Starts right up but won't allow me to accelerate with ease. If I rev it up to say 3500 and then gradually let out the clutch I can get up to some speed but no zip.

Do anybody know where the Ignition Control Module (ICM) is located on the car is please.

I have changed, ecc, fuel relay,but no power to fuel pump or the throttle position sensor not getting power at all to those two unit, please i need assistance

Driver's side headlight is dim and doesnt change to highbeam so what do I do?

need timing info for this vehicle

need to change the egr valve but can't seem to locate it to change it? can any one help?

The fuel release inside the car won't open fuel door!

there's a leak in the fuel line

my check enger light is on. how do I fix it.????

My Check Enger Light Just Came On. Y is that


where is the reset button for the fuel pump

I have a 1996 geo metro lsi 1.3 4cyl.
I was driving down the road, stopped at the store, went to leave, and had no reverse. Has never happened before. I got home checked fluids, yes was a little low, but not much, changed filter, and fluids, still no reverse. I've called several places, advice me to buy another trany, of course, but some of us can't afford 15oo.oo. I've tried to find "how to change trany" step by step directions, but can't bring it up...it walked me thru changing timing belt, but not a trany..Any suggestions, or help, I'm hoping its minor, because there was no warning of anything wrong. thank you................deni

struts removel,and installation alredy rented spring compresser thxs for any insight going in total green can figure it out but would love to shave cpl hrs of from my stupidity

replace clutch i dont have engine fans or instruments or defrost fan i have horn lights and turn signals

Sometimes, when I put my 96 Geo Metro in reverse it does not move. It just started about a week ago (04-19-2011 - 04-22-2011). I checked the transmission fluid and it seeme to be low. Would low transmissioin fluid be causing my reverse issue?

leak under hood looks like clear fluid, all fluids checked and ok. Was told I need a transmission seal which will take 6 hours to repair.

How to install a clutch padel the rod to the clucth padel snaped thanks Mike

I need to bleed my brakes and do not know where to find the bleed off valve

roaring noise even when front and rear beareing assymblies have been replaced.

For the last week my car has stalled and sputter while in motion on the highway, and then the check engine light comes on. It does it a time or two then it drives normal. It scares me and I'm afaid i will get hit by a truck or something because it almost stops when it stalls. What could be causing this issue.

i broke my key off in switch cant turn to acc to remove now steering wheel is locked how do i brake the lock on it

How to replace strut

my oilwasnt checked rite and apparently had no oil at all it stopped Now oil was replaced when test driven it stopped and when engine is turned on it is shacky and a little loud

sometimes I have to try the starter several times before it will turn over and start

when the engine is cold it starts rough and will not idle, but once the engine warms up it runs smooth. what controls the cold idle function

my car just started overheating when I drive on the free way we replaced the water pump last year how do you find out what is causing it to overheat

sounds like valves are too noisy rungs good

would like to know the steps to take to replace a the engine

When replacing the head on the 1.6-8 valve engine --can I use the original bolts or do they have to be replaced?