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can you help me find the left front bank 1 sensor 1
what is the timing for this vehicle
How do i test a window motor without buying a new one first. The window sticks halfway dow then the motor spend like gears r missing but there r none missing and there is not any obstruction.
When I turn on the engine, all of the light indicators come on but the engine will not start. I have to try two or three times then the engine starts just fine. Seems to be electrical in nature?
Smell antifreeze when air conditioner is on. Conditioner works fine.
2000 GMC Jimmy, recently had intake manifold gasket replaced. Shop that did work didn't get it re-timed appropriately but had me drive it home. Ran extremely rough, popped, skipped and when at a stop it would stall. I...
In my Jimmy, someone had tried to hardwire a new headunit into it and did a very bad job. I have removed the headunit and taped all of the wires to ensure they dont touch untill I can go get another plug that is suppo...
thank you for reading my post,i have a 97 gmc jimmy slt,4wheel drive.the major problem i have right now is when i turn the right or the left blinker on both sides blink when i apply the brakes the blinker stays solid,...
what size tires is my jimmy supposed to have?
Not too long ago, my turn signals started to work intermittently and then my hazard signal went crazy, we were able to remedy the hazard issue, and I have replaced both relays just in case, now the turn signals won't ...
With what or by what means do I plug the inlet and return holes in the radiator?
The driver seat will not move on any direction,the switch located on the left side of the seat was fine with no problem. What do I need to check for? PS I did look under the seat and the wires are connected, what else...
We have tried to get our Jimmy to pass CA smog 4 times now and each time it's failed. We have done the cleaning of the fuel system and have even had a tune-up. Apparently every time it fails it's due to the hydrocar...
The 4wheel is not going in the light come on when I puss the button but the funt is not pulling. When I go to L the rear lock in and the fronu is not doing a thang. H or low. What is wrong whit it
first off no codes, second, cap, rotor, plugs have been replaced, and third an upper engine/fuel cleaner has been ran through it. ok, sometimes it has just a plain rough idle, sometimes it has a fluctuating idle-norma...
i dont know if my fuel pump or the relay went bad where is the relay located so i can check it out
Almost everytime i start up my 95 GMC jimmy, i hear a clicking noise from the front end. once the cars warms up or has been run for awhile then the noise stops. Normally I change the oil every 3K miles, this time it...
I was wondering when replacing my engine what is the average repair time and labor charges.
I have a bad coolant leak under the motor. I have replaced the water pump ,radiator, and hoses.
I need to replace the blend motor (mixer actuator) on my Jimmy but I don't know how to remove the glove box? I don't have to take the whole dash off do I?
can i replce altenator and belt myself?
new battery still not charging battery light still on car runs
What pressure is necessary from the fuel pump for the engine to run?
ignition switch elcetrical section is bad .how to replace
What is the green light on right side of instrument panel that looks like a headlight? No lights on exterior are out.
brakes go all the way to the floor. Replaced pads and master cylinder and they still go to floor.
need to find out how to remove cover on steering column to replace knob
Antifreeze overflow is leaking