Check engine light came on. Ran the scanner and got the codes p1083 and p1084. Engine idles rough, hesitates slightly. Temp on catalytic converter read hotter in front than in back. Had spark plugs and wires replaced, fuel filter replaced, O2 sensor replaced by Catalytic Converter. My mechanic said to try fuel injector cleaner to see if it clears up the rough idle. I do know there is a crack in my muffler, but would that cause the rough idle and engine light to come on?

Every day, engine turns over many, many times before starting. Once would not start at all. Other times, during the day, it starts normally. No mechanic around here has heard it do this.

Started intermittently. Now more often. Jiggling and moving in and out of park works.

What is wrong with the GMC Jimmy?
My friends having a dilema having just one vehicle to go to work with and wouldn't be able to afford to keep spending if it is deemed unrepaired. The GMC Jimmy,1995 4.3 vortex,purchased 2 yrs ago was running perfect until recently. It has been running really rough especially when on idle like its missing. Pressure gauge dial goes up & down. She has changed all plugs, wires,distributor cap & rotor. Added a BG 44k injector cleaner, filled it up w/high octane shell gas. All this didn't seem to have solve the problem. She took it to a local mechanic and he didn't seem to know what could be causing it. Seemed like to me it needs cleaning somewhere because the exhaust smells dirty. I told her I get some really good help on this column and we'll hope we do with this problem. Thanks so much for helping.

How much would time and labor be for a 4x4 transmission rebuild

I live in Las Vegas. When I drive during the hot days 100+ degrees. My engine stalls out after I stop or like at red light for example. I then must put the gear in Neutral, start the engin again and then try to drive before it stalls out again. I had the fuel pump and filter changed, and somekind of module changed but it still happens. I could almost get in a car wreck because of this problem. Try to help me on this. Thanks

I'm sorry but I don't know what the diagnostic code is. All I know is that the collant runs out under the truck as fast as you put it in. Thanks for your time.

Replaced plugs,wires, pcv valve,distributor cap and rotor,
repaired vacume leaks. WHAT ELSE CAN BE THE PROBLEM?

i have replaced the fuel pump, filter, and injectors in my 96 jimmy. i just replaced the 02 sensors and the mass air flow sensor but the truck breaks down every day and throws a code for p0131 and po151. the truck will run great for 20 minutes each day when its cold first thing. and then not again till the next day, after 20 min. it spits and sputters and dies it like its not getting fuel. help!!

the engine in my 98 gmc 4.3l jimmy is toast. want to know what other year engine will fit perfect.

Intermittently, the windows, fan, and dash panel will fail while driving. There's no particular time when it does this. Also, the lights change intensity mostly while idling and has gotten worse over the years. Are these two related? Shops don't seem to have an answer for the electrical system failures.

The reading we get is that cylinder 1 is not firing, we've replaced spark plugs, even bought platnium, it ran worse had to replace that, and at first it does do better, than a few days later it just starts sputtering in idle and park, and today at 50 miles per hour it cuts out and sputtering, and I noticed when in idle the oil pressure goes to 20 unless you give it alittle gas? Any suggestions. We've changed out the coil, and a few other things?

Will left over engine flush that contains kerosene cause a dropp in oil pressure due to thinning of the oil? If so what can I use to make sure all engine flush is out before I put more oil in my 1998 GMC jimmy?

As far as I can tell the Blue Devil worked in my 1998 GMC Jimmy 4.3L v6. However, a family member flushed my radiator as a favor to me, It slipped my mind to tell him, I did not know he was going to flush radiator. The instructions says to leave blue devil in! He flushed it out. What can I expect!

How can I loosen a stuck oil plug in my 1998 Gmc Jimmy 4.3l V6?

There is tan sludge coming from radiator and reservior, I was told it is a "blown head gasket"? I need to know what equipment I need to purchase to keep the cost down to repair? Also, what can I use to free a stuck oil plug and radiator wing nut? Also, send me picture of the what I suspect is the oil plug location on a 1998 GMC jimmy 4.3l v6. Desperate woman in Stone Mountain

I have a '93 Jimmy 4x4 and the brake lights won't work. The bulbs are new and the brake light switch is new as well. All other lights (indicator, tail, signals...) work, just not the brakes. I've checked the fuse and it is fine. What could the problem be and how do I fix it?

what would cause my 1995 jimmy to overheat and cool down while im driving it down the road or if its just running? i just replaced the waterpump and themostat and it still keeps doing it. It is not the clutch fan either. I hooked a scanner up to it while it was running and the coolant temp on scanner was way cooler of a reading then the reading i was getting on temp gauge in the vehicle.I replaced the temp sending unit too.

how do you replace the brake drums on a 96 gmc jimmy

how much should it cost to replace the water pump.

when driving it acts like it don't want to change gears. I checked the trans fuild and it is good. I dont know what that code is are what it means. are how to fix it, if you could help me.

can you help me find the left front bank 1 sensor 1

what is the timing for this vehicle

How do i test a window motor without buying a new one first. The window sticks halfway dow then the motor spend like gears r missing but there r none missing and there is not any obstruction.

When I turn on the engine, all of the light indicators come on but the engine will not start. I have to try two or three times then the engine starts just fine. Seems to be electrical in nature?

Smell antifreeze when air conditioner is on. Conditioner works fine.

2000 GMC Jimmy, recently had intake manifold gasket replaced. Shop that did work didn't get it re-timed appropriately but had me drive it home. Ran extremely rough, popped, skipped and when at a stop it would stall. In another attempt to fix it, (same shop) now found collapsed lifter and that the system hadn't actually been timed appropriately since they didn't have the right equipment. With borrowed equipment they corrected the timing, and found a cylinder or two not working correctly, that led them to finding collapsed lifters. Took it all apart again, replaced collapsed lifter(s) or so they say, put it back together, re-timed with same equipment used the first time because borrowed stuff was not available, asked me to take it for a ride to help the computer relearn. I was told to drive for 40 minutes at at least 30 miles per hour without Turing the engine off. I barely made it home. now I have a clattering, popping heartbreak with nearly no power. I think the oil pressure should have been higher, sat well under 40 while driving and on "0" at an stop. This was even when trying keep it running by holding up the idel so it wouldn't stall.

In my Jimmy, someone had tried to hardwire a new headunit into it and did a very bad job. I have removed the headunit and taped all of the wires to ensure they dont touch untill I can go get another plug that is supposed to be on there. They may have touched at a different time in this process, I can't be sure. I have checked the fuses in the fuse box by the driver door, few things were bad but I replaced the bad ones. Gauges and dash lights still dont work. I don't know where else to look for a problem or what to even look for. Please help!! I don't want to run out of gas, overheat the truck, or get a speeding ticket!!