The fuel pump comes on. I replaced the starter. still nothing.

The problem is my car over heats so i have to put water in it constantly

It's also been timed and whenstostop @light it stalls

missing so first changed plugs then wires and finally distrbutor cap, rotor ran perfect down highway til i shut it off then started acting up also changed fuel filter last no change

It would only start in park when you giggled the shifter, and it sat for a month and now it wont click or do anything when you turn the key. I have charged the battery the car only has 108,000 miles on it.

Problem is consistent;I just drive the slow lane 'til the healing occurs...daily....for quite sometime now-couple months

someone please explain which wires go to each post...thank you

Can't get top bolt to line up correctly and start without crossthreading. Does the top bolt go in from the opposite direction? Please, say it does... If possible, text my phone at (970)-630-6393 as my internet reception out here really bites. I can get texts usually, but internet is very slow & patchy.

is there a fuse in the engine compartment that could be bad

1994 ford tempo water[ump instruction for removal. It looks like It may be best to get a price on it at a shop only because I may not have all the tools and they do. But, there's always the drawback that I may get the mechanic from hell. Lol.

Why won't it start?

can't get the front axle off

Even manual shifting does not help with the cars lack of speed.

How much does it cost to replace the transmission?

Now that radiator started to link but also what can I do to fix the idie

engine stalls and hesitates or has very high r.p.m.

Do you suggest tracing the leak or just use BLUEDEVIL transmission sealer? Just pours out when running and drips when off. Transmission not going in 1st smoothly but 2nd/3rd fine.


I had to disconnect the battery to turn them off