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My car won't accelerate when I push the gas,The RPM goes up but the truck coasts along, Could it be the computer or do I need to replace the transmisson? It burns gas when I drive it... it never did that before...

my car has cut off when i turn the defrost on high and it reads car stop check gages. When i turn ac or defrost on the car runs like its in high idle, if i come to a stop sign or red light the car starts to idle and trys to go by itself auto zone code says rich in fuel

i traded my car in for this the guy that sold it to me said the4 wheel drive didnt work .i had someone i know to look at it.they said the front axles are no in it

The light in front work. No back lights. No power locks. No power window. And no dash panel lights are working. But car runs fine.

Almost everytime I start my car the Rpm needle moves up and down quickly and it sounds like I am giving it gas when I am not. What would cause this.

Only happens on the AM side. It has been taken to several places. Unable to find any body that can figure out my problem.

My vehicle has fuel, will crank but not start. I hear the fuel pump kick in when I turn the key. Had the battery checked and ruled out. Is it the fuel filter or fuel pump?

When you start the vehicle there is a loud knocking that goes on for about 1 minute. There is no air coming from the front vents. What is the thing that shifts the vented air around? I wonder if it has somehow become jammed? Air works from floor and windshield vents.

It is running rough, set off warning light code replace MAP Sensor. It says I should try cleaning and replace before replacing the new sensor. I know nothing but neccesity drives the need to learn Help?


I was experiencing the sputtering until I changed the spark plugs and fuel filter, now I am having an issue with stalling especially when the heater is turned on and when in park. What is causing this?

I put gas in the car and it does not register correctly. could this be a sensor problem?


rear air spring is missing bottom support and is not connected to rear axel, when i jacked up rear the right side was just hanging there.

no codes are coming up

the lock tryes to lock makes noise but it don't move,and my wipers don't do any thing. i have change black control box on it and that is not it. could it be the wiper switch?

I can't eject whatever is inside. whats wrong? Can't feed rject

I can loosen them and slide them but I'd like to remove them. I read somewhere that it would improve fuel economy.

When the light first came on the cap was loose, but the light does not go away after tigjtening the fuel cap

The rear gate wiper motor failed and I had it rebuilt. I put the motor back in and when I try to put the window up the computer says "rear wiper obstruction". When I turn on the wiper it says "close rear glass".

When i park my vehicle overnight the rear sags. When i start in am the rear will come back up to height. This does not happen all the time.

I fill up with gas but the fuel light stays in empty mode.It sometimes moves backwards then forward indicating a full tank one minute then empty the next, does this mean that fuel pump need replacing?

Another dught I have is if it is going to start without the flashing, or should I replace it outside the dealer incase it does not start?

I recently purchased a 2005 GMC Envoy SLE, and the lights malfunction, the passenger window will not roll down (already replaced the motor), the doors will not unlock half of the time or when driving they switch from lock/unlock. I was told the truck had been submerged in water and the complete electrical system needs to be replaced.

We have already had the fuel level sensor failure problem fixed and have replaced the gas cap when the check engine light would come on intermittantly. Took the car to the shop for maintencence and they could find nothing wrong that would cause the check engine light to be on, so they reset the light. Subsequently, the light came back on (incidentally right after we hit a pothole) and has been on ever since. Any one else have this experience?

This is the 3 time this has happend

power driver seat will do everything but in cline back. help please

It could be a catalytic converter. However, it could be an O2 sensor or other item. The Envoy seems to idle poorly in park, with the RPMs moving from 300-800. It is like it can't determine where to idle. It seems worse with the air conditioning running in hot weather. I had a cylinder 4 misfire that I fixed by replacing the boot/coil, but didn't get the P0420 until after that was fixed.

I does come back on every once in a while and the air blows cold air. It may work for a couple of days and then go out again. (0nly in the front seat)

It worked but every setting resulting in the air or heat coming out of the defrost vents.