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when driving on the freeway the other day I noticed that my cruise control wouldnt engage then I was told by a passer buy that I had no brake lights. I checked the fuses and they are good. I am checking on the brake ...
Check engine light on clean inj still on just idles to low
My truck wont start at all. The check engine light isnt on or it doesnt tell me it needs service or anything and everything is pretty normal, battery, oil, gas pump. This is the third time it happens, the first and se...
when going up hill or accelerating
When I put in gas and it reaches full and the gas handle releases a considerable amount of gas gushes out of the fill tube onto the ground. Even when I fill it slowly it still happens.
It on both front doors. when you let it down, it won't go back up til you bang on the side panel, even that sometimes don't work
Bakersfield, CA, February 12, 2011, 12:21 do i need a high teck divice to get my truck to work every time i try to start it or what do i need to do to dissalarm the alarm so i can start it every time this is stupi...
my left rear wheel cylinder is out and leaking brake fluid. we tried for 3 hours to get the shoe(cover after you take off tire) off and it would not budge. we tried to wedge it, hammer it, force it off and it kept sp...
My truck will sometimes start and work fine all day. Then on other days, I go to start it and it starts fine, then within a about 10 seconds it shuts off (stalls). When I try to turn the key over again, it has no po...
was driving down the highway today my check engine light came on flashig, battery appeared in the center and vehicle had no power. sounded like it was missing on a couple of cylinders. could a bad battery cause this
how do i get the intake manifold off because there seems that there isnt enough space to get to the bolts
had truck put on machine and was told that the crankshaft sensor was the problem were is sensor located at on engine?
Front driver side began creaking when turning left, now makes a clunking noise as well. Creaking can be heard when rocking the truck manually. Now the passenger side is starting to creak as well. Have 100,000 miles ...
I can't find where the drain plug is on the radiator
leaks from seal on turns while parking, leakage on undercarrage front end. dealer says seal not replacable new power steering pump on rack and pinion needs to be replaced, and front end aligned.
the dealer said this is common for this truck. my mech. says it is caused by brake dust. he cleaned them and later that same day they were doing the same thing. any suggestions?
I will be taking a long trip in the near future and want to make sure the truck is properly serviced before leaving.
How do you reset the "oil change due" light after an oil change. Is this something only the dealer can do?
How do you clean the throttle body on this truck
when would i use traction control on my 2005 gmc canyon
3 weeks ago had pads and rotors changed . when we picked it up abs light was on we drove it 1 block and went to stop it crunched and peddle fluttered, we drove it right back they put it up took the tire off and the ab...
One heater hose seems to go to the transmission. Is this correct? The other heater hose goes behind the exhaust manifold. Does it go to the top of the engine?
How do you change a tire on it or how do you get the spare tire out from under it.
how and where do I fix the window braces. On both windows the braces have broke off and now I can't roll the windows down.
check engine light is on, need to locate the evap filter
When turning left or right, say around a corner, drive power is lost until i straighten the wheels back out. Why?
I am purchasing a power window motor for the front drivers door and having replaced by an independent shop. The parts store tells me there are 2 motors available. One with 8 gears and the other with 6 gears. Which do ...
While driving,car started losing power. message center flashed power reduced. Truck cut out. Tried restarting and on third or fourth try, truck started and drove like nothing was wrong.
Waterpump went bad & the garage told me the serendipity belt was worn pretty bad. What is life of waterpump? How much would the total repair cost?