or axel or wheel bearing

It started with this clicking noise when I shift and then really hard to put in gear. We kept topping off master cylinder with fluid and it worked for awhile but Friday it just wouldn't move.

When you turn on the heater if blows out cold air and never gets warm

The old ignition is stuck in the lock position, according to the instructions on how to replace it that come with the new one, you should be able to push a button and the ignition ciomes out. Only problem is that the ignition needs to be in the Acc position in order to do so. And as I previously stated, it is stuck in lock. Could you please give me some advice on how to remove the old one so that I may drive my car:? I really really need it. thank you

i have a 94 geo prizm lsi and i have no spark and it turns over just wont pop off i was told it could be the coil pack but i have no idea as to when it is

what do i need to replace

We wish to have more storage in the back, as we never have passengers. We use it as a dingy behin our motor home.

mounted light switch is turned off. Must disconnect battery to get lights to go out.

as give it gas it runs bad can have petal all the way down no go power then dies

Cuts off in curves like it's not getting any fuel until I get out of the curve.

A mechanic said I dont' have to replace it right away. What would be a fair price?

Loosing water, temp. maintained with use of heater, slightly cooler while sitting at an idle. When I add water to cold engine not running I can see clearly water pouring from the bottom of the water pump I belive however it"s a bit difficult to see exactly. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly welcomed. This has me stumped.

When starts runs fine, but have to bump ignition several times to get it to start. Turns over fine. Replaced in tank pump, engine control computer, battery, but still have same problem with starting it. Any ideas?

This car purchased at city abandoned car auction, sat for 10 years, no battery until I put new one in. I fixed and runs good but no radio. LOC appeared. Buttons 2&3 got a four digit # 6914. Tried AM/FM and nothing. Tried again on 2&3 and INOP. Cleared with one hour. Again ^(!$ and thinking previous owner entered but did notgetSEC googled clock set and tried to reenter 69 and 14. No dice. I may have incorrectly tried the buttons for hr and min. I'm stumped for a correction. Local Gm dealer wants to charge to unlock, no info from them. HELP

The engine is a 3 cyclinder.

my air conditioner wont work. i bought a fan blower motor. where is it located on my car?

my air conditioner wont work. i bought a fan blower motor. where is it located on my car?

I change the oil every 2-3 thousand and the air filter regularly. Thanks.

We have about 116,000 miles on our 96 Prizm, running and looking great. Should we be replacing the timing belt at this point?

o2 sensor connector burned from the exhaust manifold and broke off. how do i fix this?

i put water in my gas and now my car will not start what can i do

Looking For Diagrams Of These

how do you put in a side door window

my clutch wont engage into 1st or reverse gear easily and if im driving and i shift out of gear, im unable 2 get the car in gear without almost stopping the car completely..also need a diagram of how to install a new clutch

my 95 geo tracker is leaking front diff. fluid. can't tell exactly where because it's running along k-member. looks like is coming from a seal where the front drive shaft is connected. anyone have any ideas or suggestions...and if it is the seal, how difficult is it to swap out.

This problem happens all the time

I need to buy an exhaust manifold for my 1994 Geo Prizm but am not sure if I need to buy the manifold with the O2 sensor. How can I tell which one I need to buy?

I looked up quotes for repair on the EGR Modulator. This site says the high end is $600 including labor, but the Midas shop (LA) that has my car says $800 and said I needed a Control switch part, and another Midas shop says high $600s but didn't have anything on their computer about a control switch. Was the first shop pulling my leg?
I have had to have work done to pass smog and I wonder if this problem was the fix all along. I think Pinging is occurring now, and any work over 450 necessitates a new car.

it turns but wont start iv tried quick start got a new coil

car quit, no spark, replaced plugs, wires, distrubuter cap, an rotor, what is the next step?