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Broken Glass on the driver side outside mirror. Need to replace the glass (mirror) only.
Hard hot start and stalls when idling sometimes. Dose'nt do it all the time. Only happens in hot weather.
the car will crank but the fuel pump wont come on I have replaced the pump I do not think it is getting power
when changing the brake master cylkinder do you have to remove the dash?
the check engine light continues to stay on even after the car is running
overheats anytime on idle. Changed every part the service people can think of and still never corrected problem. It's costed thousands so far.
where do i locate fuel pump relay, so i can replace the switch.
trying to locate switch to replace it.
Replaced rear output shaft seal and pan gasket seal and still have a major leak in that same vasinity that Im unable to locate. Any ideas? The u joint went out and was replaced on the rear output shaft and the leak be...
cruise control doesnt work..fuses are good there another electrical componet that controls this feature ?
car has power @ take=off but engine seems like its miss firing..replaced plugs and wires..whats next ?
Please help me get my car in order... this 1992 Ford thunderbird is falling apart.. the inside door lining is falling apart, the seatbelt clamp is loose, it leaks oil from front to back underneath the car, and now it ...
My car won't start. It frequently ran hot, but unbeknownst to me because the temperature gauges don't work. The lights flickered on occassion and the battery charge during cold wheather ran low, durin warm wheather re...
PLEASE HELP! My car won't start, it just clicks. I thought it was the battery and it still may be, but for now it was recharged and works fine, although it couldn't take a charge from another car. Now recharged the ...
leakin around the dip stick on transmisson
Warm engine has no power - gets to a hill and slows to 10mph but still does manage to climb. (goes fine downhill) Often works fine for several days, always starts okay and runs fine until warm. Unpredictable. No cod...
mis-fire is only now and then
I replaced my shocks along with the ball joints but now my ABS light is on i don't know if it would be safe to drive the vehicle?
The driversside door lock will not go up or down either by key fob or door panel switch. Passenger side works fine. Is the latch assembly at fault?
My odometer works when it wants. At times it will work fine, then after driving 45 or so miles it stops. What can I do and how do you fix the problem?
We lost all use of our brakes and our repair shop said that we need to replace the pump and accumulator. Where do you find them? I understand they are obsolete. I found where I can get a repair kit for the Accumulator...
when car gets up to 55mph it stops getting gas for like 3 seconds then picks back up?
96 thunderbird over heating it had some white smoke when i first started it but it stoped while driving. but the car runs hot very quickly and also sputters. what can i do to fix it. dont want to junk it has super cle...
how do i change the fuel filter on my 2002 ford thunderbird?
would like to know where to look
I know basically what to do to rplace it. I just cant seem to get to the top bolt. Is there an easy way to get to it ???
i need a heater core for 1960 tbird with a/c. and a 352ci do you know anywhere i can get one?
my 60 tbird, hard top, 352ci, with a/c needs a heater core. the a/c feature requires that the replacement core be EXACTLY the same configuration as the original. my car is torn apart until i can find a core. thank...
My main oil seal leaks, and I need to get it fixed, but I don't know where to go, or what it will cost.
I have a 2002 Thunderbird w/34,000 miles. Rotars were turned in April of 09. Also had new brakes then. Brakes continued to squeal, so my Dad bought a new, top of the line set himself & installed them. Squealing cea...