what or where is a good place to have vacuum lines r&r all mine are ashed when touched so no air blow through any vents.

is there a way to shim my starterm so it won't catch on my flywheel teeth? and what should it cost to replace the flywheel?

Won't start mom says its the fuel pump and to beat on the tank and rock the car and it will start???

where is the fuel pump shut off swith located or emergency switch location?

engine runs rougher when brakes applied also abs light on

problem happens after each application

When towing my boat there is not enough power to go up hills. Even without the boat the power is not like it use to be. I have towed the same boat for 6 years and never had this problem of the engine straining on hills. I have a towing package on the van and I use it whenever towing.

is it a ground wire possibly,...?? pass.window is not off track, and i can ground it with small j/cable and it does work!! weird.............

the blower motor will be working, then stop. Or I might turn on the engine to find it isn't working. It may not work for days, or just minutes. Doesn't seem to matter if the switch is on or off when I start the engine.

It was replaced about 2 years ago and always sounded awful. I always wondered if they really installed a new one. Couldn't go back to that mechanic to check it out, the shop closed.

All new front and rear brake assemblies and the brakes grab terribly with minor pressure on the brake pedal. Any ideas why it grabs so bad and yet the brake obviously work?

It just blows hot air.The blower works Is there a fuse.This is a v6 all wheel drive.

brakes lock up randomly right and left front

is exhaust manifold leaks the same as motor mounts I did not see motor mounts on the list of possible repairs

2000 gmc safari honrn does not blow when i push on the steering wheel

where is the fuel pump relay located

what are the signs of a cranksensor going bad

i have checked the fuel pump it works great replaced fuel filter and cap and rotor but i got it running when its hot it wont get spark i took control moule off distb and had it checked and when it cooled down they said it was fine so i put it back and checked my wires on cap it started three times ran and then no fire could it be control module or something else

i have my window motor and when connected to a battery straight it goes up and down but when i cannect it to the plug it only goes up i have replace the switch what would be my next thing to do it is very hot and clamy in florida and this is aggravting my husband

When going up a long hill the trans constantly shifts between 3rd and 4th at approx 60mph. Speedometer bounces between 50 and 70 with no noticeable change in vehicle speed.

water is leaking out as fast as I pour it in the radiator, cant tell where its coming from. mostly on the passenger side around the motor mount.

service engine code reset

Since the last time when I filled up the gasoline tank the gage is allways on the full side even when the switch is off.
Any help?

1- When the front a/c is working the compresor (clutch) its ON and OFF and blow worm air.
2- When the front and rear are ON the compresor run OK and cool air its blow for all vents.
3- When run FRONT and REAR the manometer gage is OK but when run the FRONT alone the gage is up and down. (see 1-)
4- I all ready add almost thre pounds of freon. ?????

Is It the wiper motor going bad or wiper switch?

I replaced the fuel pump relay and a new fuel pump. But there is still no power to the fuel pump. I really need help.

constant acute sound when I start the van, it doesn't stop, I replaced the serpentine belt, the alternator was repared,the water pump is not the problem and the sound continues,

where is the fuel filter located on this vehicle?

When I got home yesterday, my steering and brakes worked fine. When I started the van this morning, the steering was VERY difficult and the brake pedal was very stiff. What causes this problem?

I need to change the a/c compressor on my van and am not sure how to drain the refrigerant or if I have to.

Is there a seal that can be replaced at the steering gear?There is a fluid leak at the gear box.