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after several hours it will start right up,it may be days or weeks between incidences.
truck won't turn over no clicking noise you just smell gas I have full power battery is not even 1 year old
If I wait 10 minutes, it will start. what gives?
Driving heard grinding noise hard to strear right , front tires locked up moments later. Recently replaced hub barrings with new tires In Feb this year. Only issues areblowe motor n ABS light on after oil chane.
I have found where the leak comes from. Its from the Pipe, fuel feed (To Tank). Fuel Feed is connected the Fuel Pump. Fuel moisture is visible but no fuel dripping identified, strong order of fuel on driver's side. It...
Changed fuse box and head control and resister
Stalling happens when vehicle has been driven for a while or sometimes when idling for a bit, pulling up to stop signs or lights. I have had it to the shop twice, no results as no codes. Odd thing that happened recent...
It worked then it would shut off, then I turned it back on and it worked for a few more miles then went off again, then wouldn't turn on at all. I had no warning at all. The only other issue is that sometimes it will ...
System will work fine for weeks, then it will activate 1 to 3 times per day.
need the location of this part and how hard is it to fix
after awhile it goes good. it a 2.8 in 2 door canyon. what could be causing this to happen or is it normal
I have a 2005 Gmc canyon that keeps losing power and i don't know when it's going to do it.I have a son to protect and we were almost hit as my truck lost it's power in a blind hill yesterday on the way to their schoo...
My 2005 Gmc Canyon has been losing power,idles rough,and a light saying reduced power and traction default.I took it to the shop and had them put it on computer that pointed to be the throttle body so i replaced it an...
Screws are hard to see don't I don't know size
it wont go in 4wd at all now but still tries while going down the road.
when going up hill or accelerating
When I put in gas and it reaches full and the gas handle releases a considerable amount of gas gushes out of the fill tube onto the ground. Even when I fill it slowly it still happens.
how do i get the intake manifold off because there seems that there isnt enough space to get to the bolts
How do you clean the throttle body on this truck
when would i use traction control on my 2005 gmc canyon
One heater hose seems to go to the transmission. Is this correct? The other heater hose goes behind the exhaust manifold. Does it go to the top of the engine?
How do you change a tire on it or how do you get the spare tire out from under it.