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The top of my engine is perfectly clean no water spots. I have a dealer telling me that my engine coils are under water they want $270.00 for new coil covers to prevent water from gaining access to the spark plug holes. Plus they also want to replace the coils. Why? How is the water getting in if there is no evidence of it around the coil covers or on the valve covers?

digital lights on dash are working but wont light up

it seems to do it after ive driven it a ways. it never does it right away. It doesnt do it going at higher speeds like above 50. only like 20-30ish. had a thought...i know it has a steering mechanism that tightens up the steering when driving at higher speeds then adjusts for lower speeds and also when the car is in neutral and motor is off as well. was wondering if it could be something related to that. wanted to know what you thought before i took it to the dealer and they messd with the steering which is very tight and drives like a dream. (just wondering about the squeak before my warranty is up)

when I remove the bolts that mount the starter, do I have to twist the starter to get it off.

left rear runnig light is out how do i repair

16 degrees last night. Woke up this morn and barking brake will not disengage.

ive tried pressing brake peddle turned ignition on tried rocking steering wheel back n forth sometimes that frees up the gear shifter please if u know what causes this please i need help

Dealer tells me my heated seat coils on my 2003 Thunderbird are shorted out. He wants 600.00 to fix them. Is this a job that I could do at home?

my # 8 spark plug is constantly being saturated my oil . I have replace valve cover gaskets same thing. This only happens on the # 8 no where else

Help I have '96 4.6 The engine and heat seem to take a long time to heat up and the heat works intermitantly. When the heat starts working the temp of the engine will finally go up to normal. also I was watching the reservoir and the just as the coolant was over flowing it started going down in big glugs, large air bubbles came up and, the coolant level dropped, and reseroir looked empy. At that point everything seemed normal on my dash guages. HELP

When opening or closing door on drivers side the seat belt wont retract

heater blows cold air with climate control

When the car shifts at a certain speed the tranny rumbles violently. Also when slowing down to a stop the car and steering wheel shakes like hell. thanks 4 the help!

41water is leaking behind a pulley.

where is the emergency fuel pump shut off switch located on a 1997 ford thunderbird

how does water get into number 2 cyl?

I have lost the cover for the fuse box in my 1992 thunder bird I need the fuse location for the windsheild wipers ,also the car was manufactured in november 1992 would that make it a 1993 , and would the fuse location be the same as 1992?

I have lost the cover for the fuse box in my 1992 thunder bird I need the fuse location for the windsheild wipers ,also the car was manufactured in november 1992 would that make it a 1993 , and would the fuse location be the same as 1992?

I am re-assembling my T-Bird after a heater core repair. In hooking up all the connectors under the driver's side dash, there was one black connector that wouldn't snap together. It is the connector that connects a gray and a gray red (could be white and white orange or pink, it is hard to tell)from the ignition lock. I tried to start the car with this disconnected but couldn't get the engine to fire. Plenty of battery, just no fire. What do these wires control and can I just splice the wires together?

What could be the problem?

I am putting my 97 T-Bird together from a heater core replacement. In attaching connectors, I ran into a black male connector coming off the Ignition Lock Assembly that has a mated black female connector but just doesn't fit right. The wires are gray and gray / red.

My odometer stopped working

usually in cooler weather will crank but will not turn over alternator and battery have been replaced seems to not be getting fuel however if the ignition is turned on for maybe two or three times for about 30 seconds each time seems to work and jumping from another vehicle also seems to help

i have already replaced the t-stat 2 times and installed a new heater core. the eengine takes a long time to heat up to operating temp and once the engine reaches operating temp it blows warm from the ducts but not as warm as it should. the engine seems to warm up faster standing still at idle than it does while driving at highway speeds. the only thing that makes any sence is there is too much coolant flow around the t-stat. is there supposed to be a restriction in the by pass or has someone else ran into this?

i swaped engines in a 95 ford thunderbird 3.8 fuel injection but the coil and fuel pump are not getting any power

How much will it cost to chang from bucket seats to a bench seat? Is it possible and is a bench seat available that will

My car has a 4.6L Fuel Injected V-8. What can I do to increase the horsepower and mileage performace?
Is there something I can do that is not too costly?
....................Thanks for the Info.

had little or no pressure replaced oil pump, put oil filter on as always now so mucm pressure its blowing all the oil through the filter gasket onto the garage floor

The Letter showed up on my dash in the brake warning lite area.
I cant find any info on what it means,
Please help. If you know what it mean or where I can find the Info please tell me

how do u change the heating core????????