My parking lights will not go out. I have the switch off and the car is off but the lights are staying on. I had to pull the fuse last night to get them off. What could this be.

how much fluid to fill back up

Where is the A/C relay located on a 1993 Ford Taurus?

a/c clutch will not kick in. Where is the a/c relay located?

what makes my car fall dead after i have been driving for awhile with my ac on

if I turn the lights on while driving the chime comes on and doesn't stop. How can I fix or disable the chime

problem occurs every stop also check engine light is on

need to have a cylinder repaired and estimates to cost check engine light stays on had to get a car quickly and mechanic told me he had this nice Tauras had a little hesitation but would hardly notice it. atook to a dealer and found that the 5th cylinder is not working

be driving down the road and it just cuts off!

How many miles before changing spark plugs ?

need new heater blend door replacement and need estimate on this. a/c does not work and heat, outside air vents-all blow hot air when set at any temp. Luther Ford in Fargo, ND said this replacement will fix all those problems and was quoted $500-550 for repair-part to be ordered.

compressor only works if i jump it out. switches are ok . no power to the a/c compressor

cost of DPFE switch

What is a reasonable estimate for a diagnostic test, spark plug and spark plug wire replacement, and a new ignition coil?

when i am driving it and it is hot out it shuts down i have had a tune up new wires, new sensor pressure valve ( the emission system sign comes on when this happens) and i still dont know what the problem is..after it sets it is fine but it i run it in hot weather i cant start and stop it or sit idling in traffic or it will not restart until it sets

How many Engine motor mounts are there in my car?

The car starts fine, when i put it into drive and press the gass, it begins foward but the engine slips and it takes 3000+ rpms to get it moving. The car wont go any faster than 20 to 30 mph and has to work hard to get there. There is a significant leak under my car, but when i checked my transmission fluid level it was full.

My Rpm and Speed Odomotor, and Signal lights Lost Power First. Then After shutting it off It wont turn back on. The engine will turn but wont Start. Is it because of the battery, the red light is on.

where is the oil sending unit located on for a 3.0 engine

I have been hearing a chirping sound from the left front wheel that is intermittent. It also quits when I apply the brakes. I'm not sure if this is related to a wheel bearing going bad or some other adjustment that might need to be done near the axle hub.

oil was brown . nois comming from oil pan near the rear. would a oil chainge do ?

fan on air conditioner only works on high.

looking for a/c compressor removal procedure on 24v motor

my front driver wheel is making a knocking sound when it hits around 40mph and will continue if I am not stepping on the gas. When I take my foot off the gas and let it coast it does it between 45-30mph before I stop hearing it. Does not make a sound when turning or any other time.

how much does it cost to replace a cmp solenoid 2

I need to know how to change the serpintene belt. I don`t know which way the belt goes on the pullys

my check engine lights is on and i was told it was from iac valve malfunction. how much is it to repair it?

were is the cabin filter located at?

when using the Interval switch the wipers sometimes dont move for a long time or will move fast when there is very little rain coming down. sometimes when moving the switch all the way to the fastest position it does not move at all unless I back off slightly; in any case they do not operate normally;

My 03 taurus sems to leak around the oil filter. The filter seems to back off after several drive cycles. The worst leak occurs on a cold start up while backing out of driveway. The oil will sometimes come out in spurts. I just changed the oil and I tightend filter with a oil filter wrench. I still have some drops oil on the drivway but not much oil residue on the bottom of the engine. I can also can pickup oil on my finger when rubbing my finger around oil filter sill. Do you hav any ideas? thanks.