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how do you replace a thermostat in a 1994 for ranger?
I have tuned the truck. I have put an air flow sesor in the intake. I have put a new idle air control valve on and it still only gets about 15 or sixteen miles to a gallon. Any other seggestions.
Replace water pump, remove fan
change wires plugs and coil packs runs great at high speed
I replaced pump with ford product and it is still noisy
is the sending unit bad how do i find out if thats the problem
squeeking coming from top or back of engine
My ranger overheats. Have replaced the fan clutch,thermostat and radiator cap.
Hi, I just recently purchased a 1998 Ford Ranger and need to replace the engine. It currently has a 3.0L V6 Engine in it and want to replace it with a 1998 Ford Tauraus 3.0L V6 24V Engine. Will it work?
How do you change the front parking lights?
windshield wipers stop working I checked and changed fuses and relays I changed the switch also but therestill not working
I need a timig mark diagram for a 2,3
will not go over 5 mph
On the way home my truck stalled, and I let it coast as far as possible before pushing it home the rest of the way. When I tried to restart it, it would crank, but not start. I changed out the spark plugs and wires, a...
how do I remove the fron brake caliper on a 1990 ranger?
I have a 1991 ford ranger 4 cyl. It starts and then dies it will not stay running. I just put new fuel injectors and it did not help ! does anyone have an answer?
motor will idle down in gear or out of gear then shake then die if you keep your foot on gas pedal to bring up the rpm you can keep going and the check engine light is on this all happend when i cleaned the mass air f...
Went to start truck in the morning but it was totally dead. Installed a new battery, then had dome light door chime, etc. As soon as I turned over the key Click! It sounded like a breaker tripping then no power no ju...
My Ford is a Bronco II not a Ranger, but both have the same running gear. I normally use synthetic oil in the engine and running gear, but a while back I add the tranny checked because of a a slight whining noise....
truck wont start. was running fine 2 hours ago. went to start it and engine wont turn over. when i turn the key the door locks click on and off. all the other stuff works fine
I have replaced the blown fuse, but, these lights are still not working
When closing door the dome light stays on, it may stay on for a few minutes or as long as an hour.
jerk started out very slight and has been getting worse, i've replaced fuel filter, plugs , plug wires,air filter, no codes no check engine light. is the timing chain causing this it has 170 K.
problem with ac compressor turns on/off when not in use
change the heater vaule control and thermostatbut still blow cold truck does not over heat
The blower motor in my truck only works on high...what could be the cause of this, the resistor??
My '92 Ford Ranger's check engine light constantly pops on. It doesn't come on right away, it comes on 15-20 minutes after I start the truck. I've recently replaced the catalytic converter, battery, oil change, radiat...
Heater blower comes on, but the thermastat floats up and down and it will get a litttle warm when it's up but want stay warm. Has been workingg fine, would blow ou outt.