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I can't g my o/d button to work on my 97 t-bird. The light doesn't come on either. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?
How to replace oil panel gasket
my engine pressure is low having to put n neutral to keep running
Changed master cylinder but brakes still hissing
You have to manually shift my tranny cuz somebody put a new one in and they rigged up a metal wire that is going inside the pan and it is loose and means no gasket is on the pan. Now I drive thru water and all it does...
My power passenger seat is not working. I moved it all the way forward to move a t.v and now it won't go back. It clicks when I press the button to move it. it will still go up or down but not front or back. Any advic...
It occurred when I put the seat all the way forward to move a t.v. it clicks when I try to move the seat as if its trying to work
kit instructions direct me to cut away a portion of old seal. hoping to reuse original gasket.
maintanance on front & read differential