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Cost to replace fuel pump on 4.0 engine
I have had for 2 years and its always done it, I never thought to have checked, but I'm selling and want to be helpful to new buyer, also A/C never worked but never had checked either.
When I crank my truck it will beep 25 times in increments of 5. It will make the same noise if the truck has been running for 45 minutes. Why?
'03 Ford Ranger, all maintenance has been kept up to date. Check engine light came on ~ 1 month ago. Local mechanic changed the oxygen sensor upstream. Was fine for 1 day, then light came back on. Took to AAMCO and th...
also the check engine comes. im really just concerned why the fuse keeps blowing out? it'll happen when im stopped at a light most of the time and has been doing this for the past 2 weeks. we have just kept buying the...
4.o motor is a junkyard unit w/t 135K. Will starter swap as well? 98 Ranger has auto trans/ 2 wheel drive
occasionally will not shift out of first
apply brakes. Also putting foot on rear tire and pushing and pulling on bed feels like axle has play.
What would cause these two codes to appear, and where are these sensors located?
can not seem to find vacume leak truck has 240000 2 wheel dr and 5 speed 2.3 enginge
In the OD gear, the transmission slips and the truck very slowly moves forward. In the other gear positions the truck accelerates normally. I changed the fluid and filter; did not change anything. Any idea what is th...
I had my fuel pump replaced by a reputable shop 1 1/2 years ago,Im not a daily driver & mostly short distance city miles,1/4-1/8th tank minimum all times,and already I need a replacement. 2 questions I have: -Did th...