Problem began as intermittent blowing/not blowing when fan was turned on. Progressed to point that blower would not blow when turned on, but with the rear window cracked, at speeds over 40mph the blower would come on within a few minutes. Blower does not come on at all now. Have checked the fuse and it is OK. Don't know if this could be tied to a compressor issue, since the unit was mostly in A/C or Defrost mode when turned on.

My 99 ranger is high idling all the time. I have replaced the EGR valve, the EGR pressure sensor,the EGR valve solnoid,the throttle postion sensor, the idle control valve, I installed a new intake manifold gasket,a PCV valve and new vaccuum lines. but it still high idles. I have done a compression test to check the head gasket. please HELP ME

MY engine just recently started making noise seems to be in front of engine. I have 234,000 miles on the engine. I beleive the noise is from the timing chain.How do i replace the tensioners and guides?

Can I get at this valve assembly without removing the dash ? Where exactly is this thing located ? Chiltons' show only the cable controlled unit. I have the non cable unit. How can I insyall a manualyy controlled temp blend door positioner ? I think the actuator works but the link arm is broke. I need to see what is going on before I commit to removing the dash and plenum.

I need to know how to change the driver side front turn signal light bulb on my 1993 Ford Ranger XLT

driving and enginlight came on and went off and gauge quit also engine lite stayed off.

I need to change my front brakes and rotors and hub bearings but im not sure how to do the bearings. Is this difficult? also can i changed the pads and rotors without doing the bearings at the same time?

I have a "91 Ford Ranger. Two years ago, I bought a new shift knob (that I really like) and have been unable to put it on. I have asked a couple people who work on cars, gone to 2-3 mech shops and everyone says that it can't be screwed off-it was put on mechanically. Huh? And they say they don't have experience with that. The Ford Dealers are way away from me-is that my only recourse? Or does someone finally have an answer-at least what to tell the mechanic. Merry Christmas-(and may God and anybody else)bless you if you can tell me how to do this stupid thing-after two freakin' years!

I am needing to replace the oil pump in a 1990 ford ranger. I am not sure if you can do it without lifting the motor. Also I have been told that I need to replace the oil pan gasket with the one for a 1993 model due to problems for the 1990-1992 models.

I would like a quote to replace leaf springs on my 1997 ford ranger.

switches broke off steering wheel, looks like the holders broke from screws holding them

The engine starts ok when temperatures are in the 20s. However, it'll begin to either stall, barely run and rock back and forth, or want to race forward in gear even though my foot is off the accelerator. Any ideas appreciated.

I've changed the light switch, fuses and bulbs. Not sure what else to do

Doesn't start in cold days.No fire to coils.Starts when weather is warm and will start for rest of the day till next morning.Only 1 coil is firing though when starting.E-mail is

How do you adjust the clutch in a 1995 Fod Ranger

How differcult is it to change the cruise control switch.

My 4 wheel drive will not work when the truck is cold. It needs to be warm so it will turn on. What could be the problem?

What is the average cost for replacing brake pads on a 2004 Ford Ranger 4x4 in the Midwest?

Buzzing noise coming from pick underneath the pick up bed like something electrical is running.. There is no cooling fan on the radiator... Noise would happen intermittenly when I had the heat on... Now the buzzing is constant even when the unit is off... What could it bea? don't see or notice any electrical components near transmission or converter.. help pls

my 1991 ford ranger 2.3 5speed tranny has done something kinda locked up on me on the freeway.i can shift into differtn gears but when i put it in neutral i hear a grinding noise and it wants to roll.does anyone have a clue?thanks

Two issues on my Heat and AC control.
1)Vent direction control feature does not provide consistent control when choosing between floor/dash vents. Lower vents will shut off intermittently. Upper vents will close vents active at all I can tell. I cannot identify a pattern. I have seen other forums list RPM (vacumn ?) as factor. I will idle vehicle and see if anything similar happens.

2) Even with temp on max heat, when I move vent control to both upper/lower vents, I can hear the compressor activate, and with a 4cyl, you notice the compressor engaging as well.

Is this a vacumn problem or a stuck/warped door problem ?

Thank you.

coolant going to heater core not getting hot.... does it have a heater control valve?

I put in a new thermostat, but the heater still only blows cold air.

2.3L no compression on 2 pistons no check engine light could the timing belt jumped a tooth 75k on motor or a piston/valve issue

The front wheel bearings on my 2002 Ford Ranger 4x4 with abs, do I need to replace the whole hub assembly or can I just do the wheel bearings?

I have recently gotten into meatl recycling. I am a woman alone and sometimes I am not able to take a lot of the stuff off my truck immediately. My neighbor next door is driving me crazy about how this is going to damage my suspension. I rarely have more than 350lbs, every once in a while 400lbs. Is he right about this? Thanks

how do you remove the yellow lens cover and marker/parking light assembly on 2003 ranger?'''i am afraid of removing headlight adjusting light bolts..
please help..manual is confusing.

My truck is getting bad gas mileage I need to change my spark plugs myself but how?

engine pings at 60-70mph only when warm tried higher gas
no change climbing hills fine foot to floor fine only on
high way after engine warms up at 60-70mph holding speed

put it in 4wd and when it ingages it clanks ilke a cv joint is bad wont run front tires or if dose makes noise like not ingaged all the way