How do you test the primary circuit on the coil packs? 1994 2.3L

When i come to almost a complete stop the engine shudders and sound like it wants to stall but smooths out. This doesn't happen but only once in a while. I'm not getting any codes. I did just fix a code of P0171, had a hole in the EGR tube. My engine still wants to shudder sometimes. I have replaced MAF sensor, PCV and plumbing, fuel filter,plugs and wires. Should i replace the Idle Air control?

While driving I am hearing a Roaring type noise coming from the front of my truck. The noise is only heard from inside the truck and not outside of the truck it seems to get louder the faster I drive at speed exceeding (60) mph and higher what could this noise be from the truck has new tire, no vibration or steering problems just the loud roar.

Where is pcv valve on my 94 ranger 2.3L 4 cylinder
Thank You

i got my engine tore apart to change the timing belt but i cant get the crank shaft pully off please help

the seat belt light flashes several times then remains on every time you start truck. no code shows for the problem.

I believe the speed sensor is faulty but im not sure if its the trans one or rear diff one. as far as the fuel gage I have no clue. Ive been doing a lot of research and havent gotten any answers to why the fuel level gage wont work.

I recently had a 10A fuse blow that ran the hazard lights. When I replaced the fuse my reverse lights and third brake light do not work.

Whenever I put my truck in Park, it rolls forwards or backwards depending on the incline. The Parking Brake works some, but it still rolls. Any idea of what may be causing this. I think it may be linkage, but want to get an educated guess of price and time to repair before I take it in.

this all happend when i was stuck on ice about 2 winters ago my trk is a 4x4.also the transmition wont go into overdrive.i cant find the fuse location what else does this fuse power?thank you

I am trying to get a second estimate but it recalls the first estimate I did every time I try. How do I delete it?

how do you fix a drivers side power window gear ?

how do u put the belt behind the fan on after the other one broke into pieces?

we have a 2000 ford ranger xlt.the check engine light has came on once before and the shop cleaned the sensors and now the check engine light is back on and wont go off what do i do?

short distance after engaging 4X4 it seems to drop out and then back in this continues to happen every 3 to 5 minutes until 4X4 is disengaged

I need to know the cost of trading engines out of a ford ranger.

wipers and speedometer quite working same time. checked fuses, found nothing. what next??

just started 2 days ago 4 oct 2010

1999 Ford Ranger 3.0L new plugs gapped correctly. began running rough at start up- after warm up ran well. Problem now much worse-wont run smooth- engine analysis says not firing 1 & 5. What should I look at first? Thanks

wanting to buy truck but need to replace coverter. need to know how much approx.

How do I take the line off going to the slave cylinder.

Don't know when it happenned but the selector on the steering column is off one click - the car is in park when the selector says "R". The car is in neutral when the selctor says "D". How do I correct? Do I need to pull the steering wheel?

The new slave cylinder has a quick disconnect and the old one doesn't appear to be quick disconnect, how do you disconnect old and hook up new one? drive out the roll pin and replace whole assembly? that is how I got the old one out, but am trying to hook up to new style.

how much does it cost to install a canister, including parts and labor. i will appreciate your answer.

just noticed problem yesterday when I got home from work. Engine was a little overheated sounded noisy when idling. I checked anti-freeze (ok)and noticed belt looked a little worn, but was tight. Restarted engine and noticed compressor was clicking and sticking, but belt kept spinning. The a/c has not worked for a few years (won't cool) but never made any noise or caused a problem.

abs light is on so is the brake light.
I can stop the vehicle, but the break foot goes down
very low.
what problem or problems am I looking at encountering?

what causes thetruck to run badly? from spark plugs to cadalac converters.

how do i replace the clutch on 1991 ford ranger 3.0 v6

I'll be driving along and my tempature gauge goes from normal and shoots up to hot and my check engine light goes on. By the time I try to pull off it goes back to normal. The coolant level is fine and I have already replaced the thermostat and the water pump. Anybody know what else it could be?