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Ive had overheating problems and have replaced the water pump, radiator, thermostat, and removed the heads and flushed
the engine block and also flushed all the hoses and accessable passages and still have a pressure and overheating
problem. Please help, C. Davis Farmington Mi.

P1450 CODE

Could I add fix leak stuuf to fix leak.Could powering steering motor lock up?

Blower has stopped working- has been noisy. For a while if it stopped, I was able to smack it under the passenger side dash and it would start back up, but now that won't work. Is that something I could possibly repair myself? Hoping that if I can get to it, maybe just needs to be cleaned/lubricated?!? (I don't usually do work myself on my car, but can follow instructions, and would like to save some money at this point).

where is the freeze plug on engine

how do i fix the front seal or how much would it cost to have it fixed? I have a puddle of fluid in my driveway every day .I put fluid in and drive 5-6 mies and back home then it leaks out then I have to put more in

after replacing the Pump I flushed the entire system,Removed radiator and checked for flow,which is good now.thermostat has been replaced and tested also.Removed freeze plug and power flushed engine block, all hoses have passage including
heater core.I still have a serious pressure and overheating problem after flushing with several agents about 10 or more times to get all the rust colored water out.even though there is no obvious detectable problem with
the heads, no leaking or steam in the exhaust,or water in the oil.the motor still runs well.could there be blockage in the heads or breached head gaskets ? It seems like the pressure is building up in the out flow of the radiator hose going into the intake manifold.I checked the thermostat several times and is working fine.could there be blockage in the intake manifold or in the passage in the
water ports in the heads.? could the head gaskets somehow be blown out or clogged with debris.? Is there a way of checking this before dismantling the engine for further inspection.... sincerly C.Davis , Det. Mi.

What does it cost to rebuild a transmission and what parts are replaced and what parts are not?

i have to put key in on position put in netural than start car i have replaced fuses but still have no brake lights could you tell me if its brake light switch and where it is

has been leaking just a little but started pouring today what all has to be removed to pull trans to replace seal

While we are stop at light or just trying to back up the van rebb up on it own feels like it hit gas pedal on it own

won't go up hill when it does it at a crawl what could be wrong

my parking lights stay on when the light switch is off and the key is out of the car

The floor light and the right rear drive light will keeps flashing constantly until the battery drains. We found that taking the dimmer switch all the way down stops the floor lights from coming on but the drive lights still flashes unless we disconnect the battery. We realize that there is probably a short somewhere but we don't know where to start looking

My air bag sensors have been coming on off and on... can anyone tell me where to find points of he senors, cuz it seems like its just a bad connection..

The serpentine belt broke on our 2000 Ford Windstar van a week ago.My husban got a new one and replaced it.(he had no trouble putting the new one on) The compressor locked up, (Broke the new Belt) He replace the compressor, got another belt and now he can't get the belt to fit. HELP !

where is the oil pump on a 2003 windstar

the codes say right and left bank too lean and multiple missfires it run real bad and has no power the check fuel cap light is on replaced the fuel cap did a tune up fuel filter isolator bolts and now im stumped

After doing some research I have found out that it is a door sensor that is causing my windshield wipers and fluid to continually run, as well as the door alarm going off and the door locks go crazy. My husband sprayed WD40 everywhere and cleaned off the side door sensors. My question is just what exactly will a mechanic do to fix this problem?
Both front windows don't roll down either, this has been the case since getting the van, so can the mechanic fix the windows at the same time as the sensors, maybe saving us some money?

Thanks in advance

What has to be removed to replace the oil pan? Is there anything else I should consider while I'm at it?

why is my ford windstar failing to hold charge


the air does not transfer from defrost . we have replaced the actuator but the door does not move. i was told to repace the blender door. but you have to buy the whole heater and evaporator boc. i am not sur how to do this whole box

how do i get to plugs in back of motor to change them

every thing points to the rear electronic module,if I buy an exact duplicate used REM,will it have to be programmed or will it still have it's programming stored in it's memory.
I now use a battery cut off switch every time I stop.
Joseph Rogul------

last night i slammed my drivers door shut out of anger and now my window willnot go up all i hear is a clicking sound what can this be?

today my speedometer stop working ,the odometer stop working , the over drie light will not turn off this all happen today

I'm changing the trans. oil & filter, having problems making filter fit. Auto store tells me I have the right size filter, any ideas?

I have a 1995 Ford Windstar LX. When the A/C is on the rear ceiling vent blows out only warm air. The system is fully charged, but nothing seems to help. Blend door works fine. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Yesterday (7-23-10) my car cut off and I was not able to get it to start back. If I did crank it up it would stay cranked up for like no more than 3 seconds. I had it towed in and the mechanic said that the car was not getting enough of gas and that was the reason why it was cutting off. He did not have time to work on it and to see what was wrong with it yet. The mileage on it is over 180,000. I have notice the car once in a while when I press on the gas it would slow down then go more faster, but I am clueless on this one. What would make the van not get enough of gas and not start?