no blow,notta at all.

At 80,000 miles the engine is beginning to idle a little rough what should I have checked out

Check engine light still on after changing the sensor. Won't idle right.

What causes the increased speed and would it cause a lite out or vice-versa

truck won't turn over no clicking noise you just smell gas I have full power battery is not even 1 year old

If I wait 10 minutes, it will start. what gives?

Driving heard grinding noise hard to strear right , front tires locked up moments later. Recently replaced hub barrings with new tires In Feb this year. Only issues areblowe motor n ABS light on after oil chane.

I have already replaced the battery. I can't locate the starter under the hood to even replace it. I am looking for other suggestions before I tear everything apart to find it. The starting problem happens frequently but not always.

it is pulling code P0601 i took to dealer they gave me an estimate over 600. dolars and said the ptm has to be replaced. my question isnt this covered under a recall that i just herd about please let me know i dont want to pay for something that is covered under this recall. it happens after truck is warmed up and sometimes at an idol i can restart after a couple of minutes but im afraid this will happen on the freeway

I've tried for two hours to force replacement bulb into headlight cable receptacle with no success. The bulb simply will not snap into place. I am referring specifically to the cable receptacle, not the back of the headlight assembly. The bulb is the correct one. Also, which side of the headlight assembly calls for the 65 watt bulb and which for the 55 watt bulb?

Once the truck is started and starts to warm up it will gradually start to idle better. No engine lights come on and once its started and warmed up it runs fine. All ready changed plugs. Wondering if its a bad IAT sensor or something to do with the emissions. Couple times it wouldn't start back up after driving for short while. Any ideas as to what could be the problem?

I've looked on the radiator but couldn't find it. I was told that it might be inside the dash also, but i didn't want to tear it apart until I knew for sure.

need help never did this before any special skill I have a new handle want to replace broken one .

I checked some fuses,looked at wires under truck around transfer case. 2wd is good 4wd High and 4wd low is good its just that the indicator flashes on what ever one i'm using keeps flashes on 2wd or 4wd or 4wd low I have it on 2wd for now won't stop flashing.

I think it is the light that tells you it is time to change the oil but I just had the oil changed and the man that changed the oil said it would beep but he couldn't get it to stay off.

Been doing some searching and its seems to be a common problem but no specific fix. There is a transfer module, Transfer case actuator, motor and switches I get around well with cars and an avionics tech just need wire prints to isolate the problem. Any Ideas or fixes?

The button of the 2 hi flashes sometimes