Air compressor for rear air springs fail, causing vehicle to sit very low every time car is turned off.

Air compressor for rear airsprings fail causing rear suspension to sit very low

air compressor for rear air springs fail, causing rear suspensions to sit very low

Mechanics have checked the starter, battery, all the fuses and the alternator. Can't figure out the problem

automatic hydraulic system constantly depresses and back

had radiator busted and transmission mixed with coolant, took it to AAMCO and $3100 later a foul smell came from engine compartment. Battery exploded, took it back to AAMCO, replaced battery for $140. Drove it out of AAMCO, now the radio only has high frequency (treble) and no midrange or low (base). Also the rear speakers are completely silent. I am looking for bulldozer to run this piece of crap over but I have no money to replace it so I am stuck. I held out for 25 years buying American while most of the people I know are happily enjoying their Japanese vehicles. I am thinking of jumping ships and it is a shame.
Any idea what caused the radio malfunction?

raised car up pushed gas and oil came spuing out....i see two hoses is it coming from them or leaking out and makes it appear that way....sorry to confused

Every once in a while and it seems it's when I push the "Driver 1 or 2" button my dash lights go crazy. All of the lights on my dash start circulating...ABS light comes on, then to seat belt light, then to driver info, on to mileage, battery light comes on, etc and it starts all over. I'm afraid that my car is going to stall or something. Any ideas what is causing this. I haven't had any diagnostic codes come up or check engine lights either except for the loose gas cap light. My car is in relatively good condition but has 120,000 miles.

It's like coming from the front defrost vent area.

interior lights stay on after all doors are shut, keyless entry doesn't work, rear wiper not working. All of these issues happened after I put grocery's in the back.

The boot has cut loose @ the clamp.It is coming out right there.Did a hose bust or what is causing the leak or where is it originating from?

i have i ready changed the outside hub and bearing

was told possibly the drive axels...was also thinking maybe the hub bearing??

When I remove the keys from the ign and open the door the radio & some pump? under the hood continues to run draining the battery. I have removed all the relays from both fuse centers and radio still on. Any other places I need to look for such relay or is this deeper than that?

Today, trying to get on the interstate, the fasted speed I could safely get to was 60mph. The car will shift but just sounds like it is idling very high and the RPMs are high. My Service Engine Soon light now has come on but I haven't gotten it scanned yet. Any suggestions are helpful. Thank you!

I bought a car MD and it plugs into the diagnostic port Can you help?...Thanks

No major problems - just want a list to be aware of based on the age of my car.

I bought a new one from the dealership and it didn't work. Called the dealership and they said the new panel has to be programmed at a cost of $100. Can I program it myself?

does needing a sensor fixed cost alot

where is it located on 2004 gmc envoy how much does it cost

how to place new springs in place

they worked fine..wife went to work..tonite she had no lowbeams but did have highbeams...made no other bulb starts hesitation....

shop said it will come on because of ethnol in fuel!

im having trouble removing the headlamp assembly

also my blower motor cuts in and out.this happens when cars it a faulty ground,bad relay,or just a short?where should i start? thank's willy

Back up lights do not come on when transmission put into reverse.

it has been doing this occasionally in the fall but now it's winter and it's been happening more often. This morning it was all the way down like a low rider and will not come back up even with the push of the rear air compressor manually? Any suggestions? Mechanic said its a complicated system and cannot get it to inflate manually?

my shifter cable has come off. how do i replace it

air pump check valve was replaced. Service engine light was on and this is what they said was wrong. what is this valve and what makes it go bad?

Just had car serviced came home and light came on.Was not on before it was serviced. Could it be something they did on did not do when it was serviced?