engine went out so changed the engine didnt change the fly wheel or turbine because the bolts were on to tight and was imposible to take off without striping so just left the fly wheel and turbine of the new engine but now it wont move did i do something wrong added fluid but doesnt budge also when ever i turn it on the is a noice that comes from the fly wheel somewhere what should i do i am stuped

I am leaking tranny fluid from a line near the radiator

When you turn the key, the fuel pump and fan run. The motor acts like it has no fire. When the fuel pump and fan stop, the car starts right up. Sometimes it does this for 45 minutes before it will start. Why?

When is it appropriate to change the fueld filter?

I have a problem with the oil circulation on my 3.8l. The oil filter blew oil through the gasket for some reason so I replaced it. I then noticed the oil light was still coming on after refilling the oil and the engine still tapping and getting hot. I replaced the oil pump but still have the problem. Any thoughts?

my car hesitates then will die at stops if I dont give it gas at stops when it is somewhat cold still. I start it up before driving but I shouldnt have to let it idle for warm for 10 min before driving. I just had a tune up and it still is doing it, I need suggestions of what to look for

My car runs up to 30 miles per hour so I need to know if by changing the gas pump will it help?

Recently the car developed a squeaking noise at the right front part (passenger side). It is worse when turning the wheels to either direction but it also squeaks going over bumps in the road. I now think the left side is starting this also.
I looked up ball-joint but the symptoms are not the same. I love the car and would like to get it fixed. Any clues?

after moving fuse to fix heated seats (panel @ passenger feet area) the driver window works fine except when its all the way up and you open the door, it's supposed to go back up but it doesn't and if you immediately open the door again it goes down an inch again and keeps repeating this when the door is opened.

I can't find the OIL pressure gauge sending unit on my 93 Ford Thunderbird 3.8 LX.
Car has been sitting for years and after a week of driving it, the pressure gauge reads high. I just changed the oil and doesn't help.

What do I do about a leaky roof with the hard top on?

driver side door randomly comes open while driving down the road.

Leaking oil from oil filter where meets adaptor. Started after last oil change. Using motorcraft Fl-2021 oil filter

A radiator flush has never been performed on this vehicle. Been having some problems with pressure being built up. So much that one of the hoses to rear/left/top of the engine is shooting steam and fluid when it gets hot. The question I have is, there seems to be no other way to access the radiator besides the reservoir. How do I go about flushing the radiator?

removal of headrest to replace seat covers on bucket seats

The front end squeeks when i turn the wheel and go over bumps it sounds like it needs lube i just cant figure out where or what the squeek is about. Can you help?

help got a 1991 thunder chicken now i can rev the engine all the way up and doesnt want to move if i put it in low gear 50 50 chance it will go once it starts to go i put it back into drive and as i accelerate it makes a sound like theres a pulley or a wheel just spinning

After being diagnosed by several Ford Dealerships it has been concluded that this noise is normal. I've owned the car for 8 years and it is NOT normal. My question is: does the fan have more than one blower speed? AND could the fan be stuck on the high speed? It sounds like a jet plane and the gas mileage has been reduced 10-15%.

Ford dealerships offer no solutions.60000 mi

radiator fan runs all the time till my battery goes dead

almost impossible to steer this car...seems like no power steering...just bought it 3 wks has approx 90,000 warning lights are on..what should i have checked??

Hi! I bought this car yesterday and am aware that I'm going to have to put some money into it. My newest problem is I went to start the car and couldn't get the key in the ignition but you can still turn the lock. I turned the mechanism all the way forward and the car started without a key. Is this fixable for a reasonable amount of money? I already planned on dropping another 1500 or so to get all the fluids changed and new wires and hoses etc. My stereo also turns on and off on it's own. Did I buy a car not worth owning?

The fan blows just fine, but the air is not cold it is luke warm. Does it just need freon?

yes replaced the fuel pump 3 times still loss of power...what could it be?

The only access point I found is on the "high" side located near the passenger front side. I don believe this point can be used to recharge the system.

after driving the car a while the car goes into limp mode and a wrench light comes on what is the problem

but the engine doesn't rev, it seems like it slips a little, and the brake lights work sometimes, what can cause these problems, thanks for any help

I have full written repair records and receipts from 1994. A new paint job 5 yrs. ago. Interior is in excellent condition. Air conditioning, Moon roof, new upper control arm assembly (upper ball joints), new tires (this week), new windshield (2 yrs.ago. Emerald Green color. 197,000 miles.

I only get one temperature and that is scalding hot, regardless of what the temperature is set on. When it goes to AC it is still scalding hot. The dealer says it is the module. I want to replace it myself. How do I do it?

Car shimmies when breaking. I removed the tire and the rotor has play. Should it?