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There is a loud squeak that comes from the front end of my truck with driving,even worse over bumps. I've replaced all the bushings except for the lower ball joints. And idea what it could be?
I own a 1997 Jimmy. I recently got frustrated while driving and punched my steering wheel multiple times. Afterward I began to notice considerable tension in the wheel and its ability to turn. When I idle the car a...
car sat for a few months and when I changed the battery it will only crank
Car was given to me and it sat for a few years. replaced battery and it wont start.
would not come out of 4hi
I can get heat and ac from the defrost and floor vent setting but nothing from the vent on the dash. I have replaced the switch twice but it still doesn not work.
how do I replace
details on how to replace
I can have code cleared and in 1 to 2 days it will come back on. Have checked most but not all electrical connections, can't find anything out of the ordinary. Any suggestions?
My driver door has dropped due to weight, and won't close properly. How can I repair this so that I feel safe in my Jimmy again?
part one of two part, will a later model ZR2 suspension (1997-on) fit on a 1994 and would the rear disc set-up from a 1998 fit on the axle of the 1994 or do i have to swap the whole axle and would it fit? thanks. neil.
My Brakes feel like they are dragging sometimes when I am driving. And sometimes the pedal goes all soft. I am not sure what it is but I know for sure they drag after you use them a few times and I cant figure it out....
About to drive this thing off a cliff. Replaced idler pulley (twice), belt (twice), Tensioner pulley, A/C Clutch/pulley assembly, and alternater. Took to dealer I bought it from and he cleaned the pulley groves out ...
The past 2 months I had to put coolant in. I just looked and I have to add more. I have found coolant leaking from the transmission face plate. Its not lots but I don't want to have to keep adding more and more.
the coolant was thick a dark brown in coler
the front rotor will not move. I was doing a brake service and attempted to remove the rotor. Also the driver side rear tire will not come off the axle. How can i remove these without causing damage to my vehichle?
JImmy continues to overheat eventhough the radiator has been replaced and so has the thermostat.
the belt makes noise even after being replaced
please help me it seems to be befuddling the workers on my vehicle i was driving and it just stopped i let it sit a few minutes then it ran for about 5 minutes then shut off again and hasnt started since we replaced ...
replaced head gaskets and now the engine is making a knocking noise from the top of the engine, hard to start rough idle , exhaust leaking I need a list of everything that could cause these problems????????
thanks for the responce oakman...i went thru the panel originally, but with the window up, the motor mechanism is in the way of the two screws on the cylinder. the does tailgate come apart somehow or do i have to tak...
power locks stopped working and button on rear hatch
how do i access the key cylinder on the rear power window? the power window works from the interior switch but not from the outside key. i cant access it in order to check the connection.
The car has a new water pump, oil& filters changed, thermostat, and coolant. Why is it still overheating? Also, we are getting horrid gas mileage. suggestions?
turn signal relay location
I have a problem getting my truck to crank I put new dist cap, module, crank sensor, and fuel filter, and I found a blown fuse with a red wire connected to it
Your estimate for my 99 Jimmy Heater Core Replacement of up to $270 is so grossly incorrect it isn't even funny. I have called 3 places for quotes and the LOWEST quote is $1100!
trans does not go into reverse & can only get first gear... suspect trans is done, can i get a trans from a salvation yard to save truck ? what would you recommend ?
When trying to put the car into 4 wheel drive, the car has trouble getting into 4 wheel drive. When I try to switch, both the 4 wheel hi and the 4 wheel lo lights start blinking but the car doesn't necessarily switch ...