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i did not do any thing to them ,, i think i touched something under the hood
It spits and sputters during startup and sometimes doesnt start at all. yet runs fine after it starts.
I own a Jimmy and it is always slipping into overdrive (revs up to 3 on gage ) then it quits and drives normal- it does this alot , what is the issue - is it a speed or overdrive sensor - also gas gage was working fi...
my four wheel drive is stuck on will not disengage
Why does the temperature gauge goes up and down. Heater blows cold air when it's up and hot (warm) air when it goes down.
I have changed the fuse & the bulbs are good. Were is the module located or were else do I look?
I need to know what size the nut on the axel is in order to replace the brake rotor.
I havea whinning sound coming from alternator. Meter registers 14+ amps when driving.
My jimmys bell housing does not look like the one pictured in all data and i'm trying to bleed the slave cylinder but see no port near where the hydraulic line goes in. Am i looking at the spedometer cable?
my jimmy keeps using water and i see a dripping near passenger side,at back of engine. I've been told it may be a freeze(core) plug. I wanted to know how many or if there's any located in that area? Is it a costly rep...
My right and left turn signals work on the outside and they flash on the inside. However when the turn is completed the clicking noise continues. Sometimes when I brake it stops the clicking but often it doesn't. I'...
my 1988 gmc jimmy backfires through the throttle body and looses pressure when driving , and cuts off. can anyone help me?
Hi I am having some serious issue with my 2000 GMC Jimmy. If anyone can offer advise I would appreciate it. The Jimmy has 90,000 miles and in the past six months we have replaced the radiator, water pump, fuel pump,an...
is the fuel guage part of the new electric fuel pump install
How do I adjust the angle or position of my wipers? They seem to be one spot (cog?) too high. Thanks in advance for your help.
2001 GMC Jimmy sometimes stalls pulling away from stops. Starts right back up. Diagnostic says code P0410, which has to do with the air injection system/air pump. A mechanic advised that the code/fault had nothing to ...
Replace calipers, pads, hoses, master cyclinder (new GM) bled brakes with small vacuum pump. Petal stops half way down. Start motor petal hit floor little brakes. Would usung a power bleeder help?
is the idle arm the same thing as a tie rod end
I am having problem with some of my gauges the gas gauge wont work the battery light will stay on when truck is running and the temperature gauge doesn't work? What would be the problem and how could i fix that?
I have a major oil leak at the back of the engine? what is the fix?
When I use the only comes out at the bottome,and the defrost ports.Same with the vent.
is there a relay or a switch I may be able to locate that would cause my brakelight on one side to quit working? my turn and flasher signal still work, they use the same element as the brakelight.
My 93 Jimmy ran great. Just Had a tune up done with new plugs, wires and so on. It Has 230K and ran like new. Then one day I get up and it won't start. It turns but there doesn't seem to be a spark from the wires. ALs...
Can a jimmie compressor's seals be replaced to stop leaks? If so where do you buy the parts?
I am having problems with my jimmy starting.. It will start but after a few trys.. sometimes tooo many! I had it connected to a diagnostic- it says it could be oxygen sensor defective or ignition misfire or fuel inje...
i need the easiest way to change the flywheel cause i realy dont want to drop the tranny. thanks.
stumbles on acceleration 1996 gmc jimmy 3.3
the fuel gage remains on empty. Enough fuel on it, the tank is ok.They told me problem is the electrical chip behind the cluster. Where i have to buy a new one, or find to replace it?What s the right name to this chip?
My 1993 GMC Jimmy recently started not starting in and around when we have big rain storms. I replaced the fuel pump a few years ago, and just recently we replaced the ignition coil. The next day it rained, and it wou...
can not find to replace took off dash look under dash look at fuse can't find