The car Starts but when to put into gear there is no way the shifter will move into gear. Any tips on to what I can do.

passenger side rear wheel locked up. T took the wheel off thinking the brake locked up but i don't think it is. Could it be a parking brake? Parking brake was not applied before wheel locked up. What else could it be?

sometimes works sometimeshows full tank, what could be the problem

I was cleaning out my car one day with my three year old helping...long story short...a few quarters and pennies became stuck in my tape player. I can't get them this dangerous to the well-running of my car? Any suggestions on how to get the chage out?

My battery light keeps comming on and off. My car cut off on me once going down the road...charged up the battery because it registered a little low when i tested it, but now the light is continuously cutting on and off. Any suggestions?

I had problems with my driver window (doesn't go up or down). I checked the motor, the switch, grpound wires, the wires from the body to the door -- all fine , no problem
I replaced the relay as last solution, but still not working. The problem is I am not getting voltage reading into the motor plug, when dirver window switch pressed down. I took it to the dealer to diagnose, and they said I need to change the GEM module ( cost is very high for old car)-- Can I buy the part and change it my self? the dealer told me that it is located under the fuse box and I can't do it my self because he needs to down load and up load sfotware, is there a tool to do that?... Thank you

where is valve located to charge freon

what is the type of freon and can i charge it myself

question about replacing a lower radiator hose

overflow of coolant is draining every 2 days but not on the ground under the car ( no puddles) What temporary fix can I add to the radiator to stop leaking

Started out with me needing more pressure than usual to turn the ignition to start it. Now it's to the point where the key will only go about 2/3 of the way into the ignition and is hard to take out even if it goes that far. I dont think it's the key since I have used both my normal key and spare to try to start the car with no success. Also, I used the spare key and did get it all the way in, however when I tried to take it out, the key need EXCESSIVE force to get out. and it was severely bent when i came out.

My engine light is on and I got a diagnostic of a oxygen sensor (bank 1 sensor 1) failure on my 2003 Ford Taurus and I was needing to find out where it is located so I can replace it myself. Is it located on the drivers side upfront or underneath?

ive been tryin 2 get this prob fixed it keeps markin p0175&p0172. i have changed both cats and all oxygen sens plus fuel reg and stuck cleaner for the injectors.

my car shakes as if the wheel is about to fall off at low speeds. What could cause this problem?

I have had the engine replaced and trans. rebuilt. and it runs good other than I can't turn the ac on or there's a jerking that happens? wondering what this could be?

cost for fuel pump change

Got a 96 Taurus GL with a 3.0 with 107,xxx miles. Car always ran great until 2 weeks ago. coming home from doctors appointment, car began missing. Got a code check at a local mechanic shop, told me the cam sensor. Purchased the sensor, when installing indeed the cam sensor was a problem. the internal magnet had came apart and had worn the lobe off the crank angle sensor itself. Purchased the crank agle sensor, and the Sync. Tool to install it. Installed, then back to local shop and got a P0302 #2 misfire code. Installed plugs, same code. Installed plug wires, same code. Installed new coil pack, still yet same P0302 #2 misfire code. Pulled #2 plug tonight to make sure was indeed firing which it is. Car seems to miss at idle, and even worse when put into gear. Get out at highway speeds (even with A.C on) can't even tell anything is wrong until you slow down to stop. Service light will blink on/off for a couple miles, then stay lit. Anyone have any ideas? Just pure Stumped!

shifter feels like it moves through the gears but the car doesn't move no grinding or anything like that

i have already replaced the thermostat and flushed the radiator several times. the water pump is not leaking. the fan comes on every now and then. can anyone help?

what size tire do I need

i have a leak under the drivers side of the engine, when i go short distances and stay at or below 40 mph it doesnt leak any o ne know what it is?

just need to know how to remove headlight assembly on 1994 ford taurus

airbag indicator light flickers on and off when first starting vehicle, then just stays on.

car wont start, im thinkin its the shifter solenoid previous owner had problems with it . where is it how do i test it

I would like to know where the camshaft sensor is located on a 1998 Ford taurus with a 3.0 litre engine.

the battery light is staying on . i have had the battery check is good, and the alternator check it is good what can it be?

Does this model have a timing belt or chain? If a belt does it need to be replace at certain milage intervals?

I hear a clunking sound when I try to roll my window down and the window seems to shift when it goes down. Now it won't roll down at all.

how do you get to the top to remove

car will not start until engine has cooled off, no diagnostic code.