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sounds like a humming or whirring. similar to when a wheel bearing is going i changed wheel bearing and problem is still there. abs light has been on the entire time, and "service 4 wheel drive" light comes on ...
I am trying to find out how much it costs to opent the pan and what the shif control solenoid and other solenoids cost
i've been fighting this problem for 10 weeks. the cooling fan will sound like a large blower at times. the fan been replaced two times and will be replaced again on monday. what controls the voltage going to the fan m...
Where is low port hookup for adding refrigerent
When I take off it makes a funny sound. It is also getting bad gas milage
Replaced the steering colum do to lost keys and attempted theift .. used colum came with keys .. Ignition comes on but will not turn over .. Need help
The metal disk that was in the fuel tank fill up is gone will that cause the check engine light to stay on 3 mechanics have but it on the computer 1 replaced a fuse 1 and air filter and 1 added antifreeze the light is...
my mechanic said the computer reads faulty air pump but I don't have one and my check engine came back on
why does the air flow not change when I change the selector switch?
Why does'nt my blower motor work on #5? It works on all the lower speeds, just not #5.
When I lower the driver's side power window, it bottoms out very hard. How can I adjust the window so it bottoms out a little softer like the other power windows in the car? I keep thinking it's going to break at some...
Ever since I changed my battery the first time I cranked it up,when I turned on the a/c it idles down and has went dead.It will crank back up,but seems like it does it when the compressor engages,like every 4 or 5 sec...
how do u change plugs on a gmc envoy
I have been driving the car less over the summer and when i do it seems that it doesn't have the get up and go it did before. it has also stalled out a couple time while idle at a red light. Recently had Oil changed...
this is the first time having this problem
Gives me 3 choices: 1. Relay or fuse 2. Check connector or wiring 3. Air pump defective or hoses blocked. Is there an easy fix.
Is there anyway to change the Xenon HID Lights without paying over $600 each for the Ignitor and Ballast?
Low beam headlight plugs keep melting. I replaced them with aftermarket parts and those melted.
front passenger window won't work. motor is working, the cables have come off the wheel and now when trying to put back on the cable is about 1-2 inches too long ?????
this is the first time my gmc is stuck in rsverse help
help my shift is stuck on reverse i can not move it
My car wouldn't start, mechanic determined the batter was dead. He replaced the battery and then on my drive home I realized the car would not idle it just stalls out when I take my foot of the gas. It was running fin...
had compression check done, the #4 cylinder is not hitting they said it may be a burnt valve.
got code po455 for large evap leak. bought new gas cap and 2 days later same code reappeared. any other possible solutions?
2002 Envoy stalls 2002 Envoy stalls while at stop lights/signs.
Seems like I go through several quarts of oil between oil changes. Had the car checked for leaks with the ultra violets and no leaks. No oil signs on tail pipe or in radiator fluid. Where is my oil going???
when you give it gas it stops vibrating its been doing that for 2 years already the car runs fine but we still cant find the problem mechanincs have checked supports on motor transmission but cant find the problem
my 98 envoy occasionally makes a grinding noise from the front of the car i was wondering what that could be?