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As I was driving my van, a loud whining sound was happening and when I came to a stop the van cuts off. It started right up however, while driving to a shop it wanted to cut off again but my battery light came on. I...
Has anyone had any problems getting the intake plenum gasket replaced?
I got an check engine light on yesterday. when I went and had it checked, the analyzer stated misfire on cylinder #2. Does this mean that the fuel injector needs to be changed?
removing the water pump but the side wall is in the way
the engine stopsrunning while running. Sometimes it it stop 1 or 2 times whiledriving. Itstarted a few weeks ago when turning in to driveway then once while going down the road. one mecahnic saidit was a sensor in th...
What coolant should be used?
what is causing this rattle that sounds like a wrist pin or piston slap? The noise comes from about the center of the engine under the upper plenum. Something loose!!
how can i open water pump on 1999 ford windstar
heater blows cold air
what would make my van stall while in idle or park heating up, also it chugs when driving at a steady spead and wants to cut out when i step on the gas. I have changed the intake gaskets and o2 sensors
My van has sat idle for a couple months during the winter. I went out to start it and the oil light now stays on. Oil level is fine, van has 127,000 miles and is used as a back-up car. don't have the $ to invest in ...
check engine light came on ,had it scanned for troublecode, code said bad camshaft sensor replaced with new sensor light still came back on
How do you repair the fuel pump? What is the cost estimate to have someone else do the repair work?
can i know where is the motor blower located exactly? I need to take it out and test it if it is working good.
The rear window on the hatch shattered. Any idea how much it will cost to replace it?
Wanted to know could it be the DPFE sensor or solenoid ??
Compass,temp. or any of the warnings it is suppose to do,that location does not even light up
I replaced the wires, spark plugs, MAS, Camshaft sensor. Just cant pinpoint the problem. Help!!
On an uphill my van loses it's power, however when on flat road or down hill it seems fine. Then engine light starts flashing the second I started climbing and I am not sure what to do? Any suggestions?
my van was converted to handicap equip. none of it currently works, and the ride is like driving a tractor trailer with springs in every seat. is it costly and/or possible to have the original suspension restored?
my motor is leaking oil from the front i-m thinking oil sending unit. where is it located?
is it possible for the radiator or gas hose to split-(as if it was cut) after a long time and no regular maintenance?
can you tell me where the iat sensor is located at on my van
Why do the yellow ABS & red Brake lights come on within a mile or so of driving? Everything works fine and no codes have been found in the computer. There seems to be no ryme or reason triggering it, but it happens ...
I need to know the pressure to torque the head cylinder?
could you tell me if it would cost alot to get cylinders repaired or replaced
Does the water pump spin freely, and how do i replace it?
blower motor is working fine both front and rear. Just no heat coming out up front.