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fan nt working
It felt like brake were engaged, then i heard a loud pop now i have to replace transmission & my wheels still wont turn!
I have it at a shop now because the temp was getting high and it was smoking and the shop said they can fix it tomorrow for $500
only four of the six coils are firing on the ignition coil for my ford tauras
I changed the ignition coil but it does the same thing.
Once it goes through first gear it clears up no issue, cam shaft censor and another censor was tested two weeks ago and tested fine. A reset was done on the car to shut off check engine light bc diagnostics tested eve...
replace engine 2 days ago hooked everything up car starts but dieds, but anti-thief light flashing all the time, tried the second key same problem. How can i rest it
Change the Starter in my Ford Taurus and it runs but after a few minutes the starter re-engages and makes a grinding noise with the flywheel. I have tried 2 starters, changed the ignition switch and starter solenoid a...
we tried turning wheels all way left and right.with lid off power steering?
My car will start perfectly fine, it will go into reverse and (N) but when I put it in drive, it automatically stalls. What could it be?
When I start the car there is a hesitation before the starter engages and once it fires the gauges flutter for a few seconds. After several starts like this one day the car would not start. Thee was power and the ba...
I think it has something to do with the alarm because when I turn on the alarm all the interior and exterior lights go on. They stay on till I turn the ignition on.
Fords are difficult to fix how do I change my plugs
Just replaced a split drive belt that wasn't very old. Noticed the same hesitation issue before I changed the belt. I hear a slight rattle from the belt side of pulleys too.
are these issues related & how do I fix? Speedometer works when transaxle light is on, doesn't work when it is off