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transmission has only 1st,2nd and reverse gears the drive and 3rd gears stopped working. There was no sign of a problem slipping was driving only and it was like it went out of gear.
Whats a reasonalble estimate to replace a rear mode acuator? (rear a/c)
The left running light bulb burned out.....very little access room in front of battery. What is the easist way to replace this.
when i give it the gas it quits but when i'm crusing it starts missing again.
I got an 03 envoy 4.2 we love it but we are tryimg to find out why the cluch fan when it kicks in it sound like a jet fighter taking off is there a sencor that controlls that or is the fan going bad
on my envoy i installed an aftermarket radio and i did not get the fancy wiring harness that lets you keep your door chimes etc...i got the $15 job and apparently the factory harness does not have an ignition wire to ...
occasionally, I am getting the error message "service Stabilitrack", but the feature of stability track is functioning properly when needed. So, I would like to know what could the problem be? what is to be checked ou...
it sounds like its squeaking from the front of my car.
air conditioner evaporator -looses freon
My service engine light came on yesterday, but it is now off. Today when I left my truck felt like it needed powersteering fluid. Hard to make sharp turns and feels like it wants to stall when I do. Driving straight i...
Service Engine Soon lights is staying on; diagnosis codes related to secondary air pump. What is the cost to replace air pump?
just noticed no low beams ,high beams and fog lihts o.k.
the indicator light on the tailgate on my 2004 XUV says it is ajar. I was using it to haul some firewood and hosed it out after its use. It can open as a tailgate or door. Afterward it would not seem to close tigh...
About 4 months ago my fuel gauge quit working. I had fuel sensor and pump(for good measure) replaced. Now the gauge quit workinmg again, but this time it sits pointing straight down - is it the dashboard gauge? Als...
Misfire at cylindar #1. Does any one know which of the 6 cylindars is cylindar #1.
In the last 2 weeks when it is cold (32 and below) after I use the remote to unlock my vehicle, the interior lights stay on, rear wiper won't work, and the remote no longer works until it warms up.
How do I disonnect the drivers side visor mirror light
my 1998 rear air compresser stays on and my service engine light stays on how do get the rear air compresser off and light
checked plugs and replaced ckp still misfires on all cyl.
Fourth time and still not fixed. Each time they have put my SuV on the computer it reads something diffrent they fix it and it comes back on the next day. First time gas cap then air filter then add antifreeze and thi...
my window on the drivers side rolls down no problem. but I have to keep pushing on it to get it to roll up. Why and how do I check it out?
my 2005 envoy has an extremely soft brake pedal. New master cylinder has been installed and system has been bled. also dealer checked ABS master. Any ideas where to go next?
rear suspension airbags....bottom out when trk is sitting for a while(over night)...when started the next day it would level out....but now nothing just stays bottom out!.....i heard what i think is a air leak....
what can i do to get the abs & stabli-trak lights to go out after replacing hub?
I have a 2004 Envoy. When I start the engine there is a strong smellof raw gas. Also, when I acclerate it hesitates hard, sometimes. What is wrong?
My key get's stuck in the ignition, The button on the gear shift is hard to push and seem's like it isn't going into park, this is when the key get's stuck. Is this a problem with the gear shift and how do I fix it?
My husband had power tools in the truck; and drives erratically... sudden stops... the steering wheel shimmies a lot - has to be held steady.. How long can I go with these problems before it's totally critical? I nee...
Car starts up but when you move the gear shift selector to drive its like its still in park, wont engage in gear
Gets worse when I accelerate, but can't hear it when on the hightway.
i just repaired my brake pads, rotors, and calipers in my truck because they squeeked like crazy, and were grinding,then they just stopped working all together. Now the brakes still don't work they go right to the flo...