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went to start my van and the lights and radio come on but there is no click from the engine. recently had the battery and alternator replaced...any ideas what could be wrong?
my door chime wont stop chiming. what is easiest solution to cure this problem
When I slow down to stop car shuts off. I have to restart it then it will either stay on or shut off again, unless I keep my foot on the break and gas to get going.
Got new battery. Had tune up. Same thing. What could it be?
Heater does not work and there is a thumping noise coming from behind dash. I thought it might be the blend door & the vacuum motor is failing & spring is trying to open/close the door. Does this sound right?
3 yrs ago i had my transmission overhauled. I have 164000 miles on my car now. The transmission seems to be having the same problem that it had before the trans was done before! The gear shift feels VERY sloppy, an...
We have put a power steering pump on twice and both have burnt up. We put them on bled the lines and the power steering pump got hot really fast and won't circulate. Can yo help me, what am I doing wrong?
I need to know the name of the Y-shaped tube that connects the water pump outlet hose to the heater hose and bypass hose.
I have a 2001 Windstar. Normally when I turn the iginition to start you can hear the fuel pump engage. Yesterday it would not, I could not hear the pump engage. Today it started. Is this the fuel pump or an electr...
Many of times my van does not move when I place in Drive. Sometime it also happens when I am driving and come to a stop. Does not happen all the time. But if I place the gear in Drive 2 (second gear) then works fine. ...
In the front of the car after coming to a complete stop, if i turn right or left my car makes a loud scraping noise. This never happened before
had fuelpump replaced,ever since after starting ,runs fine untill you put it in gear,then starts shaking and idiling rough and sometimes dies,worse in reverse ,put in drive and ease on gas pedal and it will smooth out...
The door locks on all doors except the hatch work intermittently when I use the remote. Sometimes they all lock/unlock and sometimes it's just one door, mainly the passenger door. How can I make them work consistent...
All four parking lights do not come on. The brake lights, backup lights and blinkers all work fine. I know the switch is good as are all fuses.
the heater still puts out heat, but makes a flapping noise on and off
When my van has sat for more than an hour it will turn over many times before starting (but it has always started). If it has just been driven it starts right away. It has been doing this for a couple of months and...
Emergency brake handle is having trouble releasing. It feels like something is stuck underneath it, but nothing is. When regular van brake is used for the first four stops, after emergency brake is released, van mak...
Heater blowing out cold air only. One day I turned it on and it only had cold air coming out. No problems before this day, but since then no hot air will come out of the heater.
hod do you change driver side chasis?
My open door light on the dash stays on sometimes with all the doors locked. This normally happens when the passenger doors are opened after the engine is started. Why is this?
can anyone give me any sort of diagram of the solenoids for the transmission?
need to know which solenoid is for the overdrive
My car is stuck in overdrive. How do I get it out? I pressed the OD botton NUMEROUS times but it does not do anything! It stays in OD!
I replaced battery and fuel filter. Car sometimes starts and when it starts car stalls and mileage meter turns off and stereo and car completely dies...when I try to turn it on again, there seems to be no battery pow...
i'm stop at a stop sign,i turn to the right, the traction control light comes on ,the car will hardly move until i turn it off. what could be the problem?
When making right turn vehicle makes a rubbing kind of sound - not always, but most often.
if your valve covering has cracked what causes that and does that mean the egine is shot
Without starting but key in on position or with engine running. There's a thumping noise in dash I believe to be a blower motor (ac or heater?) or a resistor. What's the easiest way to get to it to check? Is this a ...
how do i know if i need a head casket
when my overdrive light blinks it the van runs when its off i have to drive on drive 2 and then shift back onto drive and i constantly have to do that