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It occurred when I put the seat all the way forward to move a t.v. it clicks when I try to move the seat as if its trying to work
kit instructions direct me to cut away a portion of old seal. hoping to reuse original gasket.
maintanance on front & read differential
Once the smoke finally blows out it will run fine. Until I stop again and take off. ?!? It is a 6.0 power stroke
Okay I tried starting it up 3 different times and when I did it the 4th time it act like it wanted to start but instead alot of white smoke came from the Hood of the car and throw the vents the smell smelt like burnin...
Radio panel and clock lights out?
service engine soon light need to plug in code scanner don't see plug
Do I have to take the front passenger tire off to be able to unplu and plug the wires?
'03 Ford Ranger, all maintenance has been kept up to date. Check engine light came on ~ 1 month ago. Local mechanic changed the oxygen sensor upstream. Was fine for 1 day, then light came back on. Took to AAMCO and th...
The air works fine until there is a load on the engine and then it does not blow hardly at all
New sensor new wheel bearing/ hub abs & traction control light is still on does it have to be rest with a scanner? Or will it reset by self
After giving it the gas and nothing happened I looked to be sure I had it in reverse and notice a light was on that indicated service engine soon. Just had that done two weeks ago. Turned it off and tried it again. On...