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looked in every line connection can't find orifice tube

After the incident happened I drove to my mechanic who told me that the "pin" had been broken. The mirror itself is undamaged. The frame holding the mirror is undamaged too. I have interior controls to adjust the mirror. Not sure if these controls are electrical or not. My mechanic used Crazy Glue to attach the two halves of the pin. Then he positioned the entire mirror apparatus to the car with duct tape. Needless to say, this is just temporary.

Every time i stop for a light the car stars shaking and then it goes off. the light that says check engine soon. is always on.

The keyless entry, windows, speedometer, a/c and heat not working, what could be the problem

i found a piece of melted plastic under my hood and it has the number 10-93 0n it. the piece is small and round and i candt find what it went to please help

car was running rough. quit running in at mcdonalds. wouldn't stay running after that. has plenty of fuel

My engine temperature get hot only with the A/C on when the outside temp. is over 88degrees or so. When I turn off the A/C, the temp. comes back down. I already replaced the thermostat, and water pump and had the dealer check the fans, and sensors. What else could be causing this? Thanks in advance...

the mechanic says its an electrical problem. i also noticed when i get to a stop light, the air is not cold anymore, then when i accelerate it gets colder. windows wont roll down when i start the car up it takes acceleration before they will go down. when accelerating sometimes it seem to jump into fast mode. like backing up orjust stepping on the accelerater.

I got a Ford Taurus 2000 3.0 engine with a rebuilt motor and was wondering if it was compatible with the 1999 model

What is the best summer time oil for Taurus LX with a 3.8 engine? (10-40,10-30,5-30?)

The car drives fine but when I idle a light or any amount of time , it goes dead .. It has done this for about 2 months ... .

a couples weeks ago my car started giving problems would want to start but won't would take a couple times and then it would start, now I have to use the starter fluid whenever the car needs started..

I notice the lights on my radio and dash was not on. The radio was working... also, I have NO idea where to look to check fuses.... thank you for your help.

I have 158,000 miles on this ford and sometimes when I let off the car (ie to go down a hill or around the corner)then accelerate (usually up a hill or small incline) the car starts to spudder, hestitate and jerk. When it starts doing that I increase the gas pedal and it seems to stop. The tact does not spurge or anything when this happens. What could be wrong?

I was able to get my door panel off but I'm not sure what to do next my window is stuck two inches down I can't get it to go up or down. I'm not sure what to look for to see what's wrong with it.

I was told that I needed to replace my TCC solenoid on my 2003 Ford Taurus Stationwagon. After buying the part I have been unable to located where the part goes! We took the transmission pan off and the plate where I was told by the Ford company it would be located and did not see it. Could someone please tell me where this is located! Send pictures if they are avaliable! I have to get my car inspected and this is all that stands in my way! Thanks!

i was driving the car then the car wouldnt go when i stepped on the gas. I stopped and tried all gears, like reverse and nothing happened, the car has low miles <60000

car hard to start after it rains. After it stops raining it starts okey

just bought it 231000 miles runs water pump and thermostat. i was thinking it could be the radiator. it also came with the orange coolent

Well, the other day when I went to leave I could not get my car out of park and the brake lights would not work. I did some research and found it could have been the brake light switch so we replaced that. Well we have discovered two wires, a red and a green, that seem to have come out of the harness connector on the switch. I have never been down there before so I am wondering is this the case? Is there usually a red and green wire connected to the harness connector on the brake switch? And if so, how do I reconnect them?

how much will it cost to repair the brake lines in my 1995 ford taurus

The rod going from the ignition cylinder to the ignition switch has broken. I have the replacement parts but can't figure out how to get inside the steering column to replace it. Does anyone know how I can get into the steer column?

I need to know where the power steering filter is located.

thinking of purchasing a used taurus for my son. around 100,00miles is there a timing belt on this V6 that needs to be replaced or is it a chain?

How do you replace the A/C condenser fan in a 2002 taurus? This is the fan on the passenger side. Any help is appreciated.

my window will go down but not up, what could be the problem

where is the window relay switch

I bought a engine for 1996 ford tarus and they gave me a 2004 engine

I noticed while driving for a fleeting second what seems to be a red light flashing where my left blinker could be. It's not the brake light or oil light and my check engine light is on the other side. Why would this be flashing red?

car is throwing a po446 code