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Battery checked said it was good didn't have a problem with it until taken 2Sears for a oil change Wal-Mart checked also then it weren't start at all there so guy moved battery around shook wires then it started fine ...
my 99 ranger 2.5 engine gives a 304 miss fire code when its raining or damp outside. I replaced both coil packs wires and plugs,this did not fix the problem.
661 blocked passage 662 filed EGR valve663 EGR solenoid faulty 664 failed EGR pressure sensor 665 failed EGR position sensor
I get a P0704 code, (clutch switch input malfunction), Where is this located on the Ranger?
howdo i trouble shoot or repair a transmission code p0734 for a ford
PO 743,750,755,760,765,and PO 1747,1451,PO135,PO141. The small time dealer says it is not Trany problem ! This truck will not move in drive, it only has reverse,and my son didn't even get to drive it to get an inspe...
it runs good when it is cold but when it warms up i have a hard time putting it in gear... does it need gear oil?
The engine light came on and its running really rough. What's would be the problem.
When I would pull the knob sometimes my headlights won't turn on and I would have to wiggle the blinker switch to get them to come on. Now they won't come on at all. The only thing that works is temporary high beams. ...
Charges $523.00 and still have same problem, vehicle breaks apart when trying to accelerate after changing gears.
Fan Switch for a/c;heat stopped working on all settings except high. Replaced the resistor, wiring harness and switch itself and still did not correct the problem. Any other ideas? Seems like a common issue but thi...
No other signs except see tiny black specks in coolant reserve tank. Oil looks okay, no white smoke, no rough idling. No bubbles or frothiness in coolant tank. NO OVERHEATING...So Far, so good! Can this be a blown g...
The truk was running fine, started down the road and the speedometer dropped to zero. It changes in and out of all gears fine but the last gear. Speedometer will jump up and down when you get on the gas a little which...
it doesn't seem like the injector pules is strong enough until it cranks from the starter fluid. then it runs rough until it warms up and then starts and runs fine after that.
The fuse is good and can't find any leaks.
it struggles to stay running. it does this every time