I replaced my vacuum booster, had to remove the brake light switch from the pedal but now can't figure out how to remount the switch properly. The brake lights are on all the time. The switch is working ok.

how do I remove and replace the sway bar kinks

my heat is on all the time, it does have the automatic climatic control, what could possibly be the problem

I have a P0410 code , but , Haynes manual shows I have no secondary air injection system . I can't use your normal answer because I don't have a secondary according to my Haynes manual .
Now what do i do ?

Secondary Air Injection System
Just what is the Secondary Air Injection System on this vehicle ?

I inhearited a 95 gmc jimmy 4.3 vortec. When i first got it i replaced the fuel pressure regulator. It ran fine for a few weeks. Now the motor shakes at idle, and all the codes are showing is my downstream. I replaced the downstream sensor. I took off the cat, and someone had already punched everything out so its empty. Local mechanic whom nobody trusts says he did a compression check and thinks its leaking air/compression between cylinders 4 and 6. I have replaced the spark plugs and wires, but not yet the distributor like i should have. Was told to open my radiator cap and if the coolant is shaking than itd deff be the head. I dont want to be driving it, but i have a few times but just 6 miles overall. Where should i start? what should i do? lost and really need this vehicle. HELP PLZ!

the lights come on after the truck has been running for a while. I also hear a high pitched noise when stopping or starting up from a stop; brakes are fine.

Some times the power window on the drive side will not work.

The temp is fine however it dosen't put out air like it did before (just went out a week ago).

Hi, I have noticed when I stop or go over even a small bump the tire near the front passenger side knocks. It started out as a very small knock but today it go a little louder. I have recently replaced the ball joints in the front and back. Any ideas?

I put a new altenater and a new battery in my 1995 gmc jimmy and every time it would start right up and run for good for like five minutes then just cut off. Why is this happening

The tailgate window only goes down part way on one side and seems to bind up. I took off the cover & found some rusted metal pieces/arms? in there. what are they called so I can order the correct parts?

lost power to my speedometer tach radio and some internal lights. checked all the fuses no luck.

ive recently gutted the cat. converter and the TSR but it still wont crank. showing 50lbs. pressure at fuel rail and tries to crank when i spray starter fluid in the breather. Help someone, please.

I went to trade in my car and was told that my transfer case was going to break and it was dangerous. They offered me next to nothing for the car and I'm wondering how much it is to replace a transfer case so I understand how much to reduce the price of the car. THANK YOU

How do I reset the timing on 1999 GMC Jimmy?

Why did my fuel tank over fill and come out the bottom of the car not the nozzle?

my son is unable to shut his truck off without pulling the fuse out. He can literally pull the ignition key out and the dash lights, headlights and truck will continue to run. He doesn't pull the fuse the truck won't shut off and the lights continue to drain the battery.

the drivers side door is sagging and will not shut correctly unless lifted and slammed shut. I read its a common issue with these I am just curious what the repair cost is. Anyone know

when I go to start most of time just battery light comes on have to keep taking key out and putting back in and when all panel lights come on it will start

turn light stop work no left are right work

do i need a thermostat in south Florida, for a 95 gmc jimmy after replacing the radiator?

my head lights wont come on at all eithe high beams or low beams checked all fuses and relays

i took this out what ithank is the resistor and put it back and it start work but want to be sure this is it ineed a picture

change blow motor change switch in side to still dont work

Where is the theromostat located on a vetec engine.

when starting the pedal has to be puhed sveral times unless after a short off period the truck somtimes surges

power locks stopped working and button on rear hatch

Check engine light came on. Ran the scanner and got the codes p1083 and p1084. Engine idles rough, hesitates slightly. Temp on catalytic converter read hotter in front than in back. Had spark plugs and wires replaced, fuel filter replaced, O2 sensor replaced by Catalytic Converter. My mechanic said to try fuel injector cleaner to see if it clears up the rough idle. I do know there is a crack in my muffler, but would that cause the rough idle and engine light to come on?

Every day, engine turns over many, many times before starting. Once would not start at all. Other times, during the day, it starts normally. No mechanic around here has heard it do this.