Got a 96 Taurus GL with a 3.0 with 107,xxx miles. Car always ran great until 2 weeks ago. coming home from doctors appointment, car began missing. Got a code check at a local mechanic shop, told me the cam sensor. Purchased the sensor, when installing indeed the cam sensor was a problem. the internal magnet had came apart and had worn the lobe off the crank angle sensor itself. Purchased the crank agle sensor, and the Sync. Tool to install it. Installed, then back to local shop and got a P0302 #2 misfire code. Installed plugs, same code. Installed plug wires, same code. Installed new coil pack, still yet same P0302 #2 misfire code. Pulled #2 plug tonight to make sure was indeed firing which it is. Car seems to miss at idle, and even worse when put into gear. Get out at highway speeds (even with A.C on) can't even tell anything is wrong until you slow down to stop. Service light will blink on/off for a couple miles, then stay lit. Anyone have any ideas? Just pure Stumped!

shifter feels like it moves through the gears but the car doesn't move no grinding or anything like that

i have already replaced the thermostat and flushed the radiator several times. the water pump is not leaking. the fan comes on every now and then. can anyone help?

what size tire do I need

i have a leak under the drivers side of the engine, when i go short distances and stay at or below 40 mph it doesnt leak any o ne know what it is?

just need to know how to remove headlight assembly on 1994 ford taurus

airbag indicator light flickers on and off when first starting vehicle, then just stays on.

car wont start, im thinkin its the shifter solenoid previous owner had problems with it . where is it how do i test it

I would like to know where the camshaft sensor is located on a 1998 Ford taurus with a 3.0 litre engine.

the battery light is staying on . i have had the battery check is good, and the alternator check it is good what can it be?

Does this model have a timing belt or chain? If a belt does it need to be replace at certain milage intervals?

I hear a clunking sound when I try to roll my window down and the window seems to shift when it goes down. Now it won't roll down at all.

how do you get to the top to remove

car will not start until engine has cooled off, no diagnostic code.

have new battery wont jump start make clickin sounds

if the motor lifts in the front when under load going forward is the motor mount broke? Do you have to replace the whole thing?

I am putting coolant in my car and it leaks out completly instantly I am able to watch the puddle from my car. I nead to know if this is a sign of an internal leak.

when i apply my brakes it feels like i have a flat tire and my steering wheels shake, i have been waiting to get the car repaired, someone suggested it might be the rotors, i just had the car inspected in october. is it safe to drive, will the car still stop?

Mine are well oxidized,pitted, and hazed.I'd like to replace them.
I see only one 8mm attachment bolt at the front and two vertical steel straps.Is there another attachment point? Thank you.
Update: I see that the two vertical straps at the rear,are also retainers.Easy enough to remove the assembly-I also note that cheap replacements are available on ebay.

My speedometer quits. Some say it is the vehicle speed sensor in transmission. How much does it cost to replace.

Where is the one shot freon inlet on a ford taurus 2001? The one on the side(passenger) is not the right one. Is there another one where you can use the one shot cans of 134a freon?

it came loose and i cant seem to find it.

Where is the brake safety system manual release to override a locked shifter on a 2000 Ford Taurus?

Engine turns over but won't start. It starts sometimes but after shutting off it will not restart.

Need to locate ecm to get a code number

my antifreeze is leaking somewhere and I was told that I need a water pump because of it

fuel gage does not move at all

My 2006 taurus is driving me nuts! The A/C and gauges started going out a while back and i can't figure it out. Sometimes they will work fine when i get in it to go and sometimes they won't be working at all.Sometimes when they aren't working and i hit any sort of bump they come on and they go off if they happen to be working at the time,but one never works wihtout the other.Some help please if someone can.Checked fuses inside & under hood they are good.

Engine light on.Replaced coil,spark plugs,and wires.Test said 3rd cyclinder not firing.

I have a 1998 Taurus wagon with a 3.0 V6. My power driver seat stopped working. Fist thing I need to check is the fuse but it's not listed separately on the box cover. can anyone tell me which fuse controls this?