Its Hard To Find A Honest Mechanic. My 2000 Ford Windstar The Heater First Stopped Blowing And Just Made A Clicking Sound Now It Blows On All Speeds But Just Blows Out Cold Air. It Has Also Just Recently Started To Where Theres A Strong Gas Smell Coming From Under The Drivers Side Of The Vehicle Mainly After You Drive It But Sometimes Even When Your Driving Every Now And Then But Rarely Theres A Tiny Little Spot Under The Vehicle That Smells Like Gas,Me And My Wife Are Both Disabled And Only Have Our Disability But Have A 6 Year Old Child We Need Help But Are Limited In Funds Can You Help Us?

The heater was working fine when it started only blowing out warm air when driving at higher RPM. When at slower RPM it stqrts blowing cold air

When I apply the breaks for more than 5 seconds or so before the vehicle stops, it makes a metal popping sound and the brakes ease up a bit and lock back in hard. It's like a gear that skips over a cog but hits the next one hard. Any ideas what it could be?

I got all the bolts loose. the bolt towards the front of the car that goes through the frame, I cant get out because it will hit the tranny stopping me from pulling it out. any ideas how to get it out without lifting the tranny?

Happens all the time

While driving and idling

.Brake lights work when I brake..turn signals work ..I have checked the fuses..not really sure if I know exactly even after reading manuel if i know which fuses and or if relay is problem. Also replaced 4 of 6 bulbs in rear..the top and bottom on each side..please help

price of electric module regulating tail lights, break lights, dome lights etc.

no tail lights, break lights, door locks do not work properly, dome lights go off and on, fuel gauge stopped working, This happened all of a sudden .

had the brakes changed in july, now again i amost have no brakes the pedal amost goes down to floor for second time in 3 months, there is no leaks on the brake line so i know its not that, what else could it be?

van sounds like it needs and tune-up

Bought van few days ago and realised my engine was not put in properly and now it sits too low and way back how can i fix this?

Had the oil changed 2 days ago and now it's leaking break fluid all the way around the frame. Can't find the location of the leak it's pudding in multiple spots and looks as if it's coming from the rear side of the motor

It smells like something is burning right before the belt breaks. Please help im a single mother.

It hesitates when I press the gas pedal. It's almost like it has a miss to it

The 02 windstar has a low speed miss and shuts off at low speeds, when it shuts off it takes anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds to start back up. We have replaced the spark plug wires, the spark plugs, the coil pack, and the cam sensor but still no luck. It still has the miss and still shuts off. Does anyone have any ideas what else it could be to fix this problem? Any and all suggestions would and could help, please and thank you.

1 month ago replaced p/s pump and high pressure line and pressure switch yesterday pump went bad replaced again and switch now hard to steer at idle only no codes rpm are 730 pump is quiet also