lights in center of front box are not working...all lights around top are..
also done light illuminates when braking, illuminates and flashes when braking with turn signal or flashers on.
How to install a fuel regulator?
it shut off and it didnt start for about 20 min then it start but after puting it in drive for a few min it stalled again and i had to wait another 20 min till i could restart it, but after a few min in drive it stall...
I have the instructions for the installation. I got it from Chilton but doesn't tell you where it is located at in the car. Thanks in advance!!
This was a Penske rental cargo van and they installed a throttle govenor that will not let me go over 68 m.p.h. It cuts back and is hard on the drive line besides being very dangerous on the highway. I can't even pa...
I was stuck and rocking back and forward jamd brakes and lost both power steering and brakes but was experiencing soft and hard petal prior to this