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Has new tension pully new plugs and wires new head new starter an new motor gaskets
no gas peddle acts like its running out of gas but idles....push on gas peddle and nothing
When I shift it stays in reverse. N.d.d2 and L. Why would it do that?
I have a 1995 Geo Prizm 1.6. Yesterday while running some errands the car chugged and acted like it was running out of gas then it died and would not start again. Today I changed the PCV Valve and got it to start. It ...
It rusted to pieces along with the bar in front of the tank plus so r the shock towers what do i do to fix all this?
My head gasket blow and I got it fix but ever since it turns off at stops I got it idled high but that just made it race when I stop or I don't have to have my foot on the gas for it to drive so I got it idled back d...
Just wondering as I'm trying to get this car inspected and was told the universal boot is bad and needs replaced to pass inspection.
We were installing the ignition control module. When putting the ignition coil back on a brown wire broke loose and we don't know where it broke loose from. The one end (with the round metal piece) was on the ignition...
Every time u start the car ,it cranks over and the engine fuse burns out, why though
Starts and runs fine but when you drive 1/2 block it dies and will usually restart again in neutral and park but when placed back in gear it dies again.we replaced the fuel pump and filter.
especially dies at any stop if accessories like lights, wipers or heater is turned on. has new battery, alternator and a complete tune up. thanks carol
Found a tail light parking light relay,also found one headlight relay did locate a seperate relay for high beams
i put the car in drive and restart. this doesn't happen all the time. I would like to find out what the problem is so that i an get my car repaired.
My speedometer works, but the gas, rpm, and the hot/cold does not? wat could this be?
before that, it would slow down even when i was pushing the gas all the way. i would let off then it would speed up a little, but slow down again. went to go up a hill and it completely shut off. tried to stat it back...
I flipped the switch to high to blow out the heat and defrost the windows and it didnt com on. Checked the fuses, thibking its either a broken switch or a broken fan. Any suggestions on how to narrow this down or fix ...
My 96 geo tracker has to be push started to get it started, it's not the starter, I've replaced the clutch cable. Don't know what else it could be. Would the #1 spark plug have anything to do with that
Changed passenger front tire an then this started
Will go into gear when engine is off but not while running is it my clutch or trans?
We got a check engine code. The above number came in. Need to find bad part and replace. Help.