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where are the timing mark located
Periodically my truck will not start when cold or damp outside. However if I spray starting fluid in the TB while cranking it will start. It will run rough for a few minutes and check engine light is on. Once engin...
i am on a tight budget.. i was told that i needed freeon??? replaced in my air conditioner.. where do i go for that with out paying dealer ship prices???
I was going to recharge systems but noticed the compressor never rans constantly.
no time line with this problem,could happen often , could go some time with out problem ,could happen cold most of the time when its hot,let truck set and it will start,again no time line 5min. to over night not looki...
Automatic 4 wheel drive with steel driveshaft - has Thump/clunk on light acceleration from stop or when braking and coming to a stop. Reference: Bulletin #3048 Reply to Joe at: Thank you.
klicking noise in steering wheel when turning, sounds like it's coming from top steering wheel by air bag
i pull the switch for the head light and nothing happens no turn signals as well i changed the turn signal switch same i pull back on sitch and i get brights,i hit the brakes and my front running lights come on
The dome light stays on all the time.
driving at 55mph / truck shut off / will not restart / fuel and supply checks out / checked all fuses / leaning towards ICM - distributorless ignition system - where do I locate the ICM? Thank you
I can't find a negative battery cable. It has four wires leaving the terminal. Also, when I connect the winch negative cable up, the ignition is dead.
does the dash have to come out to do this ?
not working
I am trying to change my spark plugs. I was trying to find out how to do it.
After having problems to start the engine on my 1997 Ford Ranger I switched the fuel pump relays around, checked the fuses, replaced the fuel filter but before connecting the line that comes from the gas tank to the f...
My 1991 Ford Ranger was diagnosed as needing replacment of a fuel pump, fuel filter and a "relay". I don't know what a relay is or what the cost of it should be. Altogether, the shop wants about $850 for the diagno...
how to replace rear leaf spring perches and shackles. old ones are rusted and broken
I haev a manual drive and usually get 19 - 20 miles per gallon... all of a sudden it 13-15 miles per gallon. Air filter is clean, Tire correctly inflated, no change in driving habits. I only use name fuel and change ...
have replaced cat, o2 sensors, plugs, wires,inj,coil packs,pcm, cleaned intake and egr tubes, put fuel stem cleaner in, checked compression and cyl. leakdown, all were good. when trk starts to miss counts jump up 2200...
ok I really need help. my clutch broke so I replaced the clutch, pressure plate, and the throw out bearing. I bleed my clutch and I still have no clutch. Could it be my slave cylender? I am so aggervated. Or could it ...
About how long and how hard is it to change the front uv joint and what tools will I need?
is there a plug on the transmission on a 1995 ford ranger XLT,
just got a 1991 ford ranger xlt cant find the trans fluid check stick need a diagram or somethin
where do you reset fuel pump
where are the rope tie down areas in the bed of a 1999 ranger ext cab-i have a bed liner in the bed and the holes werent cut for the tie down areas-i need the location so i can cut in the proper places.??
why does the ac compressor on a 1999 ford ranger come on when the heater is turned on
My ranger has a new clutch and some times i have a hard time getting into gear. Some times i have to turn the car off and on again to get it into gear
1999 2WD Ranger, 74K miles. I never have had the trans fluid changed. Is it too late & I should leave well enough alone, or better late than never? Great truck otherwise! Thanks folks. Marco
what is proper time to change spark plugs
My Ranger has started jumping, like the wheel is falling off, when I turn right or left...seems OK going straignt, don't know what it is?