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My key is stuck in my ignition and I can turn it of so my car stays on and I can not turn it off. It won't go down and it's stuck period please help!! two weeks ago I received this van from a friend. It has been sitting since july 2014. I was driving from Cocoa Beach, Fl to Jacksonville, Fl...the van died after about 120 miles. All symptoms pointed to a...
could it possibly be a bearing as shaft goes into the carrier assembly? Or am i looking at a stripped gear or bad carrier assembly? it started a couple days before she told me about it, had her park it as soon as she ...
front axle wheel bearings only
When I put fluid in it runs out the bottom. not sure it its reservoir or attachment. how do i access to determine?
I put fluid back in but it shifts hard and on down shift also. And the engine will rev up but truck won't go sometimes, or it won't go into gear. The tranny temp says 168.put new tranny cooler on it cuz a rock went th...
My car was knocking so i found a rocker arm loose on cylinder 6. The nut was tight to spec, i tried tightening to and did not change anything. I put a washer between rocker ball and rocker nut and ti...
This truck has side curtain air bags. Do I have to disable the side curtain air bags to R&R the headliner? How do I remove this headliner without damaging, setting off the side curtain bags?
wiper transmission came apart while using wipers .told manufacture no longer in business. gmc uses another brand and have to replace all of it . dealer wants $675.00 which seems insane
driver side assembly came apart while using .Told company whom made the parts no longer in business and they changed the design with the new aftermarket replacement. dealer wants $675 to replace the hole works
I want to make a back up file to use it in case I needed to change the ECU later on. I have the Tech 2 scanner/programmer.
Seems the last owner installed two 2 inch tubes running to two mufflers in the rear. WHAT IS THE ORIGINAL EXHAUST TUBE SIZE and MUFFLER configuration ? restriction exhaust issue ?
its been making this horrible popping for about 3 weeks and getting worse, what is it and how much to fix?