they worked fine..wife went to work..tonite she had no lowbeams but did have highbeams...made no other bulb changes...car starts fine..no hesitation....

shop said it will come on because of ethnol in fuel!

im having trouble removing the headlamp assembly

also my blower motor cuts in and out.this happens when cars moving.is it a faulty ground,bad relay,or just a short?where should i start? thank's willy

Back up lights do not come on when transmission put into reverse.

it has been doing this occasionally in the fall but now it's winter and it's been happening more often. This morning it was all the way down like a low rider and will not come back up even with the push of the rear air compressor manually? Any suggestions? Mechanic said its a complicated system and cannot get it to inflate manually?

my shifter cable has come off. how do i replace it

air pump check valve was replaced. Service engine light was on and this is what they said was wrong. what is this valve and what makes it go bad?

Just had car serviced came home and light came on.Was not on before it was serviced. Could it be something they did on did not do when it was serviced?

owned our 2002 since new, about a year ago , no radio reception, no AM and only local strong FM. Tried aftermarket with barely better results. The antenae system seems very complicated, any advise ? thanks

I want to buy a 02 envoy selling for $4000, the differentials and wheel bearings need replaced, would it be worth it to buy the vehicle despite the repairs? and how much would the repairs cost?

2002 GMC Envoy - should I replace thermostat first to see if it fixes the problem? Pump is not leaking or noisy.

I've done a basic tune-up ,oil change,spark plugs,fuel filter,air filter,also changed the thermostat and cooling sensor @ a garage. Cleared the code. Ran ok for a day. Now both lights are on again! When I start vehicle up in the morning it warms up, then idles down greatly, reduced power light pops on and stays on..I turn it off and start it up again..same thing! When I put it in gear it crawls, then stalls..does this cycle over and over for about 30min. Need help with issue..

I have checked relay and fan they are ok installed new air valve and oxy sencer. Didn't have a code untill I drove the car for about 150 miles

It seems to be happening more often lately.

had smoke test ,tech said leak above tank,im thinking a bad gasket some where

This is a GMC 2004 Envoy.

Denali has 100,000 mi. Recently I have noticed a roar and slight vibration in the steering wheel. It feels almost as though it is in too low of a gear. Tach indicates proper rpms so I know it has shifted. Wheel bearings appear to be ok with no tire wobble when jacked up. Roar and vibration increase with speed and start about 30 mph. Roar and vibration fade a bit when turning left. Thanks.

If i kick the car and switch on the a/c it will work and stop after like twenty seconds and we scanned and get this code P0530 then filled the gas still the same, please help.

Need to remove radio to find out why CD player is not ejecting CD. It plays just fine.

one thing tho it is always throwing hot air no matter what! there is no owners manual to it so i'm lookin for suggestions. also does anyone else have trouble with thier gas gage alll the time? what maybe causing that? thanks for the answer!

The bulb that was burned out was replaced witht the same type of bulb but is still flashing very fast.

Just changed motor mounts on Envoy because it was riding and idling rough. Now it rides smooth but when I turn engine off it still rumbles. why is this?

how do I get the old one out?

when i turn on the a/c and put the mode to front vents they will not open to blow the air, the sides and bottom of dash work and front defrosters work and even the rear a/c blows air, i haved researched this and it looks like it could be a couple things, maybe created by a new battery changed, or a few things gone bad? can i take the battery terminal off the negative side for a few minutes and then reconnect and start the car, then turn off and restart to reactivate the blend actuator? to reset and then they will work or will this do more bad then good? and it that wont work what can i do, i would like to do this myself can you help me

have 86k on my SUV. have 2500miles between last oil change and its consumed 3 quarts already.Not leaking,not smoking.Any thoughts on its eating so much oil?

What can I check for the cod PO455? I changed the gas cap, light went off and the came back on. Was told to put vasoline around the seal in gas cap.

Got the brakes done front and back at a local dealership now they kind of vibrate when I stop.

passenger blows out cold air.