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I exit the freeway today and the check in engine light came on, then my 92 geo prizm shut off. It acts like it wants to start but it wont. What can it be
how much antifreeze do I need
i had a bad oil leak after shuting the engine of so i replaced oil pan gasket.then it stopped. now from the belt pulleis im getting major oil spray. im wondering if its a the seal behind the harmonic balancer or if it...
I bought a 96 geo prizm. It runs real rough and I hav e been told by mechanic that it is trying to shut down between 2000-2500 rpm. The mechanics changed the distributer, wires and coil, but this did not stop th...
how long does it take to replace the fuel pump?
the code on my car reads po136 which sensor is that
no ac air or heat nothing why is that i checked all my fuses and none them bad.what is the problem maybe my blower motor so i can get it fixed.
What circuit does the 40 amp fuse in main fuse box control
have replaced 4 wire o2 sensor, but keep getting code PO141.
Cleared code by disconnecting negative battery terminal,but after short time coe shows back up.
need the torque specs for 1995 geo metro 1.0L 3 cyl. head bolts
car won't start at all. if somebody help me with jump start it works.. also advice that i need new starter. cost $ 290
My husband was on his way to work the other day, in his trusty little 1994 Geo Prizm, when all of the sudden, the engine dies and the car will not start. He managed to get it towed home but it still will not start. Th...
car runs fine untill engine warms up..after reaching normal operating temp the car bucks when i stept on the excellrator
this is all new diagnostic review. The car has been a great one and I realize it is falling apart, but I can't afford so much money yet as I just got back to work after being unemployed for 2 yrs.
Car will not start. Replaced battery, will not start. No sound from the engine however radio works.
anytime i make a sharp left hand turn my car will stall also when im driving it will act like it is about to cut off, the engine light does turn on...i have replaced the distributor cap and roatar, new plugs and wires...
I found a broken belt and am wondering what it goes to. It connects to whatever is underneath the Alternator. I do not have a serpentine belt either I have 3 belts I believe.
As I attached my seatbelt into the buckle I noticed that it refused to latch on. I was wondering if anyone knows if the dealership would replace it for free or, would I have to take it to a regular mechanic to replace...
my 1997 geo prizm will not star it cranks over byt wont start any ideas any thing helps
luod engine knock. removed valve cover and everything looks good. cam and lifters good could it be the bearing hate to say it
i need to replace RHS lower control arm . is it advisable 2 get this part at a wrecking yard?
Had a new transmission droped in, it was tested at the shop before it was put in. It will shift into reverse and when it is in drive it will not shift out of first into second or drive. Thanks for your help.
Tail, dash, interior and licence bulbs all went out at the same time. Is there a single fuse for these? There is a fuse panel next to the left foot driver's side and two under the hood. All those fuses appear to be OK...
The 4th and 5th gears just went in my transmission so i found a used one with only 70k miles on it but it was from a 93 metro. Will it fit and work the same in a 97 metro.
I have a 1993 Geo Metro convertible. I just replaced the clutch plate and drove it this morning for the first time. After 30 miles, the transmission slipped out of 5th gear and would not re-engage. After another 15 mi...
I just bought my first car (1997 Geo Prizm) and had so many repairs done recently and sort of feel like I was ripped off. Now since I know nothing about cars I would like a second opinion. The technician charges $90/h...
my car is kind of loud when it starts but is louder upon acceleration the mechanic said it needs some kind of gasket what is it?the car been like that since i bought it 2yrs ago
DRIVER AND PASSNGER SIDE POWER WINDOWS DON'T WORK.THE FUSES under the hood and at the driver side panal ARE OK unless there are fuses in another location. PLEASE HELP