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front brakes apply and lock while driving then release after 20min to 1 hr I am thinking the booster is bad?
The problem began after the engine was replaced with a lower mileage, used engine (punctured radiator from highway debris caused it to overheat and warp). A couple of weeks after the replacement, it stalled on the fre...
i need instructions on replacing alternator belt
My car has 89,000 mi. on it and I took it to Jiffy lube for an iol change and of course thyn tried to sell me every service under the sun. My question is should I flush the trsnsmission and yje radiator? I don't kno...
My right front brake calibra keep locking up while driving, I have replaced calibra and brake line,brake pedal start getting hard after I touch tha pedal 3or4 times I have to pull over and release pressure from tha bl...
I had to replace the combo headlight switch,and yes i did disconnect the battery first,now the airbag light is on,any ideas on how to turn off even if the airbag don't work anymore?
I replaced the turn signal headlight combo switch,now the airbag light is on,how can i turn it off?
The Airconditioner is not blowing cool air?
I just can't get the hang of a stick shift. Is there any way I can replace this with a manual driving system? Would it be real expensive to do? I'm use to manual driving. I lost my job and this was all I could affo...
trans shifting fine drove this morn after parked 30 min when I took off would not shift to 3rd never done this before has plenty fluid 143000 miles.
when i brake the front makes a loud clunking noise i feel vibration in brake pedal i replaced pads and rotors still same condidtion
I just bought my Geo Metro 2 days ago. I would like to add Freon to the Air Conditioning system. The instructions suggest inserting it at the low pressure end on the system. I see 2 insertion points. One is near the p...
Speedometer is not working, is there a cable or is it electric.
sparaticly emits white smoke from exhaust while idling, also while smoking, makes rattling noise from engine, once i accelerate it goes away....why is this??
Would like to know estimated cost to replace clutch
cost to replace torque converter solenoid (overdrive) in 1996 Geo Tracker automatic 2 wheel drive
when i turn the key i use to hear the fuel pump come on but when i turn the key nothing and the car will not crank up.
any special tools needed
Starter does not engauge every time key is turned. There is an audible relay click every time. after several times the starter will enguage andengine starts. Suspect bad relay contacts.
I had the check engine light pop up on my dash and took it to auto zone who read it. How do you repair the EGR and where is it located?
i don't have no turn signals.need to replace turn signal,tell where do i put the replacement part
Air quit blowing when has sat overnite will sometimes work. Any ideas
the fuse blows every time it is put into drive
Car runs fine when outside temps are cold, but when it is hot outside, or when making a left turn, the car begins to 'buck' - acting like it is starved for fuel. Have changed the following: fuel sending unit, fuel f...
is it in the tank? are there any tricks to replacing
where is the fuel pump?
How much would it cost to get a new starter and transmission and oil pan put in my 1995 geo tracker? And I think I want to patch up the rag top it has a few small tears?
Do I have to remove radiator to replace water pump and also is the bolt holding pulley left or right thread? Thanks
how to gain access into gear box?