low coolant light stays on there is plenty of antifreeze
somebody said it was low coolant sensor

HVAC motor I have not been able to locate it on my ford taurus. If I put my hand right up to the vent I feel the cold air. But it is not blowing so I need to locate it so I can find out if this is the problem

The radio in my 2001 Ford Tarus does not turn on even though the AC works. I took it to a radio repair shop and they said it was the radio module. I relaced the whole module and the AC control works but the radio still doesn't turn on.

I am confused b/c there is only one wire harness for the entire module so how could power work for one side and not the other?

my horn sounds like a trumpit with a mute in it

The temperature light goes from middle to hot and back and forth continually. I had to have the radiator hose replaced and I have put 2 gallons of anti-freeze in the resevoir. What would cause the constant moving back and forth of the needle?

The brake light will not go off.

My passenger door shuts but since it is warm the dome light and interior door lights stay on and door ajar light is on. I was told it was the door jam switch but have no idea where it goes. Can you please advise as where it is located?

car will not start after runing while in hot weather. If I let it set for about 45 minutes it starts. This only happens when weather is hot. I changed the spark plugs but this did not help

What could cause a grinding sound that comes and goes 10% of the time? It is not the starter, could be a pully....? We think it is coming from the pully area, but could not isolate the sound. Installed a new belt and idler pully - still making the sound.

While driving the car the RPM are extremely high and the car continually increases speed without my foot on the accelerator. I have to keep my foot on the brake to stop the vehicle to stop it and even after turning it off, the engines starts off reving high RPMS go to 4 and I have to shut off the car and it still doesn't decrease. What can I do?

No crank- starter does not operate with the key. Battery, cables, max and min fuses, nuetral safety switch, and the starter are GOOD. (I can 'spin it' with a remote starter switch). Leaving the key in 'run', and using the remote switch still won't start the car, since I don't have spark or injector pulse either. Are there fusible links not mentioned in the owners manual? A wiggle test with a helper holding the key in 'start' doesn't help either. Any ideas?

When I turn on the air conditioner, air is blowing out but the air that comes out is not cold. What could be wrong? I know that it could be several different reasons why but how can I test it to find out what could be the problem?

If replaced catalytic converter thats shot with straight pipe what preformance will happen ? Will only sensors be messed up or engine also? ford 2005 Taurus,will engine or code default compesate for sensor code?

How do you change the spark plug located on the passenger side by the firwall. the plug that is all the way to the left when looking at the engine from the front. I can't even see the plug..from top or from the bottom. Or maybe thru the front wheel well ??? THU Joe

Just bought this car, My front Passenger wheel well is cracked, won't stay in place is is rubbing and moving over evry bump and left turn?????

cooling fan does not come on car over heats,how do i chec to see if cooling fan motor is good or not

My daughter was driving my 1996 Taurus to her work when it did a complete shutdown while she was making a right turn. The whole electrical system and engine shut down. Nothing in the electricl system would work when I got to the car. I pulled the battery out of the car and had it tested at local Advance store. Battery checked out good and all terminals were cleaned before reinstall. After reinstalling the battery, the car electrical system worked but it wouldn't start. Any suggestions? The car was towed and a local shop couldn't get it to turn either. They said the engine seized. Oil low. The car never overheated or showed any sign of it. The car had only been running 10 to 15 minutes.

Haven't run diagnostics, just started to happen. Air won't blow out of dash vents no matter what setting. Only blows thru defrost vents. Even when set to A/C, the air blow cold but only thru the defrost vents. Floor and window vents are all that blow.

front squeaking noise while driving

PO401. I have replaced the EGR Valve and the silnoid and hoses,the code still comes up! Why is this!!!!

On the right rear wheel, the wheel cylinder was leaking. When I took the drum off, the brake adjuster lever had come off and it was broken. The spring was also lose. One side of the wheel cylinder was pushed off. I replaced the springs, adjuster, and the wheel cylinder. After I put it back together, the same thing happened to the wheel cylinder, one side came off. Can somebody please tell me where I'm going wrong?

clutch plate was not engaging when the air was off, turned the air on max or auto shrill sounds went away, drove for awhile, now won't start and is overheating.


changed bulb in rear brake light, not working blinker works but not brake light

need to remove door panel---how

my rear left power window stoped working,i can hear power going to it when i try to use it but it just won't go up or down.

The air conditioner on my 2007 Ford Taurus was working just fine one day. The next day it started blowing out hot air. The air coming out seems to be the same temperature whether I have it set to A/C or the hottest setting on "heat". The only way it won't blow hot air is if I turn the blower off entirely.

Any help would be appreciated!

157000 milles, never had a problem, serv.eng. light on, code said to replace shift solenoid c


Gear shift does not come out of Park when brake pedal is depressed and brake lights do not come ON. How do I replace that switch?