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My key is stuck in my ignition and I can turn it of so my car stays on and I can not turn it off. It won't go down and it's stuck period please help!!
I have a gmc safari check engine light is on. I can get through 1st and 2nd gear no problem but it get stuck in 3rd so please any help
Turn the key and there is always lights, dome light, radio and heater...but there is absolutely no sound from the engine. Can go back several hours later and it might start. Have changed the distributor and coil. Wond...
I have the same problem as everyone else with a '02 Safari van. Door locks clicking all the time. Pass anger window won't go down and the air goes off when accelerating. Anyone ever solve these problums?
My antifreeze was pouring out. I paid $1763.94 to have the heater inlet and outlet hoses changed, as well as the clamps, water pump, oil cooler line and hoses. These repairs were supposed to "fix the leak", however ,i...
will a 1999 factory service manual be okay for a 2000
When I turn the key to start it, it's not until after I release the key that it wants to start. Does anyone have any suggestions?
That having been corrected, a couple of weeks ago it won't start in any weather. I never know whether it'll start or not. The fuel pump maintains a 60 psi. I turn the key and it turns over but won't fire. I do this a ...
After years of my door looks clicking,not working all the time, and my air bag light stays on, the passenger window won't go down all the way, and is slow to go up .Out of the blue the door locks (even though they kee...
Need upper and lower ball joints both sides. Idler arm and upper arm bushing repair. Pricing places for lowest cost
Ok I have changed the cap , rotor, wires, plugs. checked fuel pressure 60psi at all times even when misfiring, have not been able to check the cat convertor where can i go next to check components and fix this i miss ...
I now have a fuel pressure test gauge but not sure where to fit it and a new fuel filter if si required
also when driving starts off ok but when accelerating bogs down . Have checked EGR , new plugs wires and rotor and cap what to do next
Was turning over and starting fine. Next time I went to start it, it acted like the battery was low and would barely crank over. It wouldn't start. Made sure the battery would charge and even got a new battery. St...
After rain the van will not start unless I place a hair blow dryer under the hood pointing towards the back
Bought this 2002 a couple months ago. It was leaking a bit but now it leaks like a sieve.
Driver's side door handle replacement. Suggested solution above!
When you are all ready in drive and you start start off from a stop.Until you reach steed above 55 to 60 miles an hour.
yesterday I put $25 worth of gas using a different pump than I usually use. After driving a little over 20 miles van started sputtering, bucking and trying to stall. Pulled over and put scanner on it (yes I carry a ...
Won't drive forward nor backwards and brake pedal will hardly push
I have checked the fuses under the hood and behind the brake pedal, but do not find one labeled power locks. Everything else works fine.
when I apply pressure on my brake pedal to stop sometimes the pedal is hard to apply and the is hard to stop. Other times there no symptoms..I just replaced my brake hydra booster with a AC Delco reman. I flushed the ...
my wife has had to wait for about 5 minutes before restarting the car. 1st attempt nothing. 2nd attempt it turns right over. could this be starter or solenoid issue?
I have replaced ball joints, both idler arms and intermediate shaft! Still has sticking and play in steering!