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luod engine knock. removed valve cover and everything looks good. cam and lifters good could it be the bearing hate to say it
Had a new transmission droped in, it was tested at the shop before it was put in. It will shift into reverse and when it is in drive it will not shift out of first into second or drive. Thanks for your help.
Tail, dash, interior and licence bulbs all went out at the same time. Is there a single fuse for these? There is a fuse panel next to the left foot driver's side and two under the hood. All those fuses appear to be OK...
I just bought my first car (1997 Geo Prizm) and had so many repairs done recently and sort of feel like I was ripped off. Now since I know nothing about cars I would like a second opinion. The technician charges $90/h...
my car is kind of loud when it starts but is louder upon acceleration the mechanic said it needs some kind of gasket what is it?the car been like that since i bought it 2yrs ago
DRIVER AND PASSNGER SIDE POWER WINDOWS DON'T WORK.THE FUSES under the hood and at the driver side panal ARE OK unless there are fuses in another location. PLEASE HELP
on tuesday 08-24-2010 all the power windows stop working with windows in the down position. first time this hashappened. checked the fuses and they are ok. what could be the problem?
front brakes apply and lock while driving then release after 20min to 1 hr I am thinking the booster is bad?
The problem began after the engine was replaced with a lower mileage, used engine (punctured radiator from highway debris caused it to overheat and warp). A couple of weeks after the replacement, it stalled on the fre...
i need instructions on replacing alternator belt
My car has 89,000 mi. on it and I took it to Jiffy lube for an iol change and of course thyn tried to sell me every service under the sun. My question is should I flush the trsnsmission and yje radiator? I don't kno...
My right front brake calibra keep locking up while driving, I have replaced calibra and brake line,brake pedal start getting hard after I touch tha pedal 3or4 times I have to pull over and release pressure from tha bl...
I had to replace the combo headlight switch,and yes i did disconnect the battery first,now the airbag light is on,any ideas on how to turn off even if the airbag don't work anymore?
I replaced the turn signal headlight combo switch,now the airbag light is on,how can i turn it off?
when i brake the front makes a loud clunking noise i feel vibration in brake pedal i replaced pads and rotors still same condidtion
when i turn the key i use to hear the fuel pump come on but when i turn the key nothing and the car will not crank up.
Starter does not engauge every time key is turned. There is an audible relay click every time. after several times the starter will enguage andengine starts. Suspect bad relay contacts.
I had the check engine light pop up on my dash and took it to auto zone who read it. How do you repair the EGR and where is it located?
Air quit blowing when has sat overnite will sometimes work. Any ideas
Car runs fine when outside temps are cold, but when it is hot outside, or when making a left turn, the car begins to 'buck' - acting like it is starved for fuel. Have changed the following: fuel sending unit, fuel f...
is it in the tank? are there any tricks to replacing
where is the fuel pump?
replaced the water pump added coolent, when the car was started a leak devolped. can,t find where it is leaking from. sealed the gasket, where might it leaK from.
will the engine run properly without the airbag computer being hooked up?
I drive the car and it has a high piched sound. When I go in reverse i clucks and the makes a lower whineing sound. Trans fluid dark.
I am removing the engine from my 95 Geo Prizm(main-seal Leak),it is a 1.6 liter 5 speed trans. The Haynes manual I am using is vague in some aspects, it states I can remove the engine without removing the trans. It al...
How do you turn off the check engine light on a 96 GEO prizm
i gave someone a jump, when i park the car but when i tried to start the car the battery cables got hot and the car would not start, it trys to start but it will not i looked at fuses and checked the battery so i am ...
I am looking at replacing my catalytic converter with a Magnaflow or similar. How hard is it to do that yourself?