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new alternator, engine valve cover gasket replaced, new spark plug cable and plugs installed, mechanic replace throttle postilion sensor and replace with a Ford 2007 crown Victoria's throttle
As it warms up motor runs roughly and smoke and then after moment it dumps bunch of oil I hear what sounds like.vacum leak also it also seems like it's going through lots of gas
I can't g my o/d button to work on my 97 t-bird. The light doesn't come on either. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?
my trans stoped pulling first the o-d light started blinking when the car got warm and I had to let off the gas so the trans would shift into drive and now it will not pull in drive 1 and 2 are fine. could it be an se...
it tries to go into drive but it seems like it isn't fully going in when the o-d light first started blinking I had too let off the gas so the trans would go into drive
I can get up as fast as needed in regular drive but the o.d. won't kick in at all whether dropping the gear or picking up the gear and runs fine until approx. .30mph then I've gotta shift to just drive if I wanna spee...
Was running great. Cranks fine has fuel won't start .
There is a ride control button in my 91 t bird. The struts and shocks I bought won't hook up to that. Is it ok to use them?
On occasion, a warning light E appears. the transmission seems to perform OK and the light disappears.
cool drips down toward back of engine and falls to ground between engine and trans. is it time to get a shortbock, or just run it :ntill she blows?
The car was parked and idling with a/c on and started emitting strong gas fumes. then it started miss firing until it died. When I started it up again it would barely idle. Now when I start it up it seems to be fine u...
I have checked all 20AMP fusses and I have spark gas in fuel bridal. will not start.
I'm entering all of my expenses off a hand written sheet of 20 years. Your system is a great idea, but difficult to use. Can't seem to correct a wrong entry - like mileage. Can't enter new date without clicking every ...
At first was told the crank seal was leaking. Later I found anti-freeze dripping under the car. I do have to add anti-freeze often. Now, maybe the water pump? Mileage is 227,900. I can't afford a new engine(or car). W...