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just bought it 231000 miles runs water pump and thermostat. i was thinking it could be the radiator. it also came with the orange coolent

Well, the other day when I went to leave I could not get my car out of park and the brake lights would not work. I did some research and found it could have been the brake light switch so we replaced that. Well we have discovered two wires, a red and a green, that seem to have come out of the harness connector on the switch. I have never been down there before so I am wondering is this the case? Is there usually a red and green wire connected to the harness connector on the brake switch? And if so, how do I reconnect them?

how much will it cost to repair the brake lines in my 1995 ford taurus

The rod going from the ignition cylinder to the ignition switch has broken. I have the replacement parts but can't figure out how to get inside the steering column to replace it. Does anyone know how I can get into the steer column?

I need to know where the power steering filter is located.

thinking of purchasing a used taurus for my son. around 100,00miles is there a timing belt on this V6 that needs to be replaced or is it a chain?

How do you replace the A/C condenser fan in a 2002 taurus? This is the fan on the passenger side. Any help is appreciated.

my window will go down but not up, what could be the problem

where is the window relay switch

I bought a engine for 1996 ford tarus and they gave me a 2004 engine

I noticed while driving for a fleeting second what seems to be a red light flashing where my left blinker could be. It's not the brake light or oil light and my check engine light is on the other side. Why would this be flashing red?

car is throwing a po446 code

Please estimate the cost of the above

overheats when using ac

I have oil on my spark plugs and the car stalls. I cant take my foot off the gas pedal.

I went to the store and my brakes worked just fine. When I was leaving the store, I started the car and the brake pedal went to the floor. The brakes engage with the pedal on the floor, but not very well. Any ideas or suggestions?

Took my car in to have brake work done and after they completed the brake work the brake light wouldn't turn off. Next day, took it in to have them correct that problem and now cruise control doesn't work. They are trying to say it just went out but I don't buy it. What is possibly the problem?

im having my lower ball joints replaced, but we need the torque specs for the half shaft nut, does anyone know what they are?

I have a 2006 ford taurus. The instrument panel( gas gauge, speedometor,etc stopped working. Every now and then they will come on and mabe stay on for 20 or 30 minutes then go off again. When this happens, the air conditioner goes off too. all fuses have been checked and replaced. Can any one tell me what to do , I am a struggling college student. Is there somewhere I can take it to get a test, if so about how much would it cost and what do I ask for?

my check engine light has been coming on and stays on for a few seconds then goes off(mostly when stopped at a signal)for quite a while now. my husband keeps saying when it stays on he will take it to the shop. but then last night i was coming home doing about 35 miles an hour with the a/c on and all of sudden 3 or 4 of the warning lights come on and the power steering stopped working and i had to coast to the side of the road. then at first i could not roll up the power windows etc. to leave the car there and lock it up. but then i waited a couple seconds tried to start it and it starts right up and drives home just fine. also when this happened thank god i was right around the corner from my house.

my problem is the blower motor starts and stops, there are no sounds just starts and stops without notice it works in the morn and at lunch break at the end of the day no air/ nothing blowing, what is the location of bower motor/ relay

Do I need to remove the engine or transmission to replace a freeze plug that I cant see in the back of the engine?

The check engine light is on in the car and P1400 came up on the diagnostic scanner.

When I turn on the A/C in my car, during the day, it doesn't keep the car cool continuously. A/C turns off and on throughout the time driving but it doesn't stay cool. At night it stays cool for a longer period of time, but basically still doesn't STAY cool.

headlight bulb keeps blowing out and lens is dull

car will crank over but not start

when the a/c runs in my 2003 Ford Taurus water leaks onto the carpet on the passenger side under the glovebox.
this is in addition to water dripping on the ground under the vehicle.
Is this simply a drain problem or does the condensor case need to be resealed?

One day I went to use my cruise control and it just didn't work. The light didn't even turn on. Everything else on the car is fine but a few weeks ago my battery went totally dead and I had to replace it. Did replacing the battery have anything to do with it? Maybe a blown fuse? But how do I know?

My car is not leaking fluid....all the fluids are full. The thermostat does not go past half way to let me know its getting hot. The car starts to smoke on the right passenger side front corner around the belt area.However it happened last week and i have been driving the car no problem till this morning and it was pretty cool outside, and i just started driving.It smells like burning chemical i can't tell if it is rubber or antifreeze.There also was condensation all over the surrounding hoses.No heavy leaks that i could tell on the ground.Also i noticed when i start the car it sounds different kinda like a bent fan ir something out of place especially if i am parked on an incline.Pleas any suggestions would be helpful. I also just had transmission work done (i don't think this would effect it but i'm not very knowledgable about vehiculars(:.

How do you undo the clips on the fuel filter's lines?