how much does it cost to replace a cmp solenoid 2

I need to know how to change the serpintene belt. I don`t know which way the belt goes on the pullys

my check engine lights is on and i was told it was from iac valve malfunction. how much is it to repair it?

were is the cabin filter located at?

when using the Interval switch the wipers sometimes dont move for a long time or will move fast when there is very little rain coming down. sometimes when moving the switch all the way to the fastest position it does not move at all unless I back off slightly; in any case they do not operate normally;

My 03 taurus sems to leak around the oil filter. The filter seems to back off after several drive cycles. The worst leak occurs on a cold start up while backing out of driveway. The oil will sometimes come out in spurts. I just changed the oil and I tightend filter with a oil filter wrench. I still have some drops oil on the drivway but not much oil residue on the bottom of the engine. I can also can pickup oil on my finger when rubbing my finger around oil filter sill. Do you hav any ideas? thanks.

Firestone wants to replace my water pump and timing cover gasket. Does this make sense that the timinjg cover gasket needs to also be replaced????

Where is the fuel filter loacated on a 2004 Ford Taurus ?

engine light comes on car has a hard time running a/c blows out hot air what could be the problem?

how to change a rack and pinion geer

I've replced Coil Pack, Spark plugs & Cables. But Im told the 3 is not firing up. How much would it cost to get the number 3 cylindr replaced.

Had oil pan leak upon delivery. Dealer repaired it. In '09 same problem occured. My repairman fixed it. Here in July of 2010, pan leaks again. Your source reports the leak might be due to magnets dropping out of the crankshaft. Do I have a claim against Ford at this late date because I believe the pan gasket was replaced but the magnets were not included in the repair. Is my repair guy libel for the same error? As I am retired, the car has only 36,000 miles.

yellow engine light is on and diagnosed as a fuel air meter ring valve. I put some ethanol cleaner in with a tank of gas and had the code reset. Light came back on in 2 weeks. Car runs great and I have not noticed any problems..Is this a serious thing , or should I Have it fixed asap?

The interior center brake light in my new 2010 Taurus keeps falling down (glue pad cannot hold weight of unit in high heat conditions). Dealer has faild to make successful repairs in two tries. How do I fix the unit or remove it without affecting my warranty?

I had refrigerant replaced in my car and it ran for about 2 weeks, the mechanic put some dye in my system and I it brought it back to him and he said I had a leak, he said he needed a special tool to repair it, what kind of tool does he need? He said he had ordered it and I am still waiting after 2 weeks now.

I have replaced the thermastat and water pump, the car is overheating when driving. It does not over heat when idling, checked hoses, and replaced antifreeze. Fans are working.

It Starded yesterday. I took the belt off. And it still knocks. My friend Say it may be the timing chain guide rail. The car drive and take off good. No smoke. Just noisy. Check engine light comes on and off. What can it be?

When driving the RPM will increase 200 to 500 RPM, the car does not accelerate, feels sluggish and then within seconds returns to normal operation. This happens only once in a while and there are no problems with shifting as I accelerate from a stop.

I don't think this is 3rd gen, i got a oem replacement hub, do I need to pull off the tie rod to replace the wheel bearing?

my car shut off while i was driving it. i took it to a garage and they changed the fuel pump. it ran for about a day and then shut off again. i took it back and the said it was the module. now it keeps burning them out. the guy said my computer is broken, but he doesnt want to spend the time to look for it. can anyone tell me where the computer is located in a '95 ford taurus or if there is something else i should check first?


i'm trying to recherge the a/c unit and i think i'm looking in the wrong area for the connection.

its coming for the rear driver tire

how to I fix recall no. bc0091960102

about a couple of days ago the Low coolent light came on so we added coolent well as we were driving around town the car started to show on the temp gage Hot and we pulled over and let it cool down doing this few times till we made it home safely with the car we heard sounds like burping in the lines so we figured lets let the car run as we added more coolent we realized that it was pooring coolent out of our resavore container and again the bubble sounds well we let the car sit and pumped the hoses to help push coolent through and the gauge was reading normal now when we took it for a test drive around the Block it immediately ran hot help how can we get the air out of the lines and are we doing this right? ps forgot to mention we have a 97 ford taurus

i cant take my car out of gear unless i do so before i start the car otherwise the shifter stays locked what causes this?

why when I turn the key it cranks like normal but will not start

have a 97 tarus caar had bad plugs water boils out of cooling bottle .water pumps has been replaced. cars runs but water coming out of tail pipe. is thus a freze plug problem

I recently replaced the thermostat and the heater core in the 98 Taurus. However, it overheats to the point that water starts boiling out of the reservoir. What are your thoughts on what might be going on? The heat gauge shows the coolant temp to be normal.

The car has a vibration makes a rumbling noise as the car goes faster. I believe the noise is coming from the front left drive shaft. Any ideas if that is the problem. A while back I had the front struts replaced. The noise and vibration started after that.