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Put a brand new fuel pump but no power going to the pump
My 96 geo tracker has to be push started to get it started, it's not the starter, I've replaced the clutch cable. Don't know what else it could be. Would the #1 spark plug have anything to do with that
Changed passenger front tire an then this started
Will go into gear when engine is off but not while running is it my clutch or trans?
We got a check engine code. The above number came in. Need to find bad part and replace. Help.
my battery and alternator have been tested and are good but the battery wont stay chargered what could be the problem
I have a small puncture is the exact middle pretty much of my gas tank. I have tried several different varieties of repair kits and products and none have worked so far. Please be very detailed and specific with instr...
It all started one day after I got home from work and cut it off! The next day it wouldn't crank! I changed spark plugs and gas fuse under da Shower!
I have power and everything, what could be the problem?
It shifts great otherwise. It just downshifts when I am trying to maintain a steady 35mph. it drops into 2nd gear from 3rd gear. It is a 3 speed automatic. Fluid level is good as is the fluid. What would be the likely...
What part do I need to search for and who can fix this in the milwaukee area?
It's not throwing any codes other than the 12 code I pushed out left it sitting for a few days came back it started I drove it into the shop and it died but now it won't even try to start it like there's no spark timi...
when cold it does not want to shift out of is automatic.when warms up shifts fine no slipping.fresh trannny fluid not burnt or smelling funny.very aggravating my have to wait 10 min. to warm up.
Is it possible to put the manual trans. in nutural and manually press the safety switch to start the engine to take to the shop? They told me the last time they adjusted the clutch cable that it needed to be replaced.
Just replaced my engine, but the bypass tube from the water pump cracked and needs to be replaced. Can't seem to find that part listed anywhere. Any ideas where I can find one... new or used?
Ok well first it started out it wouldn't start every so often u could here nothing but the fan running when u cranked it! Than it was once a day it did it&lucky if it didn't! Now it dies out at stops! While also barel...
No codes showing up. I can feel the clutch engaging. It shakes like a person first learning to drive a clutch. Giving it more gas just makes it shake more.
also, no fan while radio is on or when i apply the breaks. blinkers work outside, but not inside. Just a little confused.HELP!!!
so i was driving about 2 weeks ago and my car just stopped running. all the lights and radio were till on and the engine just shut off. we pulled over to the side of the road and after 2 minutes it started after about...