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How do I pull the bed off of my Ranger ? Where is the exact location of the bolts holding the bed to the frame
My A/C is not turning on when I turn it on. It does not even sound like it is turning on at all, but air still comes out. This issue just started yesterday and has not happened before. Does anyone know what could be t...
has anyone had a problem with the rearend leaking where the axle tube enters the pumpkin? IS THERE A REPAIR FOR THIS LEAK?
settings for timing
My '91 Ford Ranger XLT was crashed by someone else and it severely damaged the driver side door. My Ranger is a long-bed, but I also have the same exact model, and color, in a short-bed. I have been trying to change t...
I installed a new clutch cylinder and slave valve but couldnot find any fluid on the line and no fluid is leaking, but I can`t build up any pressure,even if I didn`t bleed it right,shouldn`t I have some kind of pressu...
out running errands, turned truck off for approx, 15 min. came out turned over ignition, heard popping sound& then nothing. looked under hood for any obvious problem, saw none, however, ended up having to jump start....
I have a '91 ranger and I stopped at a red light today and it died. it's an automatic transmission by the way. I go to put the vehicle into drive and it dies yet again, my transmission has been slipping the past few...
How do I replace the fuel tank filler line for my ford ranger? I have the replacement part, do I have to remove the tank?
The O/D light starts to flash and the truck kicks into overdrive, by itself. I have to stop the truck and restart to make it come out of o/d. Also I have a problem with the oil gage, it jumps back and forth and the ...
Drivability problems. How much does it cost to replace a pcm?
need to change out complete thermostat housing, how do I do this
p1633 is saying (keep alive memory power voltage low) what does this mean?
The passenger inside door handle has torn loose. How do I get the door panel off so I can try to repair it from the inside?
had starter rebuilt.. get a clicking sound when trying to start. will attempt at turnover with no luck put battery on charger still same problem.
I need to find a store that has the front rear leaf spring mounting bracket since mine is rusted apart
starter needs to be tapped before it engages. It just makes a clicking sound and after tapped it works okay
how do i replace the power window motor on 2001 ford ranger? do i need the slide bracket or just the motor?
how do i replace a clutch master cylinder
location of coolant temp sender on a 2002 ford ranger 2.3 4cyl?
I keep hearing a rattling noise when I'm starting the car and going from between first and third gears, it seems to be coming from under the hood. Last time this happened I had to pay to have the water pump replaced, ...
Need to change hood hinges no bolts how do you change them.
Are you going to get information on 4WD Ford Ranger? like the PVH
My Ford dealer garage suggests a power steering service, i.e. flush and add new fluid. Never had this done before on any car/truck I've owned. Is this new? Necessary? I'm experiencing NO problems
In the last five years, I have replaced 3 thermostats, a radiator (which had to be repaired just over a year later, o-ring was loose), my head gaskets, and the timing area. I can't remember anything else, but as of Fr...
I have a '98 Ranger XLT, 4x4 which I have no temperature control over the AC in summer and heat in the winter. AC cooling only works on "AC Max" setting. Heating is just "on or off" The Temperature dial does not contr...
The 4 wheel drive does not work. We have checked vaccum and the 'puters but have not found a problem. What else do we need to check?
battery light on
not charging battery
The extended cab doors do not open, the latches do not work. Is there a way to get these to open?