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driving down the road if i hit a bump or a pot hole the rear end of the truck seems to jump to the right.enough to where i have to turn the wheel. i jack the truck up and check for loose parts and found a little play ...
Paddle side mirrors constantly slip out of position. Any simple fix to make them stay in place - or simply purchase new mirrors?
Yesterday my PU started idling rough and the check engine light came on. I added dry gas thinking I filled it with bad gas but no resolve to the situation. Is it possibly plugs, wires or something else?
When my ford ranger xlt hits around 50mph it acts like it is choking, sorda skipping,sputtering. What could this be also, the check engine light stays on and door ajar light stays on Don't know the diagnostic code.
How do i remove the fan clutch from this 95 ranger with a 3.0?
wont start after removing gas tank to fix hole in it
I put an new conditioning compressor on my 1995 ford ranger today. I hooked an air vacumn to get the low side pressure as low as it would go. I released the low side of the gauges and the low side went up indicating I...
When you take off from a stop it shifts real hard is this normal.and the overdrive light keep flashing Thank you
My 1985 Ranger it will run good no problems going down the road but the next time it will shut down a couple of times( just die) but will start back up after a couple of minutes or less
AC switch blows only on high setting, I beleive this is the HVAC switch. Where is it located, and how do I get to it?
How hard is it to replace the water pump?
I start the engine and beeping starts. It only lasts about a couple of minutes. It happens in groups of 4, stops then beeps 4x, stops again.. it goes on for 4-5 times then stops. It also has done this a couple time...
Where is the slave cylinder on 96 ford ranger
when i put in 4 wheel drive it feels like it is slipping
Car runs with starting fluid from a can. It will not stay running on it's own.
how do you get it out of door?
coil and computer has been changed. but still no fire. this is a friends truck that he wants me to fix for him. that's all the info i got.
my truck always smells of gasoline. if i top off the tank gas spills. i think it is a bad fuel tank filler hose. can someone confirm this and is it hard to replace/
the parts cost for my 93 ranger was for 4 plugs. my four cylinder has eight plugs. is this a special engine or do all 4 cylinder rangers have 8 plugs?
My front disc brakes are binding pretty much all the time and I'm not sure whether it's the calipers or the brake lines. Also how do you tell if you have 4 wheel ABS or just 2 wheel.
My check engine light is on and when I push the gas down to get to a higher speed, it flashes and I hear a rattling noise. Any idea what this could be? Also I had it plugged in at the suto parts store and it threw up ...
Light come on after engine starts and either flashes or stay on. What to do?
after 2 hrs of highway driving my drivers side power window would'nt go up. A week later the passenger side stopped in the down position also. I get no noise or anything. I took the drivers side door panel off, cleane...
It sounds as if my muffler may be stopped up.It seems to be having a hard time getting fuel perhaps? Starts fine and continues but vibrates very hard.And when I get up to about 65 it seems to be ok for a minute but wh...
truck wont go in gear after starting. if you turn the key wihtout starting, put it in neutral, then it will start. i just changed out the brakes, they were bad. my friend says a sensor might need replaced but which on...
release of clutch will not move truck but engine does ram; poppping cluthc on 2nd gear makes it move some enough to change to 3rd gear and moves at about 30mph; this problem when truck is hot; but when cold in the mor...
My 1993 Ford Ranger pulls to the right, and i replaced the caliper along with new pads. I dont know what else it could be. do you?
When I turn it does not make a noise --but only going over bumps?Could it be the shocks -because I've hauled bricks before? Does this sound like the ball joints?Puzzeled
My 2000 extended cab ranger makes a very loud noise when going over a bump.It skreetches or sounds like metal against metal.It started out with a low noise --now when I go over a little bump it makes the worst noise.S...
The motor for the vents to change from defroster to regular or floor vents does not work anymore, I am attempting to locate it but not having any luck. Wondering if anyone knows where to find it