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Can I see a diagram with parts that are labled on 94' Geo Prizm right rear suspension?
Recently we were traveling on the city streets(35-40 m.p.h.)and our 95 Prizm began popping out of gear while in 3rd or 4th gear. It doesn't happen all the time but has happened to both of us on different occasions, an...
How do I remove front hub?
On dash warning brake and battery lights on when car is idling or in park both go out when car is accelerated. This started just before battery died so replaced it. Break and battery warning dash lights still on when...
car starts and goes a ways and then stops. Turns over but doesn't start. Leave it sit for a day or so then try it again and it fires up and goes maybe just a block or 2 and then quits. Other times it goes farther l...
just started peein out wep hole
my abs light stay on
What is the factory specification for the ignition base timing _____btdc? Is it 10 degree BTDC?
why wont it start just keeps cranking over
The e-check company is having trouble reading the codes on my vehicle. It has been about 5 weeks since I had the repair done on my vehicle, and they are still having trouble reading the codes.
my geo has been missing sometimes (but not all the time) when i accelerate either from a dead stop or while moving. today it developed a loss of power. today it lost speed on a hill where normally it will pick up spee...
Well, I thought I would give an update. My car was in the shop almost all day today and when I came to pick it up they told me they could find nothing wrong with it. They said they performed an engine diagnostics on i...
I have a 1994 Geo Prizm LSI, I bought it at a used car lot 2 years ago. Since, I've had the car I've never had any problems with it. It runs great and all I've had to do is typical maintanence like oil changes, check ...
What is the code to unlock the radio. What does TP on the stereo means?
my car stalled on freeway while accelerating...dont smokes when i stop it from the passenger sid front
Car won't start. I have had intermittent problems for 2 weeks with it not wanting to start,after 10-15 minutes of sitting it would start and run fine. The fuel gauge quit working about 3 weeks ago, it reads empty al...
I have a 90 prizm. Its an automatic. When it shifts in to the final gear it rattles and shakes. But it only does it sometimes.
would like to know estimate to replace these parts
speedometer is jumping around and getting stuck. Is there a cable on this car os speed sensor. Is this a hard fix?
My power steering fluid keeps running dry. What would you say is causing this.
There's a hole in the master cylinder cap, can that cause brakes to not work? There is no pedal, even when you pump it. The back brakes were checked and they were alright. Can you tell me why me brakes are not working?
The engine quit without warning on the freeway and now will start and idle but dies as soon as the accelerator is pressed. Diagnostic code shows a bad ignition module and main computer but replacing them makes no diff...
The starter wire melted from heat off the exhaust. I replaced the starter, battery, and wire. Now when I turn the engine off I hear a clicking noise in the dash and the battery is dead within five minutes
where is the starter and how is the best way to remove it?
My emergency brake light will not turn off. It did this for a little while then stopped, but now it just will not turn off no matter what I do. When I got my oil changed it turned off for a few weeks. What can I do...
Is there such a thing as a water pump hose or are there just the two radiator hoses?
does a geo prizm engine have a crank sensor?
does a geo prizm engine have a crank sensor?
turned car off..wont start back..put new complete distribater main computer..still wont start acts like its not getting any fire..