Truck died on the road, would't restart. It was a damp night had irt rowed home. Since then it willclick once, but will not even turn over. Starter ,battery replaced, alt check and passed. most fuses check. Same result, act like a short, where whow be the most likely place to look for it.

I need the scematics for the wiring ON MY TAIL LIGHTS IS SCREWY they work when they want to

I have a noisy right front spring how serious is this and how much to replace it3
thanks Arlin

Check engine was on - this was corrected. Now when I move the truck, it is like I am driving over a washerboard roadway. In 1st - 3rd gear, this goes away at lower speeds but 4th and 5th it remains and it is also hard to keep a set speed without this happening. Any ideas as to the problem?

where are the fuel tank pressure sensor

son was pulling into park motor died,no fire new ign. coil replaced nothing turns over fine noticed lil bit of coolant on motor dist. cap has 2 small cracks init newer cap just replaced ran wire from batt. to pos. side doil still no spark.

How do I get to the burnt-out bulbs behind the instrument panel?

PU103,#106 misfire. replaced wires and plugs. Engine lite back on after 1800 miles. Coil pack replaced and made it 430 miles when the engine lite back on PU103 shows and plug is foulded.

what is it that I have to do maintance on

what size socket do i need to remove leafspring brackett

what does it mean when the clutch is hard to push

How much does it cost to replace the engine oil seals. It's starting to lose alot of oil.

my ford ranger needs the following work replace both rear axles all parts lh brake...ph shoes ework rotor, and replace 3 injectors on the engine 3.0

purchased 2 new front tires, balanced and aligned but truck vibrates on xpressway around 68-70mph

Locked when drivind

I have put plugs and wires and a coil pack and a fuel filter on my '98 Ranger and it STILL wants to bog down and most often I can't get it up to about 3,000 RPM before it bogs.
Can back pressure from a blown doughnut gasket(which the trucks does have a bad gasket there) cause this rough running? And, the timing of this poor running has been consistent and started about the same time).

the whole drive it came out of the front completely

Getting a PO 171 code. Have checked for vacuum leaks several times. Replaced a hose that was cracked. changed
maf sensor cleared code and after 2 weeks getting the same code again. Anyone happened to know what i should check next?

i have a 2002 ford ranger xlt 3.0 v6 auto , i am having no start and no communication problems wher do i start ? tsb? fixes? thanks...

This just happened. I turned the front wheels as hard left as I could to get under the truck from the right tire to check my starter and also jacked up each front side to get ramps under the front tires when I replaced the starter. Afterwards the truck shakes with sharp turns but then is ok when straight.

I see no coolant on the ground. To avoid costly repairs, for a while, would the use of - over the counter - radiator "Stop Leak" products be advisable, and effective. I only drive the vehicle once a momth for a total of 800 miles a year. Thank you.- Walt in San Antonio. CA123W@Yahoo.com

My rear brakes freeze up randomly the truck sat for about a month then thisd started

My oil pressure guage goes up fine when I start out but then drops when I slow down and as I drive longer it goes down and stays there. Is this due to the oil sending unit or oil pump and where are these located on this engine?

what kind of fluid do i use in my manual transmission

ok when i turn my headlights on at night my dash lights are not working. If i am in cruise control the light will show up that its on but asoon as i turn my headlight on, it goes off?

had a small accident now will not start

About a month ago I check my oil and It looked like chocolate milk. Does it mean that I have a blown head gasket? and how much does it cost?

the transmission leaks fluid but not out of seal looks like a freeze plug is this possible and what is the part called?

Truck will randomly lose power, it's as though the engine isn't getting fuel, then suddenly it goes away. Then when I pull over my undercarriage is piping hot. Just had new catalytic converter put in and problem persists.

how long should a battery last in my ranger?