Good Morning , I Had a Broken Spring on the Left Strut ,Had it replacet (Complete Assembly ) Shock and Spring . I have to wait 4 weeks for the right side assembly to be replaced ( Low on Funds) I asked my Repair Technican If it is Ok to drive and he said YES ,That i would get a Much better ride when both of the assembleys were new ,. Question ,is it ok to wait ,NO Extended Hi Way tripos planed ,only short trips .thank you for your help and time May GOD Bless YOU! Howard.

how much does it cost to repair tie rod on the van

Everything works in the van but when you change the temperature control to the hot side, it still blows out cold air. Is there a vaacum switch somewhere thats not working.


Dashboard dials spin and oscillate wildly when car is running. This occurs at anytime, no matter whether the engine is cold or has been running for a while. Now the RPM dial is permanently stuck all the way around the dial on the right side interfering with the P of park. We cannot put the the gear completely in the Park slot, although the car does park. What is the problem and how should we correct it?

My car has a misfire at #'s 2 and 3 cylinder. Also indicates bad oxy sensor. Yet, nobody can fix my car. Help please.

My car was hit at the rear wheels and I need a rear axle assembly instaled.

Blower is vibrating loudly even though it is loud. Works for heating or cooling.

i have a 1998 ford windstar that has white smoke coming from tailpipe when i press gas also the transmission is changing kinda funny

Van has been running very rough, and check engine light on. Code reads as P0305 - Cylinder 5 misfire. Changed plugs and plug wires, and van ran fine that day, no check engine light, but next morning...rough again with P0305 code again. What do I do next?

How often should I change the transmission fluid filter?

all of a sudden my a/c blower does not run at high speed when a/c max is selected. It runs at very slow speed no matter which fan sped is selected. Does it need replacing or is something else wrong which is fixable?

This repair is being preformed in conjunction with a front end alignment. Should the labor time guide include the alignment.

I am having air suspension problems. The rear air bags sometimes will inflate and other times they won't. I can hear the compressor running but the air suspension will not inflate.

The sliding door on the passenger side of the vehicle will frequently refuse to 'latch'. It will come to a 99% closed position and then return to the fully open position. There is no rhyme or reason as to when it does this. I'd say is is happens about %50 of the time. (Makes the door almost useless.) Any hints as to why?

Would a 1996 Ford Windstar electronic engine control/computer be interchangeable with one from a 1996 Ford Taurus? I'm needing this knowledge because I'm running into issues with my Windstar EEC and I need to run the tune for a Taurus in my highly modified Windstar. Because my engine has much larger PSI injectors than factory stock my Windstar computer (FXL0) isn't allowing for injector pressure / injectors swapped to a larger 40#. My 3.8 L is supercharged and will be pushing 10 to 12 psi of boost, my SCT programmer can't tune my EEC -- so, right now my hand are tied! If anyone can help me out, I'll be all ears! Here's the URL for my Windstar if you question my story and I wouldn't blame anyone for doing so as who in their right mind would do this do this... Thank you very much and here's the URL to my build: If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop me a line.

I am having air suspension problems. The rear air bags sometimes will inflate and other times they won't. I can hear the compressor running but the air suspension will not inflate.

driving on a very hot day,van was running fine got to a light and it just stopped.had it towed home has been sitting 2 months. checked fuel pump its fine.sounded like it wants to turn over but doesn't.also after 2 days battery went dead, seems something is drawing from it.

My headlights wont shut off, the air remains on when the keys are out and My van will not start.

no heta only cool air blows out ac works fine flapping sound when using temp controls

parts & labor to replace front engine mount

Had the fuse replaced and they said its not the motor.And how much to get it fix?

when come to a stop at the light it makes gounding nose

the speedometer and mileage guage have completely gone out

I took it to dealer with 80.000 miles for regular routine fluid change. A flush was done and it blew tha converter seal. I told them that it was shifting out of gear just before the seal blew. they replaced the seal and never checked the transmission out or opened it total spent after three towings, $1,200.00 It broke again and now they want to charge me $3,500.00 for a rebuilt tansmission. Please help me !

Thank you,


where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1996 ford windstar lx 3.8 l v6?

Ive had overheating problems and have replaced the water pump, radiator, thermostat, and removed the heads and flushed
the engine block and also flushed all the hoses and accessable passages and still have a pressure and overheating
problem. Please help, C. Davis Farmington Mi.

P1450 CODE

Could I add fix leak stuuf to fix leak.Could powering steering motor lock up?

Blower has stopped working- has been noisy. For a while if it stopped, I was able to smack it under the passenger side dash and it would start back up, but now that won't work. Is that something I could possibly repair myself? Hoping that if I can get to it, maybe just needs to be cleaned/lubricated?!? (I don't usually do work myself on my car, but can follow instructions, and would like to save some money at this point).