purchesed vehicle last saturday, first 2 days it ran fine, then we have a dead battery (battery is fairly new and truck is in duperior mechanical/exterior/interior condition for its age. after overnight battery charge ( we left an ipod plugged in overnight as it has aftermarket radio and figured it drained the battery dead), it once again ran fine for a day or so, then last night, and again today i tried to start it (battery charge in between)and it is in fact dead, any ideas?

diagnostic code: P2004

I can't get my truck to go over 3000 rpms even in neutral. Its almost like the rev limiter is set to 3000. Any ideas? Suggestions?

Thne squirels chewed through the 4 wires going into the ignition coil. The spark plug wires are fine. I have a new plug for the four wires, but I need to know which wires go to which pin. If I am looking at the top of the plug from the passengers side what order are the wires? Any help would be great.

I have not had any problems out of my truck until one day I started it up and noticed that when my headlights are on, my brake lights also remains on. If my headlights are off, the brake lights and turn signals work good. I have no idea what the problem is, changed all fuses, need some ideas!!!

Do I remove the 5spd transmission and transfercase as one unit or should they be removed seperatly? I am doing this in my back yard by my self.

when i start my truck i dont hear this tick till it warms up then i hear it when i rev the engine it dont get louder any ideas?

wher is it located on this vehcle the difficulty and estimate price of this part

2001 ford ranger how do i get fan offf water pump

Slave cyl.is bad.How do I remove the standard trans.& the
plastic line going to trans.& not break it?I need to Know
how to replace slave cyl.

well went out to my truck and it would not start put a new battery in and still wouldnt start had my dad look at it i dont kno what he didnt but he got it running and now the radio lcd screen dont work all the buttons on it lite up on the radio but the screen wont turn on or off all the fuses are good that i seen idk if there is a internal fuse inside the radio thats the only thing i havent checked.. any ideas?

where is the camshaft position sensor located

need to remove metal backing piece from rear view mirror

low or no heat,coolant level is fine,can the heater core be flushed&is it a problem to replace&

so my truck was on a 5 hour drive and towards the end of it the heat stopped coming out of the vent. I stopped to check it out- couldnt see much of a difference under the hood so kept going then the heat gauge went up and check engine light so I stopped and waited, got back on the road and almost immediately temp gauge went right back up. stopped, waited and tried to start and truck made bad sounds with some white smoke from back left side. ... ended up getting it towed then took off spark plugs found 2 were broken, there's a lot of wetness and grime underneath. Now, truck will start but ther'es still smoke coming out from back under the hood.

We can't find the crank shaft sensor

im hearing a loud squealing noise that sounds like its coming from the power steering pump pulley, can the pulley maky this noise since no bearings or would it be the belt/

The bracket that holds the pedals on is aluminum and it broke. Would like to know what to watch for when removing (ie wires cables other things that have to be removed etc.).

What drives the oil pump? and what couldve possibly broke that wont spin the shaft to the oil pump anymore?

Left brake light and turn signal dose't work

when i turn the steering wheel either way it vibrates bad it doesnt matter if im driving or sitting still it shakes the whole front end, what could be causing this?

Not all my dash lights are working. I've check the fuses but they are ok. What can I do?

I just changed the oil/filter and oil pressure switch in my 1990 ford ranger. I notice it had started leaking oil after driven. The oil looks like it's coming from the left(driver) side. Could the oil pan gasket be bad?

Hi! My question is this. My standard Ford Ranger (with a 2.9 engine) has been(for lack of a better word) herking-jerking up hills,turning corners,and on take off. Now i've been driving it for four months and this only started last week. It also seems to be backfiring. I've tried the battery terminal and changed the fuel filter but it's still happening. Any ideas?

I'm getting coolant flushing out of side reservoir from back pressure, accompanied by an unstable temperature gage (dial type). Sometimes its fine. It usually starts about 4 miles after starting.


Where is the windshield washer fluid pump located? Thanks...

It feels like the antilocke brake is grabbing.

How do I disconnect the coolant hoses from the pcv valve to remove it?

High pitched whining occurs in all gears after tranny was totally rebuilt with new parts--intensity of pitch increases as accelerating increases

I will be driving with my wipers on, all of a sudden they decide to stop, or slow down. This happens more and more often, usually I have to just switch to a different speed...but not always. I will have the wipers turned off and they will do a swipe when it wants to, sometimes the fluid goes too...without me telling it to.